GTA Online May Be Teasing New Radio Stations - IGN News
GTA Online May Be Teasing New Radio Stations – IGN News

27 thoughts on “GTA Online May Be Teasing New Radio Stations – IGN News”

  1. Bryan Rubin says:

    That's cool, but a 4K update on Xbox One X should be higher on the priority list.

  2. John Gabbana says:


  3. noregrets92 says:

    I want classical and metal.

  4. Vanja Hadzic says:

  5. Vanja Hadzic says:

  6. leventdead lp says:

    Dnb Station y'all

  7. Ryan Turner says:

    I've never seen a game last an entire generation.. unbelievable

  8. AlmightyDerrick CGGN says:

    The last radio station had alot of Frank Ocean's songs

  9. Ashaf. says:

    Drde sndstrm.

  10. MrTeig says:

    whats the background song?

  11. Matthew Hardwick says:

    Breaking News : New music being added to GTA Online. Meanwhile, GTA IV undoubtedly a better game loses the license for music 🙁

  12. CobaltFox Plays... says:

    It's better then random new cars.

  13. AwkwrdPrtMskrt says:

    Call me when they finally decide to add expansions to the story mode.



  15. Tryingto Begood says:

    Nobody cares…Like at all…Short of new heist
    (if even that would work)
    We have moved on..The kids are the only ones left on it..

  16. Anim8or55 says:

    How about an option to not turn on the radio?

  17. xboxgamer969 says:

    Anyone remember the GTA IV soundtrack? Good times

    Liberty Rock Radio:

    Liberty Rock Radio (EFLC):

    Radio Broker:

    Radio Broker (EFLC):

    Vladivostok FM (EFLC):


    Electro-Choc (EFLC):

    The Classics:

    The Beat 102.7:

    The Beat 102.7 (EFLC):

  18. Rahim Sharif says:

    I want they added the journey fm and vladiostock radio from gta 4 in gtao.

  19. Da_Host L3GT says:


  20. UNSTABLE GIT says:

    I just wanna underwater facility

  21. Matt LaRocca says:

    This game is like 5 years old now

  22. GrayWoIf says:

    Electronic artists you say well then I officially could not possibly care less

  23. Spartan Soldier says:


  24. Mr Z says:

    gta 5 is a dead and dated game…it has not aged well! its mechanics have aged considerably (in a bad way) and the graphics degrade every year that passes.

  25. Jay's Brick Co. says:

    If were talking night clubs then think of TBoGT

  26. Jay's Brick Co. says:

    Its funny that Far Cry couldn't figure out radio stations up until 5.

    Nobody wants your damn tropical paradise playlist

  27. Justin Hearst says:

    Yaaayy more music

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