How to Edit Drums in Pro Tools
How to Edit Drums in Pro Tools

everyone it’s mark from the wave shop in
this tutorial i’m gonna show you how we like to edit drums this isn’t the only
way edit drums but this is the way that we like to do it so hopefully something
in this video catches your eye and helps you in your process let me play a before
and after a while working at it and then i’ll show you how we do it hears before and after so let’s dive right in let me start by saying that different
styles require different amounts of editing when i’m gonna show you today is editing
to the click in getting really tight drums to that click but some styles just doesn’t make sense
to do this and also depends on your drummer you drummer might be very tight to the
click with his snare but he might be intentionally loose with
his kick and that’s where he gets his groove and
his personality is a drummer so you don’t want to add it that way first thing i like to do is given
editable sound and what i mean by that is i’m gonna be listening to these drums
for awhile now so they might as well sound good so i do a quick mix of them zita cm database a gate on the drums and i’ve got some parallel compression
going on for all of the drum microphones just a can offend them up so the first thing we’re going to do is
make sure that are drums are in the same group so we can add it everything together so i’m going to go over and select all
my drum tracks by clicking the top one holding shift clicking the bottom one amit command g brings up the create group menu and i’m gonna keep it on editing next and then go ahead and near whatever you
want and usually do kit if i’m gonna do every might and then as you can see a
rear-guard drums and symbols switcher too subgroups that i’d like to use but all you need right now is ticket which is everything that you used to
record the drums see you there okay but i really have my
group so now you can see that whenever i click
anywhere in the drums it selects all of the microphones so we’re good to go here so let’s start by creating a playlist
that we’re gonna add it up as you can see here i’m on the contract which is labeled dot c now account track for those of you don’t
know is basically the best parts of each take combine together to create the
final drum part that you hear on the recording so the drummer recorded on all of these
number playlists here is full takes up at the top nuns in touch up areas and this was a sis mess around so once i have my composite track i’m
gonna go over and duplicate my come play less because i don’t wanna adit on my
composite playlist alone always be able to go back to it in case and he said
that editing so i’m gonna duplicate display list and
label it dot cd for count edit to go up duplicate then what you’re going to do is remain
everything whipped up cd so i’ve already done this so i’m just going to select that
playlist you can see everything is labeled dot c_
e_ so i know that i’m editing when the
correct playlist so let’s get our tools ready for editing will start by doing her grade setup as
you can see here i’ve got bars and beats and minutes in seconds on my timeline you can change that with a struck down
menu so i haven’t selected in bars and eats
if you go up he can turn your grade on and off by clicking on the screen so i wanna on and then i want ito just because it
works with this song that’s the value that i want to add it to you so that my grade setup i’m on slip mode because i want to be
able to grab anywhere bios ungraded i’d only be able to grab
chunks of the grid so now we’re gonna set our knowledge
value so we’re gonna go out to hear words as knowledge i go two minutes in seconds and then as you see right here at dot
three milliseconds that’s the value that i’d like to know
jat when i’m editing drums lastly we wanna make sure that were
using our smart tool so i’m gonna go up here ranil mama
selector tool if you click this bar above it phil change the smart tool with your smart to appear above the line
you can select below can grab in the middle at one of the ends you
can’t ram and then you can always add crossfit so it’s pretty cool tool and that’s all
you said it alright enough me talking was a hit and
runs your ego whistling to hear right off the bat that he was a
little late but he was consistently way so that’s
actually a good thing for us because ought to edu in balk what i mean by that is i’m not going to
go in and added every cake snare high hat to line up to the grand now you might as well not even have a real
drummer but says he’s a real drummer with the
groove in a personality we want to preserve that so here we go to our first at it so we’ve got a gap year he’s definitely
lake but he still laid over here so i’m just
gonna click and drag still late here i’m just gonna drag until he’s back on
the click so he has a really dipak on the click
until this little kick it right here so i’m looking at my cake my snare and
i’m looking at my high hat down here a lot of people just added to consider
and they overlook important things like high hats and
rides so i’ve selected the part where he’s
consistently late and i’m gonna hit separates that region and so now i have my own little region here that’s all
late so must our nudging this and that’s that
three milliseconds that we decided upon earlier the knives button is the come on in the
period i cannot forward with the period and
back with the comma someone edges back until he’s right on
the beat and i’m gonna check to make sure that that worked in other
places too okay so we still little off there is on the beat there look at the high hat to okay so we saw
the few more edits do in this section but for the most part that edit helped so now i’m going to go back to the
beginning you see okay we’ve got as high hats are
on this rim click is off and the next high hat is off so’s that rim click but he’s on with this high hat right
here actually down here less committed to
snare so in a separate this region nudge it back rights and now he’s on the click there but see this first one who is still a
honest taken while he did in the groove summer split it here and select this region the shortcut
option shift tab phenomena nudge that back i want to make sure that these edits are
pretty transparent so when i’m gonna do is get this to line up this close like into
the start that snare men over here obviously i don’t pull out here because
