Jazz Instrumental: 6 HOURS of Jazz Music Playlist for Relaxing Happy Summer Chill Out
Jazz Instrumental: 6 HOURS of Jazz Music Playlist for Relaxing Happy Summer Chill Out

Title: Jazz Instrumental: 6 HOURS of Jazz Music Playlist for Relaxing Happy Summer Chill Out

100 thoughts on “Jazz Instrumental: 6 HOURS of Jazz Music Playlist for Relaxing Happy Summer Chill Out”

  1. Alberto Garza says:


  2. Mya Wolf says:

    I have a secret obsession with jazz… Shhh don't tell anyone

  3. Vania says:

    You did a great job with this mix!

  4. juan felipe ponguta nieto says:

    muy bueno excelente musica

  5. Mason Straus says:

    listen to this while play saxophone

  6. Pablito1500 says:


  7. Escape One says:

    Hi friends, enjoy another beautiful jazz collection and SUBSCRIBE to my NEW channel here: https://youtu.be/PEiLZSuPPx4

    Thank you.

  8. olivia paul says:

    I love Jazz music. It helps ease the stress from my everyday life and it helps me fall asleep 💖❤️💙

  9. Chibi Penguin says:

    I like this music when I'm doing something I don't like it gets me calm and relaxed

  10. Mario Toledo says:

    LO MEJOR!!!!

  11. Mario Toledo says:


  12. Davi Carvalho says:

    I became addicted to intrumental jazz, it's so beautiful
    thank you for the compilation

  13. Stephanie C h says:

    I love Jazz so much, this is a absolutely awesome!! No doubt…❤ Thanks for sharing this wonderful music!

  14. Mr President says:


  15. Sengen Plays says:

    Realmente la estoy pasando muy bien, muy relajante…

  16. Coyote Cósmico says:

    Ya like Jazz?

  17. Juancarlos Business Accounting says:


  18. Jahdai Delgado says:

    Love this music I use this to sleep💤😘and chill😎🙂

  19. Jahdai Delgado says:

    Hi cant stop listening to this music I use it to relax and do my homework it makes it more simple and easy

  20. Paul Jang says:


  21. Monika Ranee' says:

    New bedtime tune tonight!

  22. Ines Floures says:

    lindos temas. y las imagines. de nueva yorke. son muy. lindas

  23. BassOne Music says:

    This is just PERFECT for programming

  24. Luke A. Laconi says:

    Still confuses me as to why someone would dislike this video? Anyone else understand? Excellent video, to say the least.

  25. Jazmin Ortiz says:

    Musica elegant Para restaurante

  26. DEAD CHANNEL! MOVED! says:

    6 hours of my favorite dream city… 🙂 Can't wait to move there… 🙂

  27. Evan Popchock says:

    This is absolutely relaxing. Helps me sleep at night.

  28. flea sweep says:

    say goodnight gracie

  29. Neil Kay says:

    I just recently got into Jazz a few years ago and out of all that I've heard this compilation is some of the best. Its great to listen to when trying to relax.

  30. norrel v says:

    helped me focus on my homework

  31. Jackie Julien says:

    Helps me fall asleep great!😁

  32. Claude Charles says:


  33. Ryan Tee says:

    Excellent soft jazz compilation when I heard it I feel like Im having an expensive dinner ❤️🚘💯

  34. horizcyn says:

    Yesterday I had to do a fair bit of cleaning, and cleaning isn't always my favourite job, so I put on some jazz on the jazz channel on my T.V, almost as a joke at first, but then I liked it and found it really motivating to get my cleaning done, so here I am! Good stuff!

  35. Tammy says:

    Chicken noodle soup doesn't compare to jazz. Jazz is the best food for the soul. Awesome collection. Thank you 🎶🎷🎧🎼

  36. conciousness says:

    I parts I like are the 10 seconds after 55:50 and build-up of Bay of Paradise (24:28)

  37. Dima Gass says:

    This is lit this is my favorite out of th ones I have listened to

  38. Branka Apić Krčedinac says:

    Relaxing, beautiful and calling for someone to dance with you or love you!

  39. Albert Shevchuk says:

    I like those nature sounds in the background



  41. nagletf2gamer says:

    I am glad I enjoyed this jazz collection. Sleep well ESCAPE ONE.

  42. lulio Diaz says:


  43. Jaylen Good Boy says:

    MidSummer's dream is my favorite!

  44. Sinister BB says:

    Im loving this music right now and my ipad is at 2% and i dont have a charger nuuuuu

  45. Tono Soepartono says:

    Very nice jazz music for relax

  46. Julie Mei Kitano says:

    me brasilian

  47. Kel Kni says:

    That is some damn good jazz.

