How Much Faster Has Chip Tuning Made The 330d?
How Much Faster Has Chip Tuning Made The 330d?

welcome back to episode six of the 3:30 diesel touring track build project behind me I have Gareth and next to me I have Gareth and today we're going to be doing something really cool something that you guys have been crying out for in the comments for quite a few weeks what is that Gareth this is a race chip module this is a piggyback unit and we'll be fitting it to Gareth for increased power and increased torque we're going to be aiming for around 240 horsepower we're gonna do some laps hopefully see the lap times tumble but before we do all of that let's tell you more about this module it's called the race chip GTS and like all the parts you see on the 330d is now available on the car throttle shop right so before we begin the installation process a few cool features about the race chip GTS feature one you can expect up to 30% increase in power and torque depending on your engine feature – which I think's really cool this is available for over 3,000 cars so the chances are you guys watching this can buy one plug one in and enjoy more power you've got some more cool facts about this as well then yeah so leading on from your explanation this has actually been diode for this engine so it's not just a random map for 3,000 cars they have been diodes specifically for each of the engine types and equally with this piggyback module all the protection on the ECU for your engine is available you lose none of it and speaking of protection when you get one of these you also get a warranty so you can sleep safe and race fast but only on the racetrack but Gareth I have a question what happens if I were to one day sell Gareth it'll be a sad day however if you buy one of the race chip modules you can have one free reprogramming so that allow it to suit your new car and me looking at the camera I'm not gonna be selling Gareth so don't worry don't get excited anyway let's pick in the build in drive now so with the race chip installed in a matter of minutes I knock the car into efficiency mode and went for a warm-up I don't know if this is in my head but third gear 30 it definitely feels punchier yeah this is the efficiency map as well well not get into sport mode and see how much of a difference that makes on a handy thing is you can do it all on an app let's go into sports there we go I can't confirm Gareth is now faster oh this is gonna be interesting isn't it alright let's stop and put it into race mode race yeah genuinely quicker car now well getting more oversteer I'm impressed with that this is gonna be really interesting and we're gonna start in efficiency mode then we're gonna up it to sport mode and then we're gonna go into race mode and then we're gonna see how the lap times tumble so let's get straight to it the kickoff proceedings let's go back into efficiency mode on the app this is actually quite good going from efficiency to sport to race because it means that I gradually get used to the increase in power you can count me in when you're ready with your super accurate timing finger okay three two one go oh I was a little bit high there in the old rev range should be able to make it up because this is a faster car you found power is invigorating alright third gear let's do this happen come on come on come on there we go that's nice that's very nice oh this is wild come on come on oh that was a lot of fun though that's in efficiency mode the car is quite a lot faster even of in efficiency mode so yeah hit me with a time I'm interested thirty eight point two to be you did that in thirty-eight point three three okay for a first lap that's actually really really strong I'm now gonna knock it into sport and then and then we'll keep going there we go sport mode engaged okay good star I like that I like that a lot [Applause] come on Gareth let's see on this corner nicely there we go come on sorry talking don't go is this yeah this is a lot more physical than it was is so much more fun I mean I'm enjoying this a lot it's definitely a newfound power in this car so 38.2 to beat you did are you serious I'm serious that's awesome that's really cool and that's in sport mode so now let's up the ante go into race mode and see if I die yeah bit being a bit careful okay right race mode engaged whoa all right I'm ready count me in oh nice more challenge all right this is where I'm actually going to fast now so I think I need to back off a tiny bit oh this is definitely smoother but is it also slower let's try not break I've got a break come on yeah thirty eight point one five all right too smooth okay three like celebration way quicker right gotta be smooth but a bit braver than I was last time come on I'm gonna go into second here have I lost time there my fear I have no no no that was 37.9 I think you were pretty brave on that one okay do we have time for one more yeah quickly come on Garrett [Applause] right come on happen come on I think you're about to be happy though that was thirty-seven point seven six oh my god ninety-seven point seven six yeah so with last week's time well and truly spanked let's have a quick look at the difference in acceleration between the 330d with and without the new race chip installed as you can clearly see the race chip helps get Gareth to 62 miles an hour in just 6.5 seconds versus the standard cars already respectable time of 7.5 seconds from the outside you can really see how much difference that makes so let's take another look at the numbers after a couple of weeks of small improvements to lap times this week's race trip edition has really put a dent in the m3s time that stands at thirty-seven point zero seven seconds so there you go at the end of another episode and a fabulous result what we did today is we installed the race chip which you can now buy on the car throttle shop and the result of that is that we did a best time of thirty-seven point seven six versus last week's thirty eight point two which is an improvement please karasov point four four seconds point four four seconds gives max right the car is quicker on a few occasions actually I was fearing for my life because it's way more punchy way more talk I noticed on a few of the corners it was an in one little bit wild yeah it was a little bit wild not bad anyway I hope you guys have enjoyed this episode it's been a lot of fun to film because Gareth now feels completely different next week what we're going to do is we're going a strip Gareth knocked oh no not yet that's the neck anyway I hope you've enjoyed this series so far to check out the rest of the episodes of which there are many click here to subscribe to car throttle click there and don't forget that everything you see on Gareth you can now buy on the car thermal shop the link it to which is here [Laughter]

