J. Cole Interview @ WHBC830am Radio Station
J. Cole Interview @ WHBC830am Radio Station

30 a.m. channel 51 will worldly mom for the Midwest views the MC rock nation Jake Oh what up man in the building yes sir ladies and gentlemen he's finally here yeah long-awaited the hallway is full peoples been waiting all day standing in the rain they've sweated a perm so tell me what you coming here from I know you're on the road at anything you make it moves and where I'm coming from Jersey we had a show in Montclair okay we got oh we got two shows tomorrow when it oh hi y'all one in Kentucky we got st. John's where I went to school at on Friday right North come out of Central and Saturday hop right into the questions man you know we got our debut album coming out and everything what's the title that you got a title set I got down over this it's all like tentative like sorry you know it could change so I don't be putting it out there like that's really no short what what's the biggest difference between like your two mixtapes you come out with critically acclaimed mixtapes cut inside album what's gonna be like if there isn't it what's the biggest difference between we start this album you know I say the big difference is just the quality of like the production and the quality of the songs like I always say I had songs that didn't make the warm-up because I was saving them for the album because it was that good and I got songs now for the album that I could never just put out for free like that because they're just on another level production wise and concept-wise so I'm you'll hear the difference of the professionalism in the warm-up was just us like really just come up with us really freestyling and warm up with us like really just you know trying to put it together no no there was no labor involved in that this is like pro we taking time we see cursing it out for real trying to really pick the track listing the one what was like that too but this is just next-level to tell you you had a little out of the production on this project yeah I am actually because at first when I first got it with no idea was like man was that good but on and it really just learned it from him on the production side got I mean way more confident as a producer and what got me way better because I was good I was real good but all you know I was missing some key ingredients which I got from him I would have cases so now you know I'm back on track and producing a lot of joints on now okay okay okay so tell me from your perspective how does it feel being grouped I guess with with the quote unquote conscious rappers in an era where you know so much of the music is misogynistic or is is just about you know shadow things right how do you feel being grouped in you know in the other bracket oh man they can group me wherever they want to group me like but one day they're gonna quickly learn that once you group me over here I'm gonna be over here as well and then once you try to group me in over here you'll see me doing this over here so I don't think it's like one group that I'd necessarily finish because you know I feel like in terms of consciousness yeah I get conscious on I'll talk about issues but also I mean I got the I'm not perfect I got the ignorance I'd as well you know I like I like to show all those things cuz I feel like we all you know just as humans period we are all that like we are sometimes we want to be deeper sometimes you want to have a heart and then sometimes we just want a wild and sometimes me ignorant like we just really hypocritical as people so I try to reflect that yeah it's funny you mention that because lights please Sean got your visit or did you know when you made that joint like okay this is the one that's gonna be that song it's kind of happening you know it's crazy out I've started I still think that song can go way further you know what I'm saying I'm feeling really gave up hope on it I feel like if I was already established and I that song came out it being met you got here but on when I made it yeah that's a man made that song I was still in school I was a senior in school where in my last semester so that was oh seven spring oh seven when I did that song and it still lasts and to this day is 2010 you know understand so I knew when I did it it was special which is one of them song but you know I didn't know that I was going to wanna give me a deal and you know that not necessarily that song got me to deal but it got me heard you know I'm saying I still feel like I got you know further to go with that song them all right so Jayco has the artist what do you think what do you think you're missing what do you think what do you think that you need to improve on or what do you you know focusing on you know as a whole as a whole package what are you right oh I don't know necessarily from Amit I mean everybody can always get better in certain areas the rice is gonna happen naturally but I don't feel like I'm necessarily missing anything I do I just want to only the only side that I had to work on for this album was how to found this staying creative and lyrical and then also how to appeal to the mainstream you know saying that's the only part they really need to work I think and you know that's what I've been working on how to make these songs still be me but to reach a lot of group of people without you know selling out or you know doing something like that has been a lot of pressure on the back end the people saying like always to lyrical or he has too much of that boom bap hip hop ya know as crazy is not any but none of that man you would expect that right you would expect like me to come in a game and people try to take you know give me the dumb down my style but for every side of the globe man from the label set of management to the fans and to the critics like it's always just been nothing but praise I just feel like that's a reflection that a game is hungry for that again you understand like the game wants that again like the fans need that again so I feel like I was surprised I ain't got no pressure from nobody to dumb nothing down and make a certain type of song one's been talking about a little while ago Lupe he went on his Twitter and drop the rumor about this all City Chess Club oh yeah yeah what's what's the word on that what's the word on that um basically to my understanding looping him here he said it was on in the studio I don't really got the whole story I just know what he hit me about hopping on it started with the UH with the B me remix which I still got right so whatever they said but you know as far as you know the rest of it you know whatever Congress that says it's his brainchild yeah that's a big brainy job as a lyricist are they is that a bar or like two bars that really stuck out when you were listening to hip-hop you know saying growing up there you stuck up in there with you that you took with you forever forever I mean like just like I don't know you can pick a 50 cent line like I always like to own sunny days would be special one for range I would feel so good for wasn't for paying like I like always like that and I you know saying but obviously you normally I'm a fan swing one just wanted to live yeah as an artist is there any artist or producer that you have had a chance to work with that you just I really look forward to great well is there any is any single that's coming out can we give you the word on that is it now we're trying to put out on who that which I did first that SOB a couple weeks ago which is crazy but it's really just sample clearance issues that's holding it up you know I didn't expect that to happen but it's just you know that's a whole nother ballgame when you trying to clear samples just like really at the you know discretion of the person who owns the sample on whether or not it's going to happen but uh that's artists I saw we waiting on for that I was one song on your iPod or whatever you listen to your music that people wouldn't expect to see all your iPod hmm let's see maybe uh Red Hot Chili Peppers okay we had to declare without the Californication yeah if I you would expect me listen to that blessing so everywhere everyone knows you guys like you know the rat the most nervous this rapper I've been coming yeah you plan on making it more crossover music in the future or you just sticking straight set it straight to the core I mean right now I'm just thinking straight to the core and trying to make the best like if I can make I don't know what I'm gonna be like five years from now you know people switch up sometimes I don't I don't see it coming out on four see it but I mean anything's possible I really like how Jay did his career he made consistent hip-hop albums and I was like it stayed pretty much hip-hop I think Kanye kind of went on he's the one who kind of dabbled in pop and you know an experiment which was it was dope that he could even try that because that opens the door for other artists to do the same thing but I don't know how if we see mine going yet but right now just strictly EV up right you know aside from the old music and stuff who are you listening to right now well right now I don't know Outkast part you know classes there's really just classic albums or whatever the cases are you know and in my own stuff cool and um one last question before we wrap this all up what is one major goal that you have for the future in your hip-hop career trying to drop consistent classic albums and just have have a track record of doing classic album in classic material and that's what I want to have when it's all said and done all right 19 minutes past the hour tool 2 8 6 5 8 6 9 8 w HBC Lance Coleman will worldly rock nature record odd is Jay :