then we’re gonna get too high hats nepal back until right before that high hat now we just have one higher botanically so this rim click is on that high hat is on the
high hats on began their poll this forward i pulled it back we have a early haha sore right before that i had hits at cake is on enough for me through this
jonah we wanted to move this ring click i would select the region it be nudge it over maybe once and then pull back same goes with the snare when were
editing by polled this way we have to attacks on the snare so i’m just going to pull back till right before that snare snow we want to hear that it so here’s what we’ve done so far for solitude right here we actually move this over
too much sita sees a little early now so i’m actually in a just select until he’s back on the click so this
high hat down here is still early click his early and then he’s laid on that i have
someone a gravel up to that i had separator region and just merge it once over very minute but tormented him and then i’m gonna center the left at the left a row zoom in on it make sure i have a nice transparent at
it right here gets a little funky split it back here that high hat is low closer spotted again move it back there it is it’s on the grade and this guy’s early some a selected in separate would be magic back and then a minute pull my regions until it’s nice and bump
that’s not good so let’s hear what that section sounds
like solid social early here early on this high hat early on that one so i wanted to select here it be shift adn select the region had nudge it over just a little bit that’s
close enough for me is all early on this click and the high hat after that so i’d s i
could move it pullback tear this section so errol pop there machine with this one back that pop should go away and we but
across region at the end rights you get the idea here let’s
listen or section very solid here’s what used to be so step away much tighter feel now so when you’re done with your at its
you’re gonna select all the regions and then hit command after you acquire
crossfade sid and i do he cool gain about six milliseconds and i do pre slice so uh… okay an hour crossfade zara so lastly i want to give you two tips
that will help you in your editing first is don’t be afraid to stray away from your company playlist so right here for listening is hit is not together the high had hits before that kick so no matter how i add at this at either of the high hat on for the cake on they’re not going to be on together and the last thing you want to do you’d
never want to do this you never want to go out here groups and just move that kick over i highly discourage that some people do it for your own into
phasing issues and issues with the bleeding the other microphones so what i do in this situation when it is not together as i go through
my old playlists and find a better performance not afraid to a stray away from my cum
playlist it can save you a lot of time so i ready
know that i’m playlist for have a better head s nice together soma grand this it seeing the copy it they go back to my comp when a pace that their and i’m gonna pasted on my edit and then go ahead and and at that rate
in i’m going to trim this up now it’s here that’s a solid hit as opposed to what we had before so the tape is don’t be afraid to go
back to your playlist you don’t have to always stick to your comp littlest this’ll actually save a lot of time in
editing and the second tip has to do with tom’s so let me play this before editing you can see it this lasted is definitely
late and even the snare right here here we can run into trouble here because of
that tommy if we don’t have it this correctly we
can get a pop in the tom microphone even after across states so in the edit this phil real fast see
to see how i do it once again and then you’ll see what we do about the
time some starbuck grabbing this pic it be that over one skies early and mid p move him over make sure these trimmed up real nice over here so we’ve got our snare hits those are
pretty much on these two tom hits are on at cake is did enough the right here
these two smears and this kick that’s where we get in trouble he’s late soma split it here and select this section and i’m gonna move it over until those snare hits are on and that
cake is close enough so here’s what i was out mike if we
don’t pay attention of the times under solely up to tom near that operate here that’s because if we look closely we’ve really mess with the way form
there and if we don’t put across phaeton we
have a totally different shape to the way for so what i like to do is make sure that
the lowest frequency of the time using phase throughout the edit so what i’m gonna do is move this whole
section back until i’ve basically lined up with the
way for you can see that if i pull it this way
i’m in phase with the lowest frequency at the time so i shouldn’t have that click and now i can apply my crossfade and the way form of the tom will look
pretty similar to what it would be if we didn’t even do this at it we’ve just taken out a few cycles so let’s listen to see if we got rid of
that pop do muscles and one more time that’s how we do it now no pops in
clicks so now it’s his added altogether welcome across fades increase lies sells ice in tight to me with no quick
some pops to leslie wants i have everything edited i’m gonna duplicate my combat a playlist and name everything dot c_ e_ c_ so now i have my count playlist my count added and count edited and consolidated and i show this in another tutorial
about using playlists but i’ll do it again here means like tall i weigh forms here picture my crossfade you’re there number this is all edited now now minnie’s the command called
consolidate clip you can go to edit anika saw a clip or you can use the shortcut which is
shipped option three so that’s gonna render all these edits
together into one-way form for each track so that’s going to help because you’re
computer won’t have to process all those cross fades and also looks a lot cleaner so there you have a or edited drums all
in one complete waveform for each track nice and clean nice in tight to the grid thank you for watching if you have any
questions you can comment below or email us will try to respond as many as we can
we ask you this described or channel unlike her video if is help you out in
some way and be sure to visit our website where
you can redeem your free mix and check out our engineering rates if you wanna
steadier drums thanks so much we really appreciate you
watch our videos

