How to Play the Flute, Trombone & Trumpet : How to Play the Flute
How to Play the Flute, Trombone & Trumpet : How to Play the Flute

Hi I’m Chris Behrens with Summerhays Music
Center here in Salt Lake City Utah, and today we’re going to discuss how to play the flute.
This is my friend Danny and she’s going to discuss some of those things with you right
now. The range of a flute is from a middle C to the second C above the treble clef, so
there’s actually a four octave range. Your middle C is all of your keys press down on
all of your fingers, except your left pinkie. It’s very difficult for a student to get this
note, so don’t be discourage again, and just keep trying. I’m going to go ahead and play
a chromatic scale for you. Chromatic by definition is every single note starting from the bottom
all the way up to the top, so half steps the whole way. Now for the most part the flute fingerings
from octave to octave remain the save, however when you get into the higher pitches they
do change a little bit. Along with having a good teaching method and book, I do recommend
that you get a private teacher as well. That’s how I learned when I first started. Go to
a good music store, and they usually will carry a list of great private teachers in
your area. If you have any questions on how to play the flute or how to better yourself
at playing the flute, visit us at, and email us with any questions that you might

3 thoughts on “How to Play the Flute, Trombone & Trumpet : How to Play the Flute”

  1. existenceisrelative says:

    Flautists always seem to be hot. That must be why I chose flute in school. To be the one and only pubescent male in two rows of hot, flute playing, pubescent females. And if I'd had any confidence whatsoever, I could have made something of that wonderful setup.

  2. Jesus Serna says:

    @existenceisrelative atta boy

  3. InstrumentManiac says:

    Jesus christ she has a weak tone with almost no breath support. Also the true range is low B, students only go down to C. And near the top of your scale amidst all of the overblown dry notes and you didn't even hit a high C. This is disgusting.

    To any student, always be wary of ExpertVillage videos.They really don't screen who they showcase and the instrumental videos have a tendancy to be horrible

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