Irish flute and dance
Irish flute and dance

Good stuff, Ben, where are you from
in Ireland? Canberra.
Right. Good start. Mick.
Yes, mate. Where are you from?
Australia. Both Australians, that’s good. What’s your love of Irish music?
How did you get into it? Actually when I was a teenager
there was a lot of music around where I was growing up in Canberra,
a lot of it around and just picked it up going to a few sessions and playing with some of the older players there and just fell in love with it and started to slowly consume my life. Just the flute or any other instrument? A few other instruments, play a bit of Bodhran and guitar and things but flute is my main love
because it’s the greatest instrument. How long have you been playing
Irish music for? Most of my life. Your father was a very well-known Irish musician? Yes, he was, yes. That’s probably how you got into it?
I had no choice. I grew up with it. I listened to it all morning
and all night. It’s a bit easier to join them. Give us a wee tune.

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