How to write a song! 3 “Bass”
How to write a song! 3 “Bass”

26 thoughts on “How to write a song! 3 “Bass””

  1. dopemcee says:

    @xeyex here's a cookie..

  2. 이수미 says:

    "its got a…. battery" very solid

  3. Pete Gell says:

    Thank you! I've been struggling with a song for a couple of weeks. Never thought of the chair issue. Off to buy the biggest, rockinist chair I can find. 🙂 Oh yeah, nice picture from that new camera.

  4. TheresNoUserNameLeft says:



  5. TomSka says:

    Lookin' forward to part 4, eh

  6. Diogo Teque says:

    Really nice videos 🙂

  7. petfood56 says:

    @dopemcee *slaps the cookie to the ground*

  8. Francisco Fregona says:

    You are good and everything but, PLEASE PLEASE dont use the camera to near of your face! Vos entendes de lo que hablo jajaja

  9. Gökşin Günay says:


  10. Sahil Chauhan says:

    love the last 'joe' bit!

  11. Nicky Hendriks says:

    Where's Part 4 🙁

  12. dec-vt100 says:

    please bluntly explain to me why the CRT

  13. wice9823100 says:

    HELLO ! 😀 and ! you have made 1: piano. 2: piano and drums. and now the bass…!!! where is the guitar 😀

  14. XPiRiMiNT says:

    I can't stop saying "Jyyyyyoe"

  15. yhzarcali says:

    Wow, CRT screen 😉

  16. iGame4FunTV says:

    Why did you put that poor, poor kitten at the end? ;( I shed a tear. I love kitties. ;(

  17. Chase Beasley says:

    cant tell wether the song writing instructions are to be taken seriously or not. Despite, its very funny.

    TPB brought me here. That earns a subscribe!

  18. Teddy Radko says:

    man thats two years ago! i want to see this finished!

  19. thegoodgeneral says:

    Bit of a Russell Brand vibe going on here.

  20. wice9823100 says:

    Cant wait 🙂

  21. SoundPon3 says:

    Did you get new studio monitors?

  22. Christopher Griffiths says:

    Stop at any point ,see a hilarious face,laugh

  23. V081WLBlue says:

    WoW, been 2 years and still no guitar track or vocals 🙁

  24. Timland118203 says:

    when 😀

  25. Reuben Wilson says:

    Very entertaining. Huge teeth. Fantastic

  26. Jacques Le Famski says:

    You are fucking brilliant dude!

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