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  1. caseylogic05 says:

    Very Nice Video! So informative 🙂

  2. DebutanteMassacre says:

    This makes lots of sense, so for every take and punch in, you add another playlist?

  3. The Wave Shop says:

    Yes. I like to have the full takes (or at least completed takes) on the first few playlists and then I use additional playlists for punches and touching up certain spots. For punch ins, I usually duplicate a full playlist so the drummer can play along before the punch to lock into the groove.

  4. DebutanteMassacre says:

    So no elastic audio or beat detective?

  5. The Wave Shop says:

    Correct. I found that this technique will sound better than both of those. It isn't necessarily as easy, but it's worth it.

  6. Gredran says:

    And this is why you need a huge processor to run a DAW… If you wanna be safe, duplicates take a shit ton of memory lol… I can't imagine what it'd be like if you edited with the midi tracks not printed lol

  7. Orchid Swan says:

    @DebuntanteMassacre: I work at a professional studio and the professionals I work with always have multiple playlists.  "The Wave Shop" is correct.  

    They edit the drums (or have someone like me do the dirty work) and will often complement it with a program like Superior Drummer.  

    If you are recording yourself at home, it probably doesn't matter, because you can redo it.  However, if you have people who pay a bunch of money (or their labels did) for a session, and then leave, and expect a finished product, then you better have a bunch of takes or you are in trouble! 🙂

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    this was really helpful 
     thanks for taking time to explain this!!!

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    really good vid

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    I have a question, How many time does it take you to edit a song like that? Great tutorial, btw

  11. Bob Shook says:

    Great video. To speed the process up a a lot, I would suggest enabling grid mode and make your separations immediately before the transients. Then you can quickly move the hit to the grid instead of trying to line it up manually. If when moving audio you need to go into slip mode, just press and hold the command key (mac) while making the move.

  12. David Aliperti says:

    I saw you created more then one group, the whole kit group and only cymbals group, why ?

    I didn't see any use of elastic audio in your tutorial,
    i have just used work flow and everything was fine except for a drum fill where a splitted and used warp mode to fix it.

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    Excellent Tutorial. Really useful, thanks

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    thanks again!

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    always love how these so called producers say "that's where they get their groove"….then they go ahead and slide every damn hit to the grid.

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    Pro tools 12.5 is not supporting waves bundle v6 v7 how to fix it?

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    Holy hell, I've got a whole album to do of this, it's going to take me forever!

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