JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL Music Smooth BOSSA NOVA Playlist HAPPY HOUR Songs Soft Latin relaxing piano
JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL Music Smooth BOSSA NOVA Playlist HAPPY HOUR Songs Soft Latin relaxing piano

JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL Music Smooth Bossa Nova Playlist Chill Out Relaxing Study Relax HAPPY HOUR Musica

97 thoughts on “JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL Music Smooth BOSSA NOVA Playlist HAPPY HOUR Songs Soft Latin relaxing piano”

  1. Darío Flores says:

    ¡3 kilos de likes!

  2. sam h says:

    Why there is so much annoying Sax. This is supposed to be "relaxing" music!

  3. Precious Pearl says:

    Ahhhhhh, an escape to Serenity without leaving your home.  

  4. Lucy Rojas says:

    Mil gracias por compartir tan bella música. Muac

  5. gabriel encalada peredo says:

    Excelente música para compartir un trago, una conversación, una noche con tu pareja a la luz de la luna frente al mar

  6. ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ says:

    Your call is very important to us, please continue to hold…

  7. jesus000 says:

    I can't find the song that sounds like a kids song pls help me find the name

  8. Project Happy! says:

    I feel happy doing work!!!!!!!!!! 
    Great success!

  9. Eleni eleni says:

    Ich vermisse dich so so so viel

  10. Ross z says:

    Beautifil song, every i like so much

  11. KashSoCool says:

    Wow great mix of non stop jazz music so so good to listen to!!!

  12. Hung895 says:

    vraiment détente…

  13. steven freeman says:

    Hi Wanted to say what a wonderful selection of jazz. This is awesome!! I wanted to know the name of the song from 16:34 to 37:26? Thanks so much!

  14. mynameischefTV says:

    gran turismo menu music simulator 2k15

  15. Cosme Fulanito says:

    This music is so, soo… great for studying. #TrueStory

  16. Bastian Siregar says:


  17. Ludmila Rodriguez says:

    que lindo y es muy relajante

  18. BiCats says:

    muito perfeito, amei muito!

  19. Sweet Stereo says:


  20. Alfredo Arbe says:

    just thankyou

  21. thecompwhiz says:

    sounds like a travel ad

  22. thecompwhiz says:

    looks like a travel ad

  23. Rob C says:

    Awesome playlist…helps me study. Can't wait to get back to the Beach!!!!

  24. diego antonio mendoza falcones says:

    Excelente música, para relajarme e irme a mis aventuras ciclísticas por las montañas, en las mañanas, en las tardes, en la noche disfrutando  el Jazz instrumental que me devuelve a mi niñes  gracias por subir esta música tan universal como la alegría que siento al escucharla…..

  25. luz mery ortiz zapata says:

    El jazz me produce la sensacion de una suave brisa caribe, en una gratisima compania

  26. Gabe Solano says:

    I feel like i'm playing hunie pop

  27. xBLOODBAFx says:

    "sooo babe! you enjoy the lsd in your coffee?"

  28. Richard Casafus says:

    yo me siento como en un ascensor

  29. jose duvan rios jaramillo says:

    Jose Duvan Rios
    Hace un momento · 
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    Foto de Jose Duvan Rios.

  30. jose duvan rios jaramillo says:

    Jose Duvan Rios
    Hace un momento • 
    Salvamento de VIDA """ NO AL ABORTO — Primera Filarmónica de Colombia con niños y niñas en situación de discapacidad física y mental – Maestro Espiritual de Nuez – ver en la Web  – MUJER CAFAM 2012 AYDEE LILIANA MEZA HENAO – la ciencia Nunca Superara La VOZ DE  DIOS  ¡!!!!!!!!! Lázaro en Concierto – Iglesias  Católicas de Colombia 

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  31. Mayuki Richter says:

    I love it 
    Thankyou sooo much

  32. JG says:

    came here from J's world sub to him he is on 115 subs and he is awesome

  33. Katerini Branco says:

    nice and relax

  34. Katerini Branco says:

    I love the beach

  35. Anna Blendermann says:

    This helps me relax so much! Just writing an essay 🙂

  36. Radu Antoniu says:

    This is the music I write on. I love it!
    Thanks for posting !

  37. Javier Garrido says:

    La música es una de las formas mas excepcional de comunicación que sobre todo si esta bien ejecutada permite sacarnos de esos estados anímicos de tristeza y depresión y elevar nuestro animo y amar la vida

  38. Renaud Marcailhou says:

    Nathalie soles

  39. Renaud Marcailhou says:

    Nathalie soles

  40. Renaud Marcailhou says:

    Nathalie soles

  41. Renaud Marcailhou says:

    you porn

  42. Renaud Marcailhou says:

    you porn

  43. Ramon Mendoza says:

    Es…gratificante, es… MI MUSICA. Gracias.

  44. Will Dunn says:

    LOVE this!

