Lamborghini Huracan Evo – Fahrbericht/Review [ENG SUB]/Sound/Test – HIGHLIGHTS 2019
Lamborghini Huracan Evo – Fahrbericht/Review [ENG SUB]/Sound/Test – HIGHLIGHTS 2019

From the Ferrari into the Lamborghini, there are worse days in the office Let’s see how they do it in the village next to Maranello as you know, Sant’Agata and Maranello aren’t far away from each other. Instead of a turbo we’ve got an N/A-engine now, as you can probably hear. It’s very noisy in here! Incredible! V10, 5,2 l of displacement We’re driving the EVO-model, which is basically the Facelift of the Huracan with components from the Huracan Performante. Just like with the Ferrari F8 parts were taken from the Performance-model and integrated into the new car For example the exhaust, engine internals but also the rear-wheel-steering, that makes the car very agile. I’m really Looking forward to this The V10 already goes nuts with its noise It’s absolutely incredible what is going on behind me. It backfires on downshifts The thing just keeps singing along and from 6000 upwards all hell breaks loose and we will try that now on the straight. *laughter* I don’t know if you can understand me properly absolutely astonishing in terms of acoustics Only a N/A-engine can do that The 7-speed-dual-clutch-gearbox shifts very fast Gets through the gears with noticeable shift kicks ..but the downshifts are probably the best part The front axle isn’t as responsive as the one of the Ferrari but on the other hand you’ve got great AWD-traction And the car feels very agile within the radius of a corner with its rear wheel steering You don’t need a lot of steering input but you need to get used to the system because it suggests a lose back end what you probably don’t want if you’re just getting used to the car but if you adapt to it it feels great and improves agility noticeably Now we’re thundering past the grandstands An absolute noise-spectacle The shif-paddles are mounted on the steering column, like in the Ferrari If the corner isn’t too tight they work fine but if you want to shift within a corner you’ve got to take a hand off the wheel Some like it more this or the other way with paddles on the wheel Next straight! Just hit the limiter at 8500 rpm! Brakes are good but don’t have the same hard biting point like in the Ferrari You can easily notice how stiff the car is basically zero roll of the body but because of that the feedback of the car is very straight forward and the car feels way less intimidating than it looks or sounds If you get used to the rear wheel steering that makes also the steering as all four wheels turn a lot more direct if you get used to that you can drive very fast and cleanly and additionally you get the awesome V10-concert behind your back that makes the whole experience so exciting It’s just wicked! Gears are very closely matched Under full acceleration you’re just grabbing one gear after another so fast That’s the moment when you’re having huge loads of fun although you don’t have a Manual transmission as you would just be too slow with a manual probably Engage clutch, move the stick etc. but it would be exiting to find out how a car like this behaves with a manual gearbox Incredible! Full story in the new issue of Auto Bild Sportscars

4 thoughts on “Lamborghini Huracan Evo – Fahrbericht/Review [ENG SUB]/Sound/Test – HIGHLIGHTS 2019”

  1. T. B. says:

    Göttlicher Sound🤩

  2. Porsche 911 GT3 RS says:

    Schicke Autos habt ihr da! Der GT2 RS MR ist der schnellste, nehm ich mal an…😉😎

    Der Huracan Evo ist immer noch ein tolles Auto, fast schon Zeitlos! Wenn es erstmal keine V10 Supersportwagen mehr gibt, werden die Werttechnisch durch die Decke gehen!😉 Der Huracan ist ja eh ein reines Spaßauto, da ist die Entscheidung, ob Hinterrrad oder Allrad, reine Geschmackssache! Mich würde interessieren, welches Antriebskonzept beim Huracan schneller ist! (Abgesehen von ALA und Vierradlenkung)

  3. Heiko Zabel says:

    Ein Traum

  4. Denis M. says:

    Jetzt ist der perfekt.

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