  48. Judith Gallegos says:

    jazz foreber mexicans

  49. Allen Bauman says:

    Gat dang that's good stuff at 2:50:00 or so.

  50. Winter Wind says:

    Nice. so relaxing.

  51. Roreactorroller 2017 says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful mix of jazz songs this is something I have never seen before thank you because it helps me go to sleep and have good dreams so thanks Escape one

  52. Tamara Zurunic says:

    Great jazz collection!

  53. AdraianSanders says:


  54. Pat Fenis says:

    The lights are inspiring 🤤🎼🎹

  55. Benjamin Hernandez says:


  56. azize dibo neto says:

    I'm addicted to jazz. Thank's!!!

  57. ERIC CARTMAN says:

    🌝  🌔  🌓  🌒  🌑  🌘  🌗  🌖  😎

  58. helen shepherd says:

    Happy Day to all! This melodious music is my chill pill

  59. Sticher Asdasd says:


  60. Maria Lorena San Emeterio Bustamante says:

    Bellísimo momento de relax. Quiero escaparme a NY

  61. Ecezio says:

    Best way to study architecture and getting ready for the jury <3

  62. PerroConSwag says:

    greatest music on Earth

  63. larrytaggett says:

    Needed this today. Thanks!

  64. Jo Kidd says:

    This is just simply beautiful

  65. Dnay F says:

    It reminds me of watching a Charlie Brown episode 🙂

  66. Hope Allen says:

    ,amazing how jazz can take stress of you

  67. Hope Allen says:


    Jk this vid is amazing

  68. Mariví Ruiz Mendizábal says:

    Magnífica colección de música relajante  de jazz instrumental. Gracias por compartirla!!!

  69. Caillou Mays says:

    Fell asleep to this

  70. CAÇA FANTASMAS says:

    No spequi English

  71. K1nd0m26999 says:

    I took a shower with this pkaylist at night while it was raining, and holy shit it felt relaxing and soothing. I could just fall asleep in the shower.

  72. Fly Flyeaglesfly76 says:

    I was in a class helping out and I put this on. They loved it. Thanks

  73. Elvira Flores Lopez says:

    disfruta del mejor jazz, no te cansarás de oírlo!!

  74. Barbara Janackova says:

    Someone 23.6 2018?😍😍😍😍😍

  75. Carroll Bottom says:

    My t fine. Thanks

  76. José David González Sánchez says:


  77. L.N. V. says:

    es uno de los videos mas perfectos para dormir… salvo por dos musicas que te re despiertan porque tiene un sonido muy fuerte e incomodo

  78. tronmetal666 says:

    y 6 horas de olas en el mar

  79. Rock21 says:

    This is some seriously smooth stuff.

  80. Carroll Bottom says:

    My t fine. Thanks

  81. Katzentante 0 says:

    Total gut zum entspannen

  82. L.N. V. says:

    hola… escucho tu video a meses, me ayuda a dormirme, me hace sentir que estoy en un baile de una fiesta de gala….. amo con locura el segundo tema, suave y romántico, si tenes mas temas de ese estilo( o sea como el segundo tema de este video, que sea solo jazz), por favor recomendame algun otro o pone el link…gracias , saludos

  83. Luca Mario Vassallo says:


  84. Malebitsa Timbuktu says:

    Starbucks Jazz music

  85. Republican Mood says:

    Un amigo se fue a vivir a México y probablemente nunca lo vuelva a ver. Este playlist me pone muy melancólico…

  86. Илларион Стафилидис says:

    зато теперь знаю как выглядит Нью-Йорк

  87. _softgrxce_ says:

    Good for when you are studying! ooh lala C:

  88. Brayan Nieto Ramirez says:

    que buen trip quisisera habiramela asi siempre tipo sanax o prozac 🙂

  89. Shanin2012loq says:

    Perfecto para estudiar análisis matemático II

  90. 64NERD says:


  91. Mateo says:

    I sleep)))

  92. son of david says:

    Thanks for this magnific sorts of collections of excellent jazz..
    You did..ESCAPE a good job.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

  93. alejandro antonio benitez says:

    La mejor musica para levantarse!!!

  94. alice morant says:

    Nothing but pure peace. Makes me smile.keep up the good work.I feel nothing but 💘 peace and Happiness for all.

  95. Cletosvaldo says:

    41 goddamn ads, you've a lot of money

  96. Rodney White says:

    ok nice but can you upload another one OF NEW YOUK JAZZ PLEASE😉

  97. Rodney White says:

    Jazz performance



  99. power draw XD says:

    Yo toco saxo y mi dos primos piano y guitarra y mi novia batería y lo vamos a tocar en la boda de lo 50 años de cada de mi abuela la vamos a romper

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