Guess what K-Pop song she is singing! [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.03.01]
Guess what K-Pop song she is singing! [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.03.01]

A resident of this island will listen to a song with headphones and sing along. You must guess the title and the singer. Your time limit is three minutes. You must guess five songs to complete this mission. A resident of this island? A real resident? I’ll bring in the resident who will help us with the mission. Welcome. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello, ma’am. / – Hi. My name is Shin Deoksoon from Mira-ri, Soando Island. – Ms. Shin Deoksoon. / – Nice to meet you. – Your name is Deoksoon? / – Yes. – What does your name… / – I know you very well. My gosh, thank you. (Slapping hard) (She looks like a cool lady.) Ma’am, can I ask how old you are? I’m 77. You look so young for your age. – I don’t see any gray hair. / – I dyed my hair. (Suddenly getting worked up) – She scolded you. / – She dyed her hair. – You just got scolded. / – By the way, it’d be odd if your hair doesn’t turn gray at the age of 77. Ma’am, do you have a favorite singer? Song Gain. “It’s Gain”. (She’s the trendiest singer now.) – Do you know KOYOTE’s songs? / – What? – KOYOTE. / – “What?” – How would I know KOYOTE? / – I see. (His 23-year career as a singer is crushed.) – He’s a singer too. / – What? (Urgently promoting his songs) (KOYOTE has nice songs!) – She easily gets excited. / – Right. Do you know what his name is? – I don’t know. / – Hey. (How would I know you?) He’s a rapper. He’s a singer too. – The whole country knows this song. / – Go ahead. – Should I… / – Just give me an autograph. – Okay. / – Do it before you leave. – Sing a song. / – Let’s move on. – Let’s go. / – She’s firm. You’ll hear a song. Listen to the song. I’m sure you will not know this song. – Try to sing along. / – Just sing along. – Like this? / – Yes. Sing along. (Getting her groove on) (They have a good feeling about this.) – Do it just like that. / – Okay. – Ma’am, please stand here. / – Ma’am. – Do we need to guess three? / – All right. You should play a song she might recognize. – Okay. / – The song… – Is it playing? / – Is it playing? Is it? Is the song playing? (Chuckling) Is it playing? (Mysterious vocalizing) I don’t think we can eat today. We can’t eat today. Is it playing? (How can I figure this out?) Is the song playing? – We’re ruined. / – ♪ Psycha ♪ (Psycha) – “Psycha”? / – “Psycho”. – “Psycho” by Red Velvet. / – “Psycho”. – That’s correct. / – What? (Actually, she perfectly pulled off) (the ad-lib of the song.) – That’s so funny. / – You did well. ♪ Psycha ♪ (They are hilarious.) Ma’am, shout out the keywords of the lyrics. – Right. / – Yes. – Okay. You’ll start now. / – We can totally do this. Play the song. (Their mission starts.) (Dancing) – Is it playing? / – Play the song. There’s no song? (The melody sounds familiar.) “DinDin Is DinDin”. (“DinDin Is DinDin” by DinDin) (Lower your mountain) (Cut back on it) – “Cut back on it”? / – “Cut back on it”? (Cut back on what?) (He only blinks.) (Lower your mountain and cut back on it?) – “Lower your mountain”? / – ♪ Cut back on it ♪ – “Cut back on it”? / – “Cut back on it”? Is it “It’s killing me”? – “Gashina”. / – “Gashina”. That’s correct. – “Gashina”. / – “Gashina” by SUNMI. (“Your cold gaze” became) (“lower your mountain”.) (“Is killing me” became) (“cut back on it”.) “Cut back on it”? (It mysteriously rhymes in Korean.) “Cut back on it”? – Right now… / – Can you hear the song? The song is playing. She’s moving. – Please tell us. / – Sing. Time is ticking. (Vocalizing weakly) (A song has started.) (Vocalizing with mysterious words) (They have never heard of this alien language.) (Hello, residents of Earth.) (Scatting) – “DinDin Is DinDin”. / – “DinDin Is DinDin”. (“DinDin Is DinDin” by DinDin) – That’s correct. / – We got it. (It’s my song the whole country knows!) – We got it. Hurry. / – My gosh. (This cool lady, Deoksoon,) (splits the beats like a master.) Is it right? – I think she said “fool”. / – DinDin is a fool. (It sounded like she said “fool”.) – That’s right. / – Is the song playing? Yes, it is. (The next song plays right away.) Ma’am, what is it? – Please tell us. / – Please sing. (Swaying her arms) (Sorry) – She’s dancing. / – ♪ Sorry ♪ – ♪ Don’t be sorry ♪ / – ♪ Don’t be sorry ♪ – Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”. / – “Eyes, Nose, Lips”. That’s