Just Dance 2020 – Gamescom 2019  Official Song List Part 2 | PS4
Just Dance 2020 – Gamescom 2019 Official Song List Part 2 | PS4

♪ All you gotta do ♪ ♪ Just Dance ♪

29 thoughts on “Just Dance 2020 – Gamescom 2019 Official Song List Part 2 | PS4”

  1. ChaosKirby says:

    Will these songs also be available in 2019 with the subscription thingy?

  2. WH250398 says:

    Farmer: Ubisoft
    Cow: Just Dance

  3. Joe Peters says:

    When will they finally realize no one plays these games anymore

  4. Joe Peters says:

    I can't even pronounce any of these songs

  5. gami xg says:

    عربي دوس لايك

  6. frozen noodles says:


  7. Chris . McCarthy says:

    Definitely GOTY right here

  8. Ian Swanson says:

    Do people actually still play these🤣🤣

  9. Chris . McCarthy says:

    It has baby shark? Defiantly a must buy.

  10. Mirmoney Bryant14 says:

    Haven’t played a Just Dance game since like 2010! 💀💯CRAZY They still Selling these💯

  11. le bambi du 25 Beffy says:

    Trop bien

  12. The3diamonds says:


  13. ZandatsuDragon says:

    Game Of The Year

  14. DavidG185 says:

    Just An Illusion? (quickly search the song up on Google) Oh boy! It is another Earth, Wind & Fire song being covered. Cool!

  15. No Clu says:

    Best birthday present ever

  16. Theminiom2 says:

    Who is only for 365 and the time (dirt bit)?

  17. Muflah al-kathiri says:

    😔❤love just danec

  18. Vermiuki says:

    honestly…. baby shark is the best song on this trailer….

  19. Poipourri says:

    That last song though…

  20. play All day 3 says:

    Guys cardi b is in it

  21. Kwality Production says:

    Who cares really btw?

  22. Min says:

    what's up with the crazy outfits can they at least put some decent one lol

  23. Mariocat99 says:

    Man, forget the original Old town roads. Old town roads 2 is better

  24. Khmer Daily Song says:

    cobyright music😆

  25. olo 1108 says:

    Kda/pop stars?!

  26. Mxjia - says:

    Love Scenario Pleass

  27. videos xddd says:

    Sorry for it
    I not English sorry 😅
    I like Just Dance
    But it is the game is bad song :'( I like old times
    Taki taki? Agg
    Con altura? Is so very very bad sorry :'(

  28. WongGamSingLegacy says:

    I can see a certain twitch thot will use this without buying a game just to dance for money.
    on a side note I didn't know this game is still going must be popular.

  29. TacoPizzaFortniteGamer says:

    aaand trash songs as always. RIP Just Dance. 2 & 3 will forever be my favorites.

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