Intense and suspenseful novel | “Dance in the Dark”  Written by Chris Alan and Melody Anne
Intense and suspenseful novel | “Dance in the Dark” Written by Chris Alan and Melody Anne

Dance in the Dark by Chris Alan & Melody Anne Chapter One Present An enraged scream echoed off the small room’s
sterile white walls as I jerked up in an unfamiliar bed. It took a moment to realize the noise was
coming from my own throat. Once the sound registered, I closed my mouth,
the noise instantly halted. The echo of feet hitting the cold, sterile
floors was overwhelming before they halted as several wide-eyed medical personnel gazed
at me as they checked the beeping of monitors to be sure I wasn’t about to die. It didn’t matter to me so it most certainly
shouldn’t matter to these strangers. What did they truly have to be concerned about? Hmm, as soon as that thought popped into my
head, I wasn’t able to hold back a smile. If I was in the room with them they had a
lot to be concerned over. My presence might not seem significant in
their lives, but that could change in a matter of seconds. However, it was fortunate for them that they
weren’t aware of who I was, or what it meant for me to be looking upon them. They had no idea what could come of such a
meeting. A petite redhead stepped forward, her eyes
wide as she put a reassuring smile on her lips — a smile I was sure she’d given
many people in similar positions to the one I was in. “Sir, you’re in the hospital.” I wanted to snap out a quick “duh” but
somehow managed to stop myself. I was in a scratchy bed with blood coating
my body, and monitors alerting a bunch of strangers of my medical condition. It was pretty obvious where I was. What I couldn’t figure out was how I’d
gotten here. I took a brief moment to close my eyes and
try to think back to the last thing I could recall. I didn’t like having so many pairs of eyes
on me without me being very aware of where they were and what expressions they wore. But this was important too. It seemed rage was becoming an emotion I was
more capable of feeling lately. I thought my emotions were more controlled
than this, that I wasn’t such a weak human, but as I remembered what had most likely landed
me in this place, rage was certainly running through my blood. That bitch — that fucking bitch. As soon as I had that thought, I snapped my
eyes open. There was no way I was allowing her to affect
me in any way, especially something as powerful as anger. Instead of focusing on her, I’d focus on
the people in the room. There was a story here that needed to be told
— I had no doubt about it. There was always a story to be told. The advantage for me at the moment was the
blank spots in my memory. What had happened in the last few hours? As much as I despised weakness, right now
I had to act afraid, disoriented — be a victim. That word made me want to puke. It disgusted me how weak so many people were. How could I respect anyone who allowed themself
to be a victim? I couldn’t. It was impossible. But it was imperative to act like a wounded
soul, even if it might rip out a piece of my very essence. If I took two seconds to remember it was all
part of the façade, maybe I could stomach it a bit better. “What happened?” I asked, almost convincing myself the weakness
in my voice was real. The slight scratchiness was a beautiful touch
if I did say so myself. “What do you remember?” the redhead asked. Looking around I tried to gauge what they
knew and what they were fishing for. There weren’t any officers in the room. That was a good sign. Again a flash of anger washed through me and
I had to push it down. That bitch had paid, but she’d gotten her
shot in. That wouldn’t happen again, that was for
damn sure. “I’m not sure.” The panic rising in my voice deserved an Oscar. “Can you tell us the last thing you remember?”
