Green Tea-Healthy Leaves(Drum Stick)
Green Tea-Healthy Leaves(Drum Stick)

Main ingredient:2litre water,1cup Drumstik leaves 3.Fenugreek as shown 5.Clove 5nos. 4.Elaichi 5nos. Cumin half T.spoon 6.Green Pepper 1/2 piece 7.Ginger 1T.spoon 8.Guawa leaves 8leaves

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  1. Terry Fel says:

    I know this a very good green tea.All the.ingredients are very natural.I will try this one.Thank you..

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    Drum Stick leaves to make in a green tea, wow this is nice and natural also good for your health

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  13. K LHYNE says:

    its good for the healths. green tea. and have. cumin and others organic. ingredient.

  14. Team Super Nicos says:

    Home made green tea!

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    I love green tea dahil nagdudulot ito ng kagandahan sa ating katawan. Salamat sa pag share ng idea mo

  18. Kuya ErikTV says:

    Green help foe digestion, burn fat! At madmi pang health benefits!

  19. Adora Suarez says:

    I like the ingredients of this green tea , so healthy and refreshing !

  20. We are MazzyKen says:

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  21. Annies Wonder says:

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    its a healthy n yet tasty dish , drumstick leaves has a lot of health benefits , i love the way u gave a twist to it .

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    Now only to get know this cause in my country we call that morengga and malonggay leaves.

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