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    Humble …. straight humble

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    i was thinking the same thing

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    Fuck. J Cole sah sexy

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    @StatCitez Jay z not a good artist really?

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    ok is it me or there someone breathing real hard in the back ground wtf!!! I hear the interview but i hear something extra to….??

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    j cole is one of the realist

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    lights please is a fucking masterpiece!

  9. tresfatale says:

    His conversation is great. Very intelligent young man.

  10. Tiffany Laws says:

    I Wish Great Thingss ; Fo ' Him ! Like Drake & Nicki Are The Next LilWayne
    I Hope J.Cole The Next Jay-Z!

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    @RetroDimeDiva i swear muthafuckas just hate out of impulse smh

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    You can tell he works really hard..nigga looks all tired smh ColeWorld#

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    YO EVERYBODY J. COLE NEW SINGLE /watch?v=O75mkh_f3Ds

  14. StatCitez says:

    @tantrumzthedon But even though that is true, 1,000,000,000 People are putting videos on the internet and trying to get a name for themselves. Even though Jay-Z Is not a good artist, he has good credentials. If someone says theres a new Artist Promoted By Jay-z, Youre gonna give him the time of day.

  15. StatCitez says:

    @tantrumzthedon True, but as an artist you dont focus on the person, you focus on what they could do for you. So i say this nigga could be the fuckin devil, and id still sign to him. J.Cole's gonna use Jay-z's credentials and blow up with it. Once he gets ground to stand on, he's gonna go Solo. Its what every great rapper does.

  16. peter hondros says:

    mad respect for him listenin to RHCP.

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    Damn if he saved some tracks he didn't want to put on "the warm up" an that was a classic mixtape dude album finna be pretty dope

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    I'd rather be signed by Jay Z Then Little Wayne. It would feel good startin off next to the most powerful Rap Artist, Slash Producer, slash entrepreneur, slash slash slash out right now. Id feel up more on the leader boards if i had Jay Z Behind me.

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    reppin north carolina thats were im at
    and u know ill keep the a ville on my back

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    @Sk8dreSB1 he has said many times the album will not be called cole world thats just a phrase he likes to say

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    @Seyoum14 if you did not post that it would have a higher chance of staying at 0… -.-

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    Yo this is gonna be the type of album you cant just download

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