the redhead asked. I wanted to drill her, ask her how it was
she decided she was the one in charge. She looked as if she was barely old enough
to be standing there in her scrubs, let alone question someone like me. “I was out walking my dog,” I said, making
sure my eyes rounded as if just realizing something. “Where’s Sawyer? Is he okay?” My voice rose with each word in a perfectly
synced performance. “I’m sure he’s okay,” the redhead
said with sympathy. “Right now let’s focus on you.” “I don’t care about me,” I told her,
forcing my heart rate to escalate. The monitors gave a warning that had the redhead’s
forehead wrinkling in concern. “We can help you better if we understand
what happened,” she tried again. “I don’t know!” I yelled. She took a step closer instead of retreating
which I found interesting. “What we do know is there’s been an accident,”
she softly said, her blue eyes wide, full of sympathy I didn’t want nor give a shit
about. I fought down a smile as I imagined reaching
over and grabbing that delightfully available ponytail she was sporting and smashing her
face down against my knee. I was already covered in blood — not only
mine. I wouldn’t mind adding this sweet little
bitch’s red plasma to the mix. But this wasn’t the time, and certainly
not the place. “Accident?” I asked instead. I looked away from the redhead, though I found
it slightly difficult to do. She was a sweet little piece of candy who
I most certainly wanted a taste of. At that thought I licked my dry lips. The taste of pennies had disappeared. Someone had obviously cleaned my face. I scanned my memory again to try to fill in
the holes. If I could have a few minutes alone I was
sure it would come back to me, dammit! The next few minutes went back and forth with
several of the personnel trying to dig information from me, and me acting more and more confused
and frustrated. I was growing bored with their game. Finally the redhead sighed and I knew she
was giving up. Finally! “We’ve called someone in who will possibly
be better at speaking with you about this,” the redhead told me. She seemed upset at her inability to help
me. She should be ashamed. What kind of nurse was she? Maybe they’d chosen the wrong person to
take the lead. I so wanted to say these things to her, but
managed to keep the words inside for the sake of appearances. The room was awkwardly silent as we waited
for this new person to arrive. The young nurse shifted on her feet and I
had to look away from her before the lust showed in my expression. She would make such an easy target, and her
blood would blend so perfectly into that silky red hair. Tempting, it was so damn tempting. Before my thoughts were able to stray too
far down that road, the door to my room opened, sending an insignificant breeze inside. The nurse’s hair feathered the tiniest bit,
but that was all it took to have her scent drift over me. I inhaled deeply, and her eyes were captured
by mine. I couldn’t help the slight lifting of the
right corner of my mouth. Her surprised gaze was held prisoner by me,
and I knew I owned her. Yes, she was mine right then and there — and
we both knew it. Her breasts rose slightly as she took in a
deep breath and was unable to let it out; her pulse picked up speed, pushing against
the delicate white skin of her neck; and her tongue swept across her chewed bottom lip. If it were only the two of us in the room,
her fate might have been sealed before I managed to stop myself. But before I did something foolish, a new
scent drifted over me. Suddenly I lost all interest in my sweet little
ginger. I ripped my gaze from hers and looked over
her shoulder, ignoring the shudder passing through her tight, lithe body, and the disappointed
sigh escaping her cracked lips. I was now focused on someone else. A petite brunette with purple eyes walked
up to me with confident professionalism, and only the slightest hint of compassion. At least that was what she seemed to portray. In reality she was probably scared. She covered it well, but I could practically
taste fear on a person. It was the sweetest of pheromones drifting
from human pores. The woman moved closer, and the air shifted
again, telling me a few people had left the room. It was unnecessary for so many to be in the
room now, not with this young woman entering the domain. I needed to know her. She stopped at the side of my bed, and I realized
her eyes were a vibrant blue with specks of purple. Very unusual . . . and incredibly intriguing. Her scent was a subtle lilac that was oddly
appealing. The tiniest trace of sweat beaded at the top
of her forehead but was barely noticeable to anyone else. I instantly wanted to run my tongue from the
edge of her jaw all the way to her hairline to get a taste of her. Too bad that would have to wait. “Can I touch your hand?” she asked, her
voice melodic, soft, and warm. It was a tone she’d spent many hours practicing
— professional, yet caring, soft, and understanding. She didn’t know anything about me. She couldn’t care about my needs, but the
way she kept my gaze and waited for permission to touch me showed everyone she thought she
could pull off her little act. “No,” I said. She hadn’t earned the right to touch me
yet. I always insisted on providing the first caress. It was how I marked them. She wasn’t mine yet — but the possibilities
were definitely stirring in my mind — and my body. “I understand,” she said, not seeming
at all offended. Why should she be? I was nothing to her — yet. That would soon change, I decided. “Spit it out,” I told her, not holding
back the intensity of my gaze. She blinked, the only sign I knocked her slightly
off-kilter. Good. There were chinks in her armor. “My name is Janice. I’m a psychologist,” she began. I didn’t so much as blink as she gazed at
me. She paused and waited. She grew more nervous at the intensity of
my stare. I couldn’t seem to control myself, which
made my brow furl. I didn’t like feeling out of sorts — not
one little bit. This bitch would pay for making me feel the
slightest of emotion. I wasn’t going to break the silence to ask
her to speak. She shifted. I wasn’t sure I still wanted to play with
her. Maybe she was too weak for me. But just as I had that thought, her shoulders
stiffened, and she regained a sparkle in her eyes that had me excited. “I’m sorry, Adam, I have to share some
very unfortunate news with you . . .” Yes, Janice, let’s share, shall we?

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