How German Sounds To Non-Germans
How German Sounds To Non-Germans

How does German sound to non-native speakers? I’m going to make you experience exactly that today! Hey rabbits, it’s Trixi and no matter what language you grew up with there is this point in your life where you ask yourself: How does the language that I speak and that I don’t really think about any more sound to non-native speakers? And you kinda wish that you could put yourself in their shoes and listen to someone speaking your native language. Well, good news, because that is exactly what I will try in this video! In a couple of seconds I will speak “German” to you. But it’s not going to be the same German that you may be used to. I kinda made up a new version of German. With words that have the same characteristics as normal German words do, but it’s going to be words that don’t exist in the original German language. So what I’m going to be saying sounds like German without being German. Which will hopefully have the effect of you feeling like a non-native speaker listening to someone else speaking German. Have a lot of fun with this little “experiment” and tell me in the comments what you think about it. Alright, rabbits, how did you like this little experiment? Did you feel like a foreigner listening to German? Did you notice that I tried to include all of the different dialects into my little fantasy german part as well? If you liked the video, please leave a thumbs up, because that would make me really happy. If you want to watch another video you can find one right here. You can also follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Or become my patron to support my work. Now I wish you all a very beautiful day. See you in the next video – bye!

100 thoughts on “How German Sounds To Non-Germans”

  1. lukas boysen says:

    Hhhhhhhhans hat mich genarrt 😂😂😂😂👌

  2. arabella anderson says:

    I don’t speak German and this is very accurate

  3. Renato Valsecchi says:

    Gaili shöppä

  4. Ava Stone says:

    it literally sounded the same as it would if it was regularly to me

  5. Tim Weigl says:

    Thank you very much! A dream came true

  6. Google made me do it says:

    American here! Can confirm I would have no idea that wasn’t actually german.

  7. Vanadiumoxid says:

    Kind of reminded me of Danish, or Dutch… Probably not that surprising, given Danish, Dutch and German do sometimes have similar characteristics

  8. Hämänisch Buträdisch says:

    Ey das triffts vo gut

  9. markhyungie says:

    es hat sich so angefühlt als ob ich es verstehen würde aber es hat nicht geklappt

  10. lacuadra70 says:

    It sounded like some old Schwabisch language. Danish is more guttural than German, Swedish is a very soft sing song type of language.

    German is a beautiful language but people in the South tend to over-pronounce each word. The whole language sounds awful that way. I like north German accent and dialect. It is not as harsh.

  11. Jamie F. says:

    I mean.. kinda but, I speak a little German so..

  12. devi_ hx says:

    I am german and it sound same a little part they was real germanwords but the most und sound like a "secretgermanlanguage "

  13. Nopey nope says:

    there's a much better presentation about this topic: yours is crap.

  14. PatPat Phoenix says:

    Das hat alles so n' bayrischen Akzent xD (hör ich mich wirklich so an? An sich ja schön, bis auf den starken bayrischen Nachgeschmack)

  15. Gott Karma says:

    Was hat sie gesagt? 😂 😂

  16. Flerèrhjan Krinegeer says:

    As a native speaker who has hearded that his language is ugly, it really sounds ok.

  17. sajas says:


  18. holocatz says:


  19. Stella 1118 says:

    Mais qu'est ce que je fous la ??

  20. Linda Jürgensen says:

    Wow people really need to learn how to write comments about a language without being offensive.

  21. Linda Jürgensen says:

    Kannst du das nächste mal bitte Wörter nehmen, die sich wie Deutsch anhören, aber keine sind. Du hast ein paar Sätze gesprochen, die zwar keinen Sinn ergeben haben, aber wo man trotzdem nicht hören konnte, wie sich deutsch anhört, wenn du weißt was ich meine… mir wäre es lieber, wenn du dir einfach Wörter ausdenkst.

  22. Hxbicht 616 says:

    1:56 ~ Brüste 🤣

  23. Coda Mission says:

    Like someone threw a dictionary into a blender

  24. Pes Ces says:

    1:40 mmh Hans hat mich genarrt. Bäckermüdigkeit.

