Hello everyone, how are you? Today we are here to watch a summary
of everything that happened in 2019. This video is not only showing covers that
I already posted on this channel. I’ll tell you a lot of things that I never
mentioned before Today I will be sharing these moments with you This video is full of good memories
that the KPOP gave me in 2019. And don’t get me wrong, please. This video is not meant to demotivate
anyone or pass a negative message, I justa want to try to make you feel motivated to start this year in a wonderful way and achieve your dreams A happy 2020 to all of us! And let’s check out Lorena Farias’s 2019 Retrospective, let’s watch it! Get your ticket! Hello, we are Momoland! Yeonwoo: Thank you to everyone who participated in the Momoland x Uoosee collaboration project. JooE: Third place goes to Lorena Farias, congratulations! Nancy: Congratulations! Jiwoo: First place was unanimous Somin: Yes, unanimously, Lorraine Farias Jiwoo / Somin: From Brazil Congratulations! BM: Yes, Lo-re-na BM: Lorena.. KARD answered two of my questions: 1. Describe each member with a word. 2. Which KARD choreo is the most: difficult, easy, fun? (Pause to read the answers) Nature Challenge Winner BM: Wow, so strong Jiwoo: I got goosebumps WJSN Challenge Winner – Chosen by WJSN


  1. Lorena Farias says:

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  2. minzyah says:

    só pela thumb eu já gostei, ansiosa!

  3. Lorena Farias says:

    Vamos jogar um joguinho!
    – Qual dance cover favorito de vocês em 2019?
    – Qual figurino favorito de 2019?
    – Qual foi o momento favorito de vocês nessa Retrospectiva?

    And let's play a game?

    Tell me what was your favorite video of mine in 2019!

    How about your favorite costume?

    Also tell me your favorite moment of this video!

  4. Elias Freestyle Brasil Pump it up says:

    Lorena 😍 Super Star 🤩 a cover k-pop que eu mas assistir em 2019💖 puro talento 😁 Mamamoo – gogobebe foi a que mas gostei de assistir até dançava junto quando colocava o seu vídeo Lorena hehehe

  5. Fabiana Noona says:

    Parabéns por todas as conquistas linda! Você merece tudo isso e muito mais! Espero que tenha um ótimo 2020! Tudo de bom pra ti! Beijos!

  6. Chris BSAA says:

    This video literally shows a lot of effort about everything, the covers, the editing and the subtitles, I already want to see what are you going to give us this 2020, congratulations and thanks for everything

  7. James Openshaw says:

    hard work making beautiful art

  8. Ujames1978Rises says:

    This video is so full of happy memories Lorena! I'm delighted that 2019 was such an amazing year for you, and I know that you will make 2020 even better! Hwaiting! ^_^

  9. Taehyung Kim says:

    você é poderosa, mulher, você merece muito mais ♡

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