How Well Do Tyler, The Creator Fans Know His Music? | Genius News
How Well Do Tyler, The Creator Fans Know His Music? | Genius News

Delisa: Over the years, Tyler the Creator
has always stood out for his unique voice, creative flows, and impressive production. But just how well do his fans know his music? We decided to hit Tyler’s sold out show
in Madison Square Garden to find out. Delisa: How big of a fan of Tyler the Creator
are you? Speaker: The biggest. Speaker: Since eight years old. Speaker: Out of 10, like a seven, eight. Solid. Solid 8.5. Speaker: Flower Boy helped me get through
senior year of high school so I would dedicate my life to Tyler. Thank you. Delisa Shannon: What’s your favorite Tyler
song? Speaker: Pigs. Delisa Shannon: Could you give me a bar or
two. Speaker: I probably shouldn’t. Speaker: Kind of a rough song, honestly. Speaker: The first memory I have of Tyler
is probably hearing Yonkers for the first time and thinking it was super wack, if I’m
being honest. Speake : Yonkers was the first song and then
I went all the way back to Bastard and I been listening ever since. Speaker: When Yonkers came out with him eating
the roach, I was like, “Eh, I don’t know about that.” Speaker: I saw on the video eating the cockroach,
I was like, “yeah, this dude’s dope.” Delisa: How well do you think you’re going
to do on this quiz? Speaker: I’m pretty confident but I’m a little
nervous. Speaker: We’re going to get dragged. I can see it already. Speaker: He’s going to do better than me. Speaker: I’m going to get so roasted for this. But it’s okay. Delisa: So, starting with number one. What song is all about Tyler’s bicycle? “Slater” or “Parking Lot?” Speaker: Slater. Speaker: Slater. Speaker: Slater. Speaker: I don’t know that. Delisa: Where did Tyler ask to meet on the
Frank Ocean-assisted track She? Was it the lake or the park? Speaker: The lake, I guess? Speaker: It was the lake. Speaker: The lake. Speaker: Was it the lake around 10? Yeah. Delisa: Okay, he got the lyric too. He got the lyric too. Delisa: Which song did Tyler the Creator make
for Kanye West? Is it “I Ain’t Got Time” or “Jamba?” Speaker: Oh, “I Ain’t Got Time.” Speaker: “I Ain’t Got Time,” I think. Speaker: “Jamba.” I’m gonna go with “Jamba.” Speaker: No, it is “I Ain’t Got Time.” It’s “I Ain’t Got Time.” He didn’t know Kanye like that. It was “I Ain’t Got Time.” Delisa : In 10 seconds or less, see how many
Odd Future members you guys can name. Speaker: Oh my god. Speaker: Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt,
Domo Genesis, Mike G. Speaker: Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt,
Frank Ocean, the Internet, Domo Genesis, Casey Veggies, Taco… Delisa: Well, damn. Speaker: Tyler, Frank, Syd, fuckin’… Speaker: Hodgy Beats, Taco Jasper, Syd, Frank
Ocean. Speaker: Earl. Speaker: Taco…Right? Speaker: The Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Syd Tha Kid,
Tyler, Earl Sweatshirt, Why can’t I remember my man name… did I say Domo Genesis? Delisa: That was good. Delisa: Tyler and A$AP, that’s
that WANG$AP. What’s their first collaboration? Was it “What the Fuck Right Now?” Or “Smuckers?” Speaker: I think it’s “What the Fuck Right
Now.” I think I’m not sure though. Speaker: I’m going with that. “What The Fuck Right Now.” Speaker: “What the Fuck Right Now.” Speaker: “What the Fuck Right Now?” Speaker: He wasn’t on “Smuckers” it was Kanye and Lil Wayne. Speaker: I had to think about it. I was like, “Wait, he isn’t on that track.” Delisa: Which ‘Igor’ track features vocals from
Solange? Is it “Are We Still Friends” or “I Think?” Speaker: Shout out to Solange and Beyoncé. Speaker: I’m gonna be honest I don’t know. Speaker: “I Think.” Speaker: I know it’s “I Think.” Speaker: I know it’s “I Think.” Speaker: “Are We Still Friends.” Speaker: “Are We Still Friends?” Delisa: It’s I Think. But, it’s okay. Delisa: Which track on ‘Igor’ does Tyler actually
say Igor? Was it “What’s Good?” Or “New Magic Wand?” Speaker: “New Magic Wand.” Delisa: No. Speaker: “What’s Good.” Feeling really confident in that. Delisa: So, in 10 seconds, name as many of
the collaborators on ‘Igor’ as you can. Speaker: Playboi Carti. Speaker: Lil Uzi. Speaker: Kanye West. Speaker: Charlie Wilson. Speaker: Solange. Speaker: Jaden Smith. SlowThai, Solange, Kanye. Kid Cudi. Playboi Carti. Is that it? I mean, not Kid Cudi. Playboi Carti. Charlie Wilson. We already named him. Solange? Uzi, Carti, Kanye… Speaker: Frank Ocean wasn’t on it. Speaker: I don’t think he’s on it. Speaker: Rocky wasn’t on it. Speaker: Definitely think what sets him apart is his authenticity. From the jump he’s always been himself. Speaker: A lot of people didn’t like Igor
when it first came out, but after a couple listens to it, it gets really stuck deep within
you. Speaker: Literally everything, like from instrumentals
to fashion and stuff he does. I think it’s game changing Speaker: I think it’s influencing literally
everything. Speaker: He inspired me, put me on to Supreme
and that changed my life. Speaker: As I got older, I was like, “He’s
different.” He’s not afraid to show he’s different. Speaker: But I think really it’s just being
the advocate for being who you are and not caring and doing what you want. Speaker: It’s definitely outside the box. It goes so far when it comes to music, fashion,
I look forward to see what he’s doing with the future. Delisa: Well, Tyler fans talked a big game
and they definitely backed it up. How did you do? Let us know in the comments. I’m Delisa with Genius News bringing you the
meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Speaker: Girl, you perfect. But you’re too fucking young. And when temptation calls, I never pick up. Delisa: Okay, all right. Lemme not even get mad.

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