  25. The Greek Freak says:

    i don’t speak german, so if you made this not german, what does that make me hear?

  26. drdomm says:

    Nette Glocken 😉

  27. Manuel Olah says:

    @1:56 brüste.

  28. IxmeierFan49 says:

    1:57 „kannst drauf stöhnen“ LOL 😂

  29. L R5 says:

    german sounds very very angry nobody who speaks it to me as a non-german speaker

  30. Watchmaenner says:

    Guckt sich sowas eig jemand an der nicht deutsch ist?

  31. Keria Hedrick says:

    Im German I'm use to it

  32. Fox Lylat says:

    Omg do we sound terrible.
    I never really liked my language but now i dont wanna talk german in front non-german people anymore

  33. Charlotte z says:

    😂😂nice Job

  34. Denise Engel says:

    Hmmm ünzlich hahahaha really do we Germans sound that weird? 😂

  35. SquallNN says:

    Sounds like Dutch and also reminds me of Danish

  36. Yᴏsʜɪ_Dɪɴᴏ_Kɪᴅᴅᴏ says:

    It sounded Dutch.

  37. Colin Rude says:

    I get anxiety because I just think these are words I haven't learned yet

  38. x Fållen Angëł x says:

    I have no idea how to speak German this sounds pretty accurate 😂

  39. blenzO says:

    I'm native English speaker and this sounds exactly like German lol.

  40. RPMO45 says:

    I take German in school, and I can guarantee this is exactly what I hear whenever my teacher talks to the exchange student

  41. Erwin Rommel says:

    German in my eyes sounded the same way as person banging a table with hammer

  42. Ona K says:

    actually this is how sweedish sounds to me 😂

  43. Peepee Train says:

    As an English native not learning German, what you sound like hitler or a gestapo officer shouting constantly, or you conform into this English-french-Scandinavian-Slavic mess.

  44. The Vendetta says:

    is this the sims?

  45. Lurcio Titters says:

    Coming from Trixie, German sounds absolutely divine. X

  46. lednz says:

    War ganz okay 😀 ich finde übrigens dass hebräisch sich anhört wie deutsch, dass kein deutsch ist.

  47. moonlight bae says:

    I have a german friend in highschool and when he talks to his dad at the phone it sounds exactly like that.

  48. Cédric Franze says:

    Ich fand super, dass mein Gehirn direkt gedacht hat das war deutsch.
    Sehr schönes Video

  49. ESJ SO COOL says:

    Haha jamoin

  50. Drool Ooze says:

    Haha, you spoke Schwäbisch

  51. Prof. Sprachgesang says:

    Hört sich an wie Holländisch

  52. Monkey Patron says:


  53. John Russell Turner says:

    I'm a native English speaker. German sounds almost hauntingly familiar, as if I've heard it in another life. I hear it spoken, and I notice the multiple cognates, the similar phonology, and the strangely beautiful harshness of it.

  54. Lex W. says:

    I dont speak any German… this definitely sounds german to me

  55. dancehall thing says:

    "Hans hat mich genagelt" that's what I first understood
    It Literally means Hans nailed me Wich has the meaning of Hans fucked me in german

  56. DaasLars says:

    It is awesome how you imitate German. Its my native language and I always wanted to know how it sounds to foreigners. But most people exaggerate when they try to imitate it. Yours sound perfectly like German, with the fact that even german speakers can feel like a foreigner to their own language.

  57. Lea Diamond says:

    Tollen deutsch

  58. Julie T. says:

    Bin ich die einzige, für der es eigentlich ganz schön klingt?❤

  59. teleturbo says:

    1:46 Zirbelbressen soilch hier arsch peben? 😂

  60. bidita majumdar says:

    this is what german sounds like to me even though i’m learning it🤪

  61. anna hxlge says:

    If German rlly sounds like this to Americans, I have to overthink my life

  62. Aaron Fay says:

    Im studying German for 6 years now. Im irish like and this sounds completely normal 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 im ashamed of myself

  63. Adhzap says:

    That are some massive….. Language skills hah

  64. but with potatos says:

    Hat sich wie Sims angehört

  65. Susan Oliver says:

    It's all Greek to me. Bahaaa

  66. Akane Rei says:

    I don’t speak German. Sounds good

  67. Bibi's BeautyBaustelle says:

    Sorry that dosnt sunds like German.

