Kay G101 delta blues travel guitar
Kay G101 delta blues travel guitar

And so I’m going to put an E string on
the top E just to see it’s see what it sounds like?
We know that this bottom E is really really messed up we’ll see what kind of
sand we can get out of it? Ok 30 odd years three children and a lot of mileage and it’s back in tune god knows what tuning it’s in but it’s
tune. This E string is completely messed up because of the saddle I just
want you to hear it sounds like with our steel strings
it might sound awful but so let’s try an older bluesy style thing okay so that’s that’s the sound of the
blues that’s the sound of the Delta blues this guitar this shape this size
amazing the guy in the guitar shop said to me about this zero fret and that’s what
got me thinking because I’ve never even noticed it before cuz it was my
children’s guitar but I’ve owned loads of guitars over the
years so I don’t buy crap I don’t buy rubbish and so I must have I
must known something about it but look at this thing ten pounds ten pound or ten dollars on eBay or $800
is it a vintage gem that survived or is it piece of old crap? Well in my
mind I think is a little bit of a gem because it sounds fantastic
it sounds great let’s try some of this You subscribing might improve my playing lol I was going for the sound of an old steam loco in the distance If I had a little bottle it’d be better but yeah
this is quite interesting You see Robert Johnson used to do this thing where he used to have a running base can’t play it on this so maybe we’ll get right
on the A string? Doesn’t work. Another thing you can do with this
guitar is slide. Do it like that on yur lap. Delta Blues coming right at ya! Looking at this guitar I started to think themself this looked really familiar? you know apart from the fact that I’ve had it for years or we have had it in the family for 30 odd years and then started thinking about all those old blues players back
in the day you know back in the 1920’s 1930’s and they would have had a guitar
like this. A travel guitar right because you can just put over your
shoulder and off you go and one of the things that strikes you is that if you
want to play the blues like Robert Johnson did all those old timey guys you
need to get the right guitar and this is the right guitar right shape it’s the
right size right sound and he used to do this thing where he was just that’s
that’s screwed yeah Robert Johnson and all those old-time delta blues guys used
to use used to carry and use these guitars these travelling guitars because
they’re this small you can take them anywhere and they’ve got a lot of volume
for the size That E string is really buggered It’s messed up. This guitar is pretty messed up but the actions very low and I think this this saddle
is the big, the big key to this there’s a tiny bit of uplift on that bridge but
I can get inside there and I can pull that back down it’s not really
moved much actually fractional there’s a lot of work to do? Not it’s not hectic but
there’s there’s some things need to be done and I want to see how this turns
out I’m so glad that I’ve got some sound samples of what it sounds like now and
what it looks like thanks for watching and I do appreciate it and if you’re here for the first time and you like what you’ve seen hit
the subscribe button and the notification bell so that you know when the next
video is coming up ok that’s it for now I’ll speak to you next time

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    Wow gitarnya bagus, 😊🙏

  2. Ade Torrent says:

    I have two guitars, but I'm the only one on Steem that can't play haha.

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