Kim Possible on the Piano, Volume 2
Kim Possible on the Piano, Volume 2

12 thoughts on “Kim Possible on the Piano, Volume 2”

  1. Markus Lexow says:

    Awesomw work man^^ keep it up 😛

  2. Markus Lexow says:

    The notes you sent me was only the first part of the song, but i think with this video i'm able to learn the hole song because of the way you are holding the camera… ^^ thx 😛

  3. valerielugokp says:

    worst cannot describe how amazing this is! I love it!!

  4. TheTruthCanHurt says:

    that's the keyboard clunking ?

  5. TheTruthCanHurt says:

    I was thinking of getting the wk 110 soon as I'm a student guitar/bass player but would like a keyboard to learn on and help me with my music theory. The wk 100 is a good price in my area.

    Would you recommend it for a beginner ?

  6. TheTruthCanHurt says:

    Thanks Pal…I value your opinion !

  7. TheTruthCanHurt says:

    Save up and get a tyros 3 (-

  8. serenadurante says:

    you're fantastic! Where did you get the score?

  9. serenadurante says:

    @kutead then you're not fantastic… you're fantastic-fantastic!!!

  10. Robin Buckley says:

    As they say on Kim Possible, I'm green-eyed!

  11. bluecactus says:

    I really wish I could do a violin duet with you. Oh well..anyway, I'm downloading this song! Really good job!!

  12. KPFan1993 says:

    My favorite show <3

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