How to Play All Blues on Guitar
How to Play All Blues on Guitar

hey what’s up guys
Jon here hope you’re having a great day and in today’s lesson I’m gonna show
you how to play some blues comping over the Miles Davis song all blues this is
from the album kind of blue which is still to this day one of the most
incredible jazz albums of all time and this is a blues in the key of G it’s in
a 6/8 time signature so we’re gonna count it a 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 6
beats per bar we’re gonna be following a 12 bar blues form but with a couple
twists of the chord changes I’ll show you as we go through it before we get
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get into the lesson the form starts off with 4 bars of a g7 chord and over those
four bars we’re gonna play this pattern I’m playing this figure on three strings
the D string the g string and the B string I’m gonna start out with my first
finger just barring those three strings on the third fret and we’re gonna strum
that and then hammer with your second finger to the fourth fret on the g
string this is like a little grace note on the first beat of one so we’ll do
that on the first beat and then on beat three we’re gonna go one two three and
we’re gonna move that first finger up to the fifth fret same strings we’re gonna
play five five five a one two three then we’re gonna move up to this shape which
looks like an a minor chord just up here in the sixth position we’re gonna play
the seventh fret of the D string seventh fret on the g string
and six fret on the B string and then we’ll go back to the fifth fret so
altogether we’ve got hammer one fifth fret the shape then back and start again pretty cool little figure there so the
rhythm is one two three four five six one two so that’s gonna be the first
four bars of our one corner which is basically a g7 you know the base is
going four times then we’re gonna move to the four chord which is gonna be a c7
or you know you’re a c9 in the key of G now we’re just gonna make one change to
play the next two bars over the four chord we’re gonna go like this and back
to the g7 there so what I did was I just removed that hammer on so instead of
going I’m gonna take off the hammer on you go that’s your fork
so we do that twice there so here it is two times on the four chord a word then
back to two times and the g77 so that’s the first eight bars then we
get to the last four bars which is the turnaround here and for that we’re gonna
play this you so we’re gonna be playing a d7 sharp 9
chord and I got this way of approaching it from George Benson’s version of all
blues he goes like this plays this cool shape up here so it’d be the fifth fret
on the a string and then you slide the nine and then you put down your second
finger and this is basically you know this shape like a chitlins con carne kind of cord
you know the Kenny Burrell but we’re playing without the root so a lot of
jazz voicings are rootless you know when you have a bass player already playing
the root you don’t need to play it play all the cool notes upper extensions of
the chord so this is D seven sharp nine three four five six then you go to an E
flat seven sharp knife so I just move that chord up one fret then we’re gonna
keep this note on top and move this back down so we’ll add our pinky this is a D
seven sharp nine sharp five great jazz voicing I’m playing nine ten ten eleven
four five six five six so we split two chords in a bar there on the on the
second bar of the turn two three four five six six then you have two options
here you could either go back to your main figure four two times and then start again at the top or you
could play sort of the horn harmonies like this nice sound that’s basically I’ll just say the frets
here we’re playing the top strings strings D
G B and E and I’m playing five five six five we go one then you move it up two
frets then back into a g13 it’s gonna be three four five snicks again three beats on each chord
six all this is going over and g7 sound here so you could either do you so that’s nice so if I put that together you and you back to the top so let’s play it
one time through everything we’ve learned we’re gonna put this all
together here we’ll start on that g7 sound the first main figure here we go a
one two three four five six one more time is the top back to the
wine there’s so many great versions of this
song just go on YouTube go on Spotify and just Google all blues and you’re
gonna get a lot of different versions and I’ve played so many different
variations of this over the years how I started off this video was playing more
of I think it’s from the George Benson version where it’s like it brings us
thumb and and gets so it basically be what we just learned but he puts his
thumb on the root note here so since the g7 like that and then heats kind of keeps going back
to peddling that and then see so that’s kind of a cool
variation could mix in they can sound a little fuller playing by yourself and
then the floor record he leaves the G in the vase back to one as you display the same there you go guys there’s a breakdown of
some rhythm playing on all blues by Miles Davis have fun practicing that try
playing it into a looper pedal or recording yourself jamming over it and
what you can do is improvise on top of that in a 6/8 time signature it would be
great practice if you want more help improvising I’ve got a free pdf in the
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real soon

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  1. Jon MacLennan says:

    Got this down? Next trying playing along with this blues in G backing track:

  2. Adam says:

    My son played this a couple of years ago in HS jazz band. He really liked it. I also love the Larry Carlton/Steve Lukather version on No Substitutions. Great vid. Thanks!

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