correct. – We did it. / – My gosh. (She’s like a human speaker.) (They must guess two more songs to win the porridge.) What is it? What? – ♪ Warm, warm ♪ / – “Warm, warm”? (Warm, warm?) – “Ring Ring”. / – No. “Warm, warm”? (Flowing) – “Flowing”? / – “Flowing”? – ♪ Flowing ♪ / – “Flowing” – ♪ You are you ♪ / – “Rokuko”? “Rokuko”? (“Rokuko” by Super Junior is wrong.) “Warm”? (Flowing?) (Exhaling) (Cool Lady Deoksoon, give us a word!) (A word should be coming up right about now.) Ma’am. – Please sing. / – Sing. (Okay. I’ll sing.) (Here’s your lyrics.) – ♪ Or ♪ / – “Or”? ♪ Great job ♪ (Those are the lyrics?) – ♪ Or ♪ / – “Or”? – ♪ Great job ♪ / – “Great job”. (Time is ticking away.) (The song the lady is singing zealously is) (“Bubble pop” became “warm, warm, flowing”.) (She perfectly copied the scatting part.) (Deep breath) (She even expressed the deep breath in the song.) (“Bubble Pop” was perfectly recreated by her.) (The Variety Rookie is malfunctioning.) – Pass. / – Pass. – Pass. / – Hurry. – The song isn’t playing. / – The song isn’t playing. It’s playing. (Tik, thump, crane) (You will take my land first) (Crane? Take my land?) (Is this song about real estate?) – ♪ Take my land ♪ / – “Take my land”? (Is Jongmin familiar with this song?) – “Ring Ring” by Kim Yeongcheol. / – “Ring Ring”. (“Ring Ring” by Kim Yeongcheol) What was that? (You wanted to meet me first, don’t blame me) – Is it right? / – It’s right. Nice. – We’re almost there. / – Just one more. (Her eyes open wide.) “You really worry”. (You are irresistible) ♪ You are irresistible ♪ – “Irresistible”? ♪ Can’t resist ♪ / – “Irresistible”? – “Lucifer”! / – “Lucifer”! (“Lucifer” by SHINee) – That’s correct. / – Yes! (They complete the second round) (and acquire the abalone porridge.) (A celebratory performance) – You were great. / – Ma’am. – Well done. / – You were awesome! You were so good. – You were great. / – Did I do well? – Yes. You were great. / – My gosh. (You are amazing!) – I did well? / – Ma’am. My goodness, ma’am. – Thanks to you, we’ll eat porridge. / – Gosh. I can go now, right? (I can go now, right?) – She means business. / – She’s so cool. – You’re leaving? / – You want to leave? (She’s so cool.) You were great. Have you ever listened to these songs? Never in my life. – My gosh. But you were so good. / – Never in my life have I listened to these songs. You pointed out the key parts. – You were great. / – Ma’am. (She gave away the answer) (and perfectly recreated the intro.) – That’s correct. / – We’re almost there. (Here comes abalone porridge.) – “You are irresistible”? / – “Lucifer”! That’s correct. – You’ve done great. / – I’m surprised. That was great. You just gave us abalone porridge. – Abalone porridge. / – You picked the right person. The head of Mira-ri must have picked me. I heard they all decided to pick me. (She’s the one that the village people chose.) You were chosen. If you have more quiz, why don’t we do some more? Can you do a few more, ma’am? Sure. She’s so good. Oh, yes – “Oh, yes”? / – “Oh, yes”? (Adonamalge) – “Adonamalge”. / – ♪ On the fourth floor ♪ (On the fourth floor) “On the fourth floor”? The fourth floor? (Love simcheong) – “Love simcheong”? / – “Love simcheong”? – “Love simcheong”? / – “Love simcheong”? (What’s “love simcheong”?) (You’re a twit) (I don’t like it) (“Adonamalge”) (Fragile Shim Cheong) (On the fourth floor) (Why are you the one feeling unfortunate?) (Should I give him a young hawk?) Is it a rap song? (It’s more difficult with more lyrics.) – It must be. / – It must be. (She doesn’t care.) What? (Shim Cheong) Shim Cheong? I’m a twit! – “Twit”! / – Correct. It’s “Twit”. – By Hwasa. / – How could we guess that? “Twit” by Hwasa? (Dancing) She’s got the rhythm. She’s a better dancer than me. (Why do they live that way?) (What’s the problem?) ♪ Everything’s so ♪ Yes! It’s “Any Song”! – “Any Song”. / – “Any Song”. (“Any Song” by ZICO) I got it. (Why is everyone so down?) (Why do they live that way?) (What’s the problem? Say something) (What’s the problem? Blow it away) (She can even handle new songs.) Let’s give it up for her. – Thank you. / – Thank you. “Why do they live that way?” (Going home) Thank you, ma’am. (They get the abalone porridge.) She’s done great. At least we can fill our stomach. She was perfectly in tune. I think she’s better than me. I didn’t know any of the songs that we just did. Really? You didn’t say one answer. I knew none of them.

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