How to Pick a Drum Set | Drumming
How to Pick a Drum Set | Drumming

47 thoughts on “How to Pick a Drum Set | Drumming”

  1. lewiswallace22 says:


  2. mle phipp says:


  3. Ben Wettstein says:


  4. Barney Stinson says:

    first to say fuck this shit

  5. ҡʊяţ яɨ๏ร says:

    You guys disgust me. ↓↓↓↓

  6. jon cowart says:


  7. MG Rogue says:

    i like eating dog shit

  8. Josh M says:

    Bananas are good for you.

  9. Drakegls says:

    Finaly something interesting!

  10. carlos duarte says:

    cheesy background music is cheesy

  11. Isaac says:

    You're a lying liar, who lies!

  12. SlimKilla69 says:

    I love these comments.

  13. Selena Brannum says:


  14. sean cunningham says:

    The Tama starclassic is not the highest kit, the star kit is the flag ship kit

  15. Ian Savage says:


  16. Nlb Jones says:

    Maple is NOT one of the highest level of woods to get- maple is now very common even in some entry level kits.

  17. Larry Tate says:

    Most pro level kits don't include cymbals either actually. Almost never really.

  18. patstanks says:

    bubinga is probably the highest lvl wood. maple is the most common

  19. mohamed gamil says:

    please,tell me about how much this drums ?

  20. 7mody FC says:

    Can you provide me some good websites I can buy drums online please? I don't understand in these things, and I want to buy them for my girlfriend as surprise in her birthday

  21. Daniel Granados Quirós says:

    That Tama drum set is actually made from birch and bubinga (Starclassic Performer line)

  22. Rick says:

    What about sound?

  23. Amanda Blackwell says:

    DW COLLECTOR SERIES.. The best out there……My kick will punch a hole thru you…

  24. 2DebbieDoo says:

    GOOD INFO!!! Thank you, I had NO clue where to start. Looking into a starting set for an 11 y/o. boy. Golly there's a LOT to learn before one even starts the lessons. lol. Thanks!!

  25. Evan Barton says:

    I'm looking to upgrade from a mid level to high end drum set, but I have no idea what to get.

  26. Luke says:

    I don't about you. But that looked like a San Remo kit to me. Not a Tama.

  27. totallyfool says:

    Hey! Could anyone send me the link for his drum set? Thanks!

  28. Dynamite Kid says:

    Awesome drum kit you got there Sir! love it! earned a sub.+ like.

  29. Sean Edgington says:

    I was waiting to hear them drums he was bigging up the whole speach 🙁

  30. Turner Churchill says:

    this is hack

  31. Lego Phonatic says:

    What ia the drum set that you have

  32. Tim Watson Drums says:

    I always modelled my drum kit after the same sizes the players I look up to played. I spent more money on cymbals than drums cause hey! You can't tune a cymbals but you can a drum. Research the drummers who inspire you

  33. Offical Grunt says:

    Nobody learns at only speaking

  34. Pai Mei says:

    If you are a beginner, if you are buying your first drums, I suggest to every newcommer, that they start out with e-drums. They are great for practice, and also you can use headphones and don't disturb half of the street while practicing your first basic beats.
    Later, as you progress you can buy a classic drum set and hit it the propper way. But for beginners, like I said, e-drums are the best option.

  35. WhoIsLynx says:

    l have a 1000$ budget

  36. Varun the drummer says:

    Is pearl decade maple a good kit for gigs?

  37. danny ok says:


  38. Thang Lian Cin says:

    What do u think which I will get Pdp Concept Maple, Yamaha Stage Custom Birch, Tama Superstar Classic?

  39. Thang Lian Cin says:

    Tama silverstar or superstar classic?

  40. Ivan Milanov says:

    these are actually the performer bb and not the maple series

  41. Amos Johnson says:

    I have no rythem. Can I still play drums?

  42. surprised pikachu says:

    It has 666 likes. The devil approves this video. *Activate satanic ritual*

  43. Adam Houghton Drums says:

    What drum kit is that

  44. James K says:

    The background music is so annoying.

  45. Matt Kjorvestad says:

    A complicated subject explained simply and effectively. Great Job!

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