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  1. David Chieng says:


  2. dave parkinson says:

    Fudge boxes, load of shit…….

  3. Black Mafia says:

    I will be happy to see 1000whp or more in that car

  4. Black Mafia says:

    90mm turbo, heltech ecu, cold air intake,biger intercooler,anti-lag system,biger injectors,short-shifter, racing fuel pump, carbon body parts,michelin slick and car will be good for race

  5. Bboy Tyby says:

    you spent alot of money for 3 seconds only :))))))))))

  6. arnie wheeler says:

    is it really worth it???

  7. Neo says:

    Wait so I just buy the chip,install the app,and that's it???

  8. Guilherme Almeida says:

    Do the same with a bmw e90 335i and compar with a …ferrari… its will be nice….

  9. The SamsungExperiance says:

    got one to see how it performs its crapppppp i sent it back and got me money back, only way forward was a remap

  10. Irfy MX says:

    Bollocks to these tuning boxes… Clearly doesn't show an improvement in performance. It's more down to the aggressive driving.

  11. Proshivka-Avto says:


  12. IM internet mash says:

  13. Alvaro Sánchez García says:

    Why not avaliable on petrol engines?

  14. DrDjWoRkS says:

    I decided to try it out myself and bought the RaceChip S for my Golf 4 1.9 TDI 74kW, and there is definitely a difference, the car feels lighter and pushes forward easier, fuel consumption is about the same, maybe a little bit less. I was worried that the ECU would get used to the chip's trickery with the fuel system, but even after 6 months, it still has that same kick. Personally I would recommend it, and besides, if you don't like it, you can return it and get a refund.

  15. bilal neezam says:

    Fit a huge turbo from a diesel

  16. Edward Boyd says:

    Is there a gym somewhere with only Car Enthusiasts only working chest and arms or something?…

  17. Mohamed Atef says:

    This series is so much entertainment and so educational, I learned a lot about suspension and mechanics than how my Engineering school taught me (CS major !).

    Thanks a lot !!!

  18. xJango says:

    would this chip work on my 2002 320 ci ?

  19. Kenan Coskun says:

    Dear alex please dont say series anymore, siri is reacting to you voice when you say that

  20. Chris Stavro says:

    I'm thinking of doing the same mods to my car. where would I be able to find them?

  21. Jokes Phone Macher says:

    Race chip is thr biggest bullshit that i have ever bought
    I made a real remapping in my 330d the car goes fast as heel
    So pls dont buy this shit and go to a real tuner who mades the software like yöu want

  22. Constantine Joseph says:

    Garbage music. Do not tune up your headphone volume when you start the video. Ear piercing is the word

  23. Robin Wells says:

    You won't believe this but the wind turbine behind you in the intro is also called Gareth!

  24. Jody H says:

    I think there is a lot of people bitching in these comments “why don’t you just buy an m3 e46” “not a rolling road though” etc, I think you’re missing the point, he’s trying to show you in a really simple way how much difference basic mods make, the stuff almost all Car guys have dabbled with or attempted on their own cars at some point. I think it’s a good laugh! Yes it’s not truly accurate but it’s a bit of fun…. and shows what difference each mods ROUGHLY make. Pretty down to earth guy, if it was a bean in a lab coat I’d have switched to another video/channel within 1 minute.
    Good work car throttle !

  25. Ethan Ladd says:

    These little montages somehow always remind me of Sean of the dead??

  26. Elle Sea says:

    The part of explicit point of this series was plugging their new shop. If you don’t like it why are you six vids in?

    As for dyno runs, dynamometer conditions are as artificial and arbitrary as any other standard, especially when they’re using the track as a point of comparison. Lacking, sure, but again you’re six videos in, and the conceit of this series has been painfully drilled every single video.

  27. Hidden Culture says:

    Too bad you dont have my car listed for your shop (RS7) guess you dont care about us

  28. Joshua Minke says:

    i went onto the race chip website, but unfortunately it does not support my car, i have a c2 vts 1.6 petrol, but only the diesel hdi version shows

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