How To Learn The Piano In Under 10 Minutes
How To Learn The Piano In Under 10 Minutes

hello there my name’s Andy I’m going to
show you how easy it can be to play the piano or to teach yourself to play the piano.
Don’t get me wrong it’ll take many years of daily practice to
reach any sort of a decent level of playing but getting started doesn’t need
to be as traumatic as it might seem in fact by the end of this video you’ll be
playing some recognizable music on the piano now in this video I’m going to
show you how to find some notes on the keyboard how to find all the notes on
the keyboard and how to play some basic chords these will enable you to
play more tunes than you can imagine so let’s get down to it… The notes.
If you have a full sized piano keyboard you’ll see that there are 88 keys black & white keys. Some electronic keyboards will have significantly less it doesn’t
really matter it isn’t actually as complicated as it seems. The keys are
actually made up in groups of twelve notes repeating groups of twelve notes
the notes are a b c d e f and g then it goes back to a again a and so on b c d
etc the simplest key to plane and the on the piano is the key of c this uses just
the white notes none of the black notes now there are several C’s on the piano
keyboard if you look at the keyboard you’ll see is made up of groups of three
and two the black notes are made up of groups of three and two so if you take
one of the groups of two any of the groups of two look immediately to the
left of the first black not e and that’s your C. There’s another group of two
here and immediately to the left is another C and here’s another one up here the C in the center of a piano is one
here he’s known as middle C for obvious reasons on some MIDI keyboards or MIDI
software is sometimes referred to as c3 this will be our starting point for the
scale of C major playing only the white keys the notes will be named as
follows c d e f g a b c we can start here c d e f g a b c d e f g a b c.. the black
notes these are the sharps and flats now a sharp note is a semitone or half a
note higher than the note of its name so C sharp is the black note just to the
right of the C as a C and here is the C sharp F sharp for instance is the F c d
e f and the F sharp is the nose just to the right of the F F sharp here a flat
note is the opposite its half a tone or a semitone lower than the notes name so
here we have a for example one semitone lower or the black note just to the left
is a flat is b1 so many times the lower all the black note to the left is b-flat
you’ll notice that some notes can be flats or sharp F for example as this
note here is f sharp but it could also be G flat is the G G flat is the F F
sharp they’re called the same is the same note
so now you know the names of all of the notes on the piano C C sharp D d sharp
e F F sharp G a flat a B flat B and C so now you know how to play all of the
notes on the piano let’s get on to playing some chords the typical chord
contains three or four different notes all play together now there are several
types of chord that you can play around any given note for example around the
note of C we could have C major C minor C seven c9 c major seven see you’re
meant in a diminished C with a suspended fourth there are many more as well
for three most popular types of chords of a major the minor and the seventh if
you know these three types of chords along each of the twelve months of the
keyboard then you’ll be able to play most music most songs either by ear or
by reading chord sheets or this are called
fake books okay here’s how to play the most often used basic chords first of
all C or C major the notes of the chord are made up of the first the third and
the fifth note of the scale so if we see the scale is cdefg we have C miss 1e
miss 1 G C we all play the second we play the third we don’t play the fourth
or we play the fifth C those are the notes of c-major here’s
another one this is a minor we find the a which is here it’s two notes lower so
the whole thing gets shifted down two notes
hey we missed the beat we play the C which the third miss the D and we play
the e which is the 5th a minor here’s another one F major to nose-down is the
F F a and C exactly the same chord pattern 1st 3rd and 5th there we go and one more guess what move
everything up one note and we get the chord of G G B D G is the first these
the third and D is the fifth so there are four basic cause they’re all with
the same shape we can play C a minor F major and G major
you might recognize that chord sequence it’s actually being used in many songs
we move for example always look on the bright side of life dream dream dream or
many songs have used these is combination of chords you can play the
chord here and you can join them with the left hand
with the left hand you can play the root note in this case the coil of C we play
a note of C the coil of F you play the root of C and F sorry and you can have a
little bit of rhythm you and on it goes so you should play around
with these chords they complaint in any order you want and you’ll find that
there are many tunes which use just a few of these chords in different orders
okay I’m just taking you in a matter of minutes through what would be the first
few lessons of the typical online or home study course it should have shown
you how simple it can be to teach yourself how to play the piano and to be
playing decent music within a few minutes
obviously we come to a lot of material there and you will if you have a home
home study course progress at your own pace look at our website the address
should be down there somewhere beginners PLO dotnet ResNet not calm
beginners piano dotnet we have some reviews of the best methods that I’ve
come across for learning piano or keyboards at home now these methods
typically consist of well it’s like a true multimedia experience really
they’ve got a combination of audio and video together with transcripts and PDF
files of the lessons all laid out so you can go on at your own pace they’ll teach
you how to play by ear then I’ll teach you how to play chords and melodies
right from the start and then leaving did you have to read music along the way
some of them even touch on classical playing they’ll take you from absolute
beginners level to advanced style and in fact all styles rock and roll jazz blues
pop gospel they’ll actually quite complete the ones that we’d review on
the site so for more information do check out our website check out the
reviews go to these sites that we review because some of them offer free lessons
as well which is quite interesting and well I hope you’ve enjoyed this
introduction and you decide to pursue piano playing a little bit further by
one of the courses that we review in our site okay till next time bye

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