GTA Online May Be Teasing New Radio Stations - IGN News
GTA Online May Be Teasing New Radio Stations – IGN News

27 thoughts on “GTA Online May Be Teasing New Radio Stations – IGN News”

  1. Bryan Rubin says:

    That's cool, but a 4K update on Xbox One X should be higher on the priority list.

  2. noregrets92 says:

    I want classical and metal.

  3. Ryan Turner says:

    I've never seen a game last an entire generation.. unbelievable

  4. The last radio station had alot of Frank Ocean's songs

  5. MrTeig says:

    whats the background song?

  6. Breaking News : New music being added to GTA Online. Meanwhile, GTA IV undoubtedly a better game loses the license for music 🙁

  7. It's better then random new cars.

  8. Call me when they finally decide to add expansions to the story mode.

  9. Nobody cares…Like at all…Short of new heist
    (if even that would work)
    We have moved on..The kids are the only ones left on it..

  10. Anim8or55 says:

    How about an option to not turn on the radio?

  11. Rahim Sharif says:

    I want they added the journey fm and vladiostock radio from gta 4 in gtao.

  12. UNSTABLE GIT says:

    I just wanna underwater facility

  13. Matt LaRocca says:

    This game is like 5 years old now

  14. GrayWoIf says:

    Electronic artists you say well then I officially could not possibly care less


  16. Mr Z says:

    gta 5 is a dead and dated game…it has not aged well! its mechanics have aged considerably (in a bad way) and the graphics degrade every year that passes.

  17. If were talking night clubs then think of TBoGT

  18. Its funny that Far Cry couldn't figure out radio stations up until 5.

    Nobody wants your damn tropical paradise playlist

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