Hearthstone – What Small-Time Buccaneer Could Have Been
Hearthstone – What Small-Time Buccaneer Could Have Been

Whats up guys its me Disciple! Together with Patches, Small Time Buccaneer
has been destroying the standard meta, and two buccaneer + patches are played in a ton
of decks, even non-aggressive ones. However, in a recent interview with IGN Mike
Donais actually revealed that there were a bunch of different versions of Small Time
Buccaneer, some of which were actually even stronger than the current version of the card! So let’s dive right in and take a look at
what Small Time Buccaneer could have been! According to the devs. Small Time Buccaneer was always going to be
a neutral minion, but the actual card itself changed around five or six times during the
design process. We don’t actually have info on all of the
versions of the card, but the devs did give us an idea about what a couple of the versions
looked like, so we can definitely take a look at those and then think about how the current
version of the card worked out. So the earliest version of Small Time Buccaneer
was a card called “Swashbuckler” that was a one mana one/one and gained attack and
health equal to the attack of your weapon. This is super broken and would have made pirate
decks even more frustrating to play against if it had ended up getting printed. You could turn one coin a fiery war axe, and
the next turn upgrade and play swashbuckler. That would give you a 4/3 weapon and a five/five
minion on turn two. If you play Swashbuckler while you have an
arcanite reaper equipped, even an unbuffed one, then you’re paying one mana for a six/six
minion. Even just playing it after a nzoth’s first
mate, to get two one/ones because of patches and a two/two on turn one is really solid,
and makes Swashbuckler a really versatile card that can be a good beater no matter when
you play it, as long as it’s with a weapon. All in all Swashbuckler is a pretty cool design
but would be way too OP in standard, so the card ended up getting reworked. Another one of the iterations we know about
was a one mana one/two that gained two attack whenever you equipped a weapon. Now this might seem pretty similar to the
current version of small time buccaneer, but there are definitely some key differences. It was sometimes a little bit worse if you
had already equipped a weapon, since it didn’t get to be a 3/2 unless you equipped another
one, but usually you just equipped a weapon right after and it was more or less the same. Some of the time you could even get it to
be a 5/2 if you equipped a couple weapons, or even bigger. Unfortunately this made the Small Time Buccaneer
pretty broken in rogue, since you could just hero power a couple times and make him huge,
and so Blizzard decided to make the card a little bit worse, and we arrived at the current
version of the card. It’s actually pretty interesting because
Mike Donais, one of the devs, even says that they released the card after nerfing it, and
that it’s a common mistake that can happen where devs think a card is balanced just because
they’ve nerfed it already. At the time of making this video, the nerf
to Small Time Buccaneer was just very recently announced, and so the the final interaction
actually will end up becoming a one/one that gets +2 attack if you have a weapon equipped. This will probably be a pretty balanced version
of the card, but it’s super interesting to think about Small Time Buccaneer’s journey,
and how it was such a meta dominating card despite being reworked and nerfed so many
times in the development process. Those are some of the designs and things that
Small Time Buccaneer could have been, what changes would you make to the card? Let us know in the comments! And it looks like that’s gonna be it from
me, if you enjoyed the video drop a like, subscribe if you want, thanks for watching,
and I’ll see you guys next time!

14 thoughts on “Hearthstone – What Small-Time Buccaneer Could Have Been”

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  2. Mateo Latapie says:

    "even after the nerfs two buccaneers are still played in a ton of decks" lol no

  3. Spaces says:

    Great video as always, nice job.

  4. Josh says:

    Fun and interactive gameplay footage!

  5. Einar Rättgård says:

    I really love your videos, all of them. They're well-made and incredibly educational but doesen't it start getting a little repetetive. All of these "What X could have been" videos. I personally find the other videos more instructive and more entertaining. The ones about the meta and whats good against it right now for example. Still gr8 video. I love it

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  7. FireFlame36 says:

    Maybe do a video about biggest tournament mistakes? As in bad plays or decks played.

  8. Annoy-o-tronino Kripperino says:

    3:25 why is left one rouge card?

  9. Artsenor says:

    What changes should have been done on the card ?
    Change its effect to "if you have a weapon equipped, your Charge minions have +1 Attack."

    You're welcome.

  10. the games archives says:

    do a how op handlock used to be video

  11. Sad loli irl says:

    Small time is cogmaster

  12. Sitrex says:

    A 5/5 minion on turn two would be pretty broken right? It's not like rogue does that with the new quest or anything.

  13. Atem says:

    What it could have been:↑
    What it is: http://prntscr.com/eutw54

  14. Omer Sheinbox says:

    .we got a small time buccanneer, a big time buccanneer and a buccanneer.
    whats next? large time buccaneer. a 4 mana cost card with 7/7 on stats, and the battlecry: deal 30 dmg to your oppoments hero.

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