  68. Vincent Vega says:

    Basicly sounds like bavarian. 😀

  69. Sophie :3 says:

    So hört es sich für mich an wenn Schweitzer reden🤷‍♀️😂😂

  70. My Sandwich Is A Fried Boot says:

    I dont speak german so I'm lost hearing both

  71. Dreenyks says:

    it sounds so kind, i will keep thinking of my version of german,the angry and vicious one.

  72. SG Joy says:

    I'm American and my accent dosent sound like an accent it sounds plain

  73. ArisaStudios says:

    Klingt halt echt so, als sollte ich es verstehen können, obwohl es nur Kauderwelsch ist. Echt interessant!

  74. trashxalex ಠ_ಠ says:

    Das nehm ich persönlich

  75. bigmac 707 says:

    As a non German I thought this shit was German

  76. Capitano Giovarco says:

    My native language is Italian and live in Austria. The general consensus in Italy is that German sounds harsh and cold. It almost feels like German people is always pissed at someone, when they actually aren't. Moreover, German words tend to be long or longer to pronunce compared to Italian, for example "Süßigkeit" is "dolce". Rarely the opposite happens, but it's annoying when it does, for example "da" is "poiché"/"visto che". I also feel like German sometimes has too many words to say the same thing, with slighly difference in meaning – of course. It's like that in Italian too, but I think that German is a little worse than Italian.

  77. ari says:

    yeah it sounds like that

  78. Dalton Fox says:

    Thus is close butttt…. There is a lot more sounding like your clearing your throat in the German language honestly . Lived in northwestern Switzerland for 3 months . From central USA.

  79. Sir Snø says:

    I would love to know how my language sounds like (Portuguese)
    Both portugal and brazil dialects

  80. Jen We says:


  81. ComZeroGaming says:

    As a non German i can confirm that she does indeed sound German and if she talked to me like that i would have no idea. She made a good video

  82. Edit Andersson says:

    This is so cool. I live in Sweden and this is what german sounds like to me🤩

  83. Alskdbwudofnwbeo bwjeiflwnrvxu says:

    Eigentlich voll süß und garnicht so streng wie alle immer sagen 😂

  84. Bl our says:

    Definitiv nicht so schlimm wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe

  85. Oeil De Taupe says:

    I'm french and i don't fucking understand that language….

  86. lost in music says:

    "Baeckermaedelkeit", "bauschen", "unbelosslich," "Adentenranke" omg😂😂😂

  87. Joel Byrum says:

    Holy Volkswagen Batman! That sounded exactly like German!

  88. Slowdance 2softrock says:

    I can’t tell the difference
    -a Scottish person

  89. Scott Irwin says:

    Yeah, sounds like German to me.

  90. I feel like a Nørwegiæn says:

    This sounds like germen

  91. Pharaoh Gaming says:

    Haha its sound like german but i am german this is cringe but funny

  92. Kriss Kross says:

    Wirklich sehr gut gemacht… Top 👍

  93. Punk Hyena says:

    I don't speak German but I think I've watched enough German TV shows and movies to where this sounds very off.

  94. Jess says:

    I don't speak anything but English and if you had started the video speaking fake German, I would've never known

  95. Tim Hellkuhl says:

    Verstehe nix

  96. BR3AK M0N says:

    that was….weird

  97. Sunny M says:

    mhhhh dunzlich 😂

  98. Cory McHenry says:

    As a native english speaker, thats very much what german sounds like to our ears. Im happy you didnt go the super aggresive route with it.

  99. Trixi Beneckenstein says:

    My Name is Trixie 🙂. (But mah name is Trixi) And I'm German 🤣🇩🇪

  100. ayla says:

    U sound like my sim

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