Lesson #3: Bansuri ko kaise saaf rakhe How to keep flute mold free for years- learn in 5 minutes;
Lesson #3: Bansuri ko kaise saaf rakhe How to keep flute mold free for years- learn in 5 minutes;

Hello friends! Today I will tell you about how to maintain your flute so that it lasts years. I will tell you about how to keep it bacteria free and mould free. For this we need a bamboo stick as shown in the video. See the stick carefully… It is a uniform bamboo stick Any place where bamboo work happens, you will get it there easily Another material that we need is a long thick strip of cotton wool thread You can easily acquire this from a coat shop This is made of cotton and can be easily cleaned with some detergent and water. When we tie this on the bamboo stick… and insert it into the flute to clean it, the thread gets quite dirty and needs a wash generally… Follow the video carefully in order to see how it wrapped on the stick… Take one end of the thread as low as the place from where you will hold it And like this you fold the thread at the tip of the stick in order to cover it with the thread. The fold on the tip is very important as otherwise, it might hurt the cork and destroy the sound the flute… The upper portion has to have more thread in order to make it thicker than the lower end… because this is the one that will go to the blowing hole so… it has to have, roughly, the same diameter as that of the flute and keep wrapping it till the diameter is achieved And then as I said, make the portion thicker, cover the tip as well… roughly as much as the diameter of the flute. Then start covering it till the bottom of the stick. The end that we had left there earlier can now be tied to the other end