  45. Alfredo De La Cruz Yauri says:

    Gracias x publicar está excelente recopilación, la música es del reino de los cielos…

  46. Francisco Alfredo Poblete Rojas says:

    siempre he sido un fanático del jazz .el jazz es para el siglo 20,lo que fue la música clásica para el siglo 19…

  47. Nøxturn says:

    Great music if you wait in a elevator!


  48. Tom Quirici says:

    Nice background music for an alfreso dinner and cocktails

  49. khandaker hossain says:

    Respond to this video

  50. khandaker hossain says:

    search the video you want to respond with

  51. DKVestergaardDK says:

    16:33 this tune makes me fly !

  52. Strange Dangerr says:


  53. Camila Cedeño says:

    el jazz

  54. Luis A. says:

    Lovely, thank you very much.

  55. Marianita Silva Acosta says:

    felicitaciones, que buena selecciòn de temas musicales. es un placer escuchar.

  56. Ernest Lewicki says:

    i close my eyes, the music starts playing… oh yeah, I must be at the mall!

  57. Salty Pear says:

    great music while doing homework


  58. Brayan Nieto Ramirez says:

    excelente jazz y grandioso el fondo del vídeo

  59. Ronald Strange says:

    Quite brilliant, thank you so very much. I play/watch in my study when doing paper work which makes it so much more interesting and passes the time so quickly. Really great. I love it!!

  60. Maya C says:

    I love this!

  61. Samuel Mount says:

    Can we GO already?

  62. Peter Mullen says:

    Holly mackerel you guys finally hit the jack[pot on this one, perfect music, perfect beaches. You just saved my relationship..I must look like a glazed donut. So beautiful. I swear if I ever get any money I will buy some of your music I swear. Right now I'm glad I still have a roof to sleep under, and 1 good meal a day. Thanks for healing my tortured soul.

  63. Ymous Anon says:

    Its good but would be better with some strings and orchestra in b ground. but thats a big expensive production cost these days i quess. im just old fashioned i guess.

  64. MrCortesito says:

    Hey! This list is really nice! I'm really fascinated with it! I even learned the fist 40 minutes! I love it! Is useful for everything! Sleep, study, relax, think and even eat! You did great! 😉

  65. Alex Aiello says:

    Simply amazing, relaxing and peaceful..
    Give it a look to my channel 🙂

  66. Izzy Winter says:

    16:40 is preferred



  68. Alex Buisson says:

    Very calming, thanks! 🙂

  69. Marilyn Rivera says:

    Very relaxing!!!

  70. Alejandra Repreza says:

    Always enjoy the jazz music. My father is your favorite music.

  71. candy says:

    there was a department store that only played bossa nova music, but it was like a high class department store, and i as a kid would always want to enter the store only for the reason that it played bossa nova music, and i didnt know what genre of music it was until now, and im so glad i found out <3

  72. yps robo says:

    such luck XD

  73. Carla Balderas says:


  74. Samuel Appenzeller says:


  75. Mercury 200.59 says:

    What are these days about?

  76. Kaitlin Wilding says:

    I LOVE the first song idk why there is just something so calming about it. I listen to it when studying all the time!

  77. S R says:

    Thanks for the lovely company at work daily! Now I even play this at home on my home computer.

  78. jack daniels says:

    This is wonderful, thank you very much.

  79. Raul Fuertes says:

    Wonderful Themes of Lounges!!!!!!!!…….thank you

  80. teucimex says:

    This is fantastic ! Any idea of the song/artist name at 16:35 ? Its gorgeous ! Thank you very much if anybody finds it.

  81. Shane Walker says:

    nice music

  82. rose says:

    thank you for uploading this. thank you very much

  83. mountainfolk2511 says:

    Music is great but you can barely hear the waves. 😘

  84. ball says:

    thank you

  85. Danielle Rawlins says:

    I really. 💘 this. Music. Just unwind From vegas baby

  86. Roslyn Holmes says:

    I feel like I'm calm relaxe and sleepy

  87. Thorn713 says:

    Helping me concentrate for my high school application. Thanks!

  88. Bia Drummond says:


  89. Creusa Rodrigues says:


  90. LANDEN TATUM says:

    good music

  91. My username is so obnoxiously long and there is absolutely nothing you can do about the matter says:

    Ah Mr. Macksoud, my history teacher at CHS

  92. A Google User says:

    This makes me want to to have a Mai Thai on a beach somewhere…..some comfy khaki loafers, a Hawaiian shirt, and some flip flops…a sunset and a gentle breeze…

  93. SpinalFluidPrince says:

    Imagining myself on a desert island with my gay boyfriend strongly massaging my back as I lay in the shadow of palms eating fruits… when in reality I'm a single guy doing homework and studying.

    Update: I'm in a relationship but we're NOT on a desert island eating fruits as we lay in the shadow of palms…

  94. Danny Rodriguez says:

    these pieces need a good sound system. mine is edifier.

  95. C Ram says:

    great music

  96. Bhalchandra Lele says:


  97. C Ram says:

    amazing music!!!!

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