How to Play the Drums : How to Play Triplets on the Drums
How to Play the Drums : How to Play Triplets on the Drums

I’m going to demonstrate a triplet now. I’ll
start off on the snare, slow and then I’ll build that up. Then I’ll come back down and
I’ll incorporate some toms in there. By the way, a triplet is just as it implies 3 hits.
One, two, three. One, two, three. And I’m doing, my sticking is a right left right,
right left right. Here we go. That was a triplet.

100 thoughts on “How to Play the Drums : How to Play Triplets on the Drums”

  1. Steven Allison says:

    Has to be a joke! And please don't point that stick at me again! Lol!

  2. grelumbass says:


  3. Party Band says:

    This is wrong so are most of the comments trying to explain what a triplet is. Three 8th note triplets are equal to one 1/4 note in 4/4. When dealing with 6/8 they are 8th notes technically. You can get crotchet triplets even minim triplets too so let's try and be more accurate when being smug 😉

  4. David's 2nd Channel says:

    "That was a triplet" pukes all over screen

  5. Chip Hancock says:

    I hope to GOD he does not teach ANYONE to play like him. What a fricking moron.  THIS is why you should research your teacher.  Don't get some clown that "plays for the door at the VFW". 😉
    Pick a degreed teacher who has a resume with actual people you have heard of (and not "I play with bands") .  

  6. Lucas Ives says:

    not a triplet, son.

  7. Anthony Amodeo says:

    this page should be called Village Idiot…. seriously please stop posting videos .
    this is absolutely horrible.
    leave teaching to the professionals …. or at least people who know what a triplet is 

  8. John Brainard says:

    That….was NOT a triplet…..not one triplet anywhere to be found…..nowhere….nope…none.

  9. Nathan Redmon says:

    Expert Village? These are not triplets. So wrong..!!

  10. Anthony Liberto says:

    Greg with all due respect to you i don't know if you posted this as a joke or if your serious. You are not playing triplets. If your teaching at all levels you should review what your doing. Your not teaching students the correct way to play, count and execute rudiments correctly. Playing a triple is not hard to do if you count it like: 1 T L  2 T L. It almost plays itself. Hope this helped you out.

  11. CCCdrumview says:

    Haha…Good one brother

  12. Joshua Endlich says:

    Duuude…. What are ya doing??!? You're doing more harm than good … Shame on you expert Village…. You can't just take any 3 notes and call it a triplet, just like you can't take any random dude with drum sticks and call him a drum teacher

  13. Lonnie Jones says:

    He's not playing triplets,he's playing the first three notes of a sixteenth note grouping! He's full of SH**!

  14. Daniel Worth says:

    Whatever that was, it wasn't triplets. 

  15. Julie Birmingham says:

    No, it was a three stroke ruff.

  16. Victoria Seagriff says:

    You know all you're playing is what would be defined as 1e+ 2e+ 3e+ 4e+ in a 16th note grid right? Try again pal triplets are 3 notes with equal value in a beat.

  17. Jeff Fite says:

    Dear Expert, please do some research before you call something what it is not – and this is NOT a triplet. I would highly recommend you delete this video before it reaches the 100,000 laugh mark…

  18. josevillegas1987 says:

    Seriously….You need to take lessons before you give them.

  19. Bob Kaufman says:

    you must be tripolor

  20. Gus Brown says:

    Dude, those are three sixteenth notes and sixteenth note rest. LEARN MUSIC BEFORE YOU APPOINT YOURSELF EXPERT ENOUGH TO TEACH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Sarah Sevedge says:

    DUDE. STOP. That's more like 1 e + with an sixteenth rest on the last sixteenth note. OY. I'm a vocalist AND I was horrible at percussion methods and even I know that one. For the love of music teachers and students everywhere… a triplet actually feels like a waltz. Not 123-rest. If you exaggerate the middle of the word so you get three syllables, it'll help you out. Try it out loud folks Trip-uh-let with no rest in between each repetition. Also – your husband will look at you funny if you're doing this quietly under your breath… lol

  22. Kendra Goodwin says:

    Fail!  Wrong!  Fix this video!

  23. Rachel Clarke says:

    WOW!  this is a set of semiquavers and a quaver.  This is not a triplet!

  24. Travis Grimes says:

    The problem is the instructor never gave a count off to define what the actual beat is. He was also sloppy in how he began the rhythm.

  25. Travis Grimes says:

    This sounds to me like a series of 8th notes beamed to 2 16th notes with 2 16th notes as the pick up notes.  (16h-16h) 8th-16th-16th, 8th-16th-16th, 8th-16th-16h, 8th-16th-16th.

  26. Dean Wuksta says:

    Not triplets, more like 3 -16th notes in succession. This guy doesn't even know the basics of drumming, pull the cord.

  27. Kathy Lubbers says:

    And not a single triplet was to be heard…

  28. Steve Hoog says:

    Not a single triplet played WHAT SO EVER! What an extreme LOS-ER. But, that's what Expert Village seems to specialize in.

  29. Niklas Mannila says:

    I feel bad for the 40 people that liked this video. I truly hope that they have found out what the correct way of playing a triplet is.

  30. Brian Drake says:

    Thank you for saddling me with the task of un-teaching your "expertise." Everyone knows I do not adequately earn my public school teacher salary as it is. Untangling this knot should even everything up.

  31. Christopher Smith says:

    You sir, are a MORON!!!! what you were playing is an eighth note and two sixteenth notes. Do you understand what I am saying? Oh yeah, when is it proper to stick your pinkies out? Do young students a favor and stop posting "How To" videos and go get some lessons yourself!

  32. Shelley Spruill II says:

    If these are triplets…what's the quarter note?

  33. Jon Mortensen says:

    I'm so embarrassed to find out that I've been playing and teaching triplets wrong for 40 years. Thankfully, expert Greg Gall has shown me the light. Thankfully, the error of my ways was lost on every professional orchestra I've ever performed with. Dodged a bullet on that one….

  34. Paul Bauer says:

    sounds just like a waltz to me!

  35. tontin bagnole says:

    May you rest assured – no triplets have been harmed in the making of this video

    (Since there are none)

  36. buddhaluv123 says:


  37. Diego Voglino says:

    I'm convinced these "Expert Village" people are getting the last laugh.

  38. James O'Neill says:

    1 and 2, 3 and 4

  39. Jim Gott says:

    These are not triplets. What you are playing is two eights and a quarter (or two sixteenths and an eighth). Please learn rhythm before you post on the internet. 

  40. tommytimp says:

    Nice snare sound. Everything else will have you imprisoned when the People's Revolution takes place. You will be forced to eat a dumpsterful of sand while chanting "this is a triplet."

  41. piggemz says:

    this has to be a joke. the way he looked at the camera and just said
    "THAT WAS A TRIPLET". i dont think this can be serious or at least i hope not.

  42. Dennis Smith says:


  43. bikinggreg says:

    Ah, not a triplet. Three 16th notes do not equal a triplet. That's why the down beat stays on your right hand. I think I'd remove the tag of "Expert" for the clip.

  44. dylan beeles says:

    I didn't know the sd part to Shostakovich's 5th symphony was triplets, I'm so glad I know now!

  45. bandgeekmike says:

    That was NOT a triplet.

  46. John Melcher says:

    This is a joke, right?

  47. Sarah Anne McLaughlin Brewer says:

    Bro do you even drum

  48. jazztom86 says:

    how can this have 652 dislikes and only 47 likes? Man people are so dumb it's really beyond imagination.

  49. Anvil Games says:

    it hurts so bad, he couldnt even play THAT very quickly. Lacks chops, lacks any form training, lacks my respect.

  50. Michael Hardin says:

    This isn't a triplet. It's two sixteenths and an eighth note, repeated indefinitely.

  51. Randomrally says:

    He's an idiot or he's a master troll! lol

  52. Ted Olver says:

    ummm no it's not lol

  53. David Blackwell says:

    He is playing two quavers then a crotchet – or two semiquavers followed by a quaver.
    Back to school for this guy…..

  54. Cuzjudd says:

    This video is super wack for many ways. Also, always accents with the right hand and not even mentioned.

    This is a terrible instructional video.

  55. Cuzjudd says:

    Never trust a middle aged man with a pony tail and terribly manicured facial hair

  56. K H says:

    That is not a triplet!!

  57. HR2635 says:

    FAIL!.. Oh my…

  58. Dakota Nielsen says:

    Wow. You troll so good!

  59. Jonathan Davis says:

    "That was a triplet" you sure buddy?

  60. Jonathan Davis says:

    No.. that's not a triplet. Go get lessons

  61. Abel Garró Gómez says:

    I can't believe what I've seen!

  62. Janco van der Kaaden says:

    Nice triplets. Don't quit the dayjob, mister.

  63. Geoffrey Burns says:

    One e and, Two e and, Three e and, Four e and

  64. SDW2001 says:

    Those aren’t triplets you ignorant douche.

  65. Orlando Santos says:

    U-Jack-Ass U-Jack-Ass U-Jack-Ass

  66. Mared Jurphy says:

    How is this still up?

  67. Yorkshire Drum Camp says:

    “That was a triplet”

    No it isn’t

  68. Nick says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. So much wrong with this clip, but life's too short to point out every error.

  69. ChainNonSmoker says:

    The fun starts at 0:25

  70. Samuel Jones says:

    Poor gerrg.

  71. drumgod52 says:

    Oh jeez!! Don't let this guy into the drummer's union!! Don't you just hate the "experts"!!

  72. Nick Slater says:

    This is complete anarchy! I love it! It will not be long before the streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers and the skulls of the drummers playing "old-school" triplets will be raised on high as a powerful message to heretic drummers everywhere. The times are changing and we must repent NOW!

  73. Jeremy Sibson says:

    Sorry, no, it isn't.

  74. Robbie Valentine says:

    Go home, you're drunk

  75. E C says:

    Those are not triplets

  76. bambino100011 says:

    Sounded more like 8th notes, not triplets.

  77. TheRoyalCastle says:

    Fuck your drumming experience. Do you even know what are triplets? Fuck you and your expert village Greg Foul

  78. Spencer Henry says:

    1e& 2e& 3e& 4e&

  79. Zachary Heller says:

    That’s… not a triplet

  80. Orlando Boi says:

    I swear this is a joke. The way he said "That was a triplet" at the end is just the tell tale sign. It's possible that the dude in the vid was trolling and the uploader didn't know any better

  81. Anargya Ramadhan says:

    Thats not how you do a triplet

  82. Daniel Hibbitts says:


  83. Connor Pellegrini says:

    Wtf is thisssss!?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  84. Matt Nolan says:

    3 notes doesnt mean Triplett ,

  85. Alex Byard says:

    The sad part is that most of the 85000 views are probably just kids trying to learn how to play triplets. Rip the future of music

  86. Carson Strong says:

    No it wasnt

  87. Heat Rule says:

    That's not a triplet

  88. Gustavo Silva says:

    What ?! That aren't triplets

  89. Brendan K says:

    I think the people of the comments fail to realize that when you hit the cymbals then they're called triplets. The majority of the video was just the buildup before he earned those triplets by confirming them with a cymbal hit.

  90. Will Garlock says:

    Fake Fake Fake

  91. How 2 lunch food says:


  92. Popcorn says:

    Someone should find this man and scold him the fuck down…

  93. ilikedinosaursboy !888 says:

    Who's here from EMCPRODUCTIONS videos?

  94. Charlie Hullander says:

    Even I know that is not a triplet and I am not even a band teacher I am just in band

  95. Gavin Logsdon says:

    Comedy at its finest

  96. Jakob says:

    Hes a little confused but he got the spirit

  97. Commander Piglet says:

    This makes my jazzy self wanna jump into a lava pit

  98. tenors_for_life says:

    Triplets are three evenly spaced notes in the time of one larger subdivision of notes. Typically eighth notes in the space of a quarter… NOT 2 16th notes and an eighth note

  99. Etc nba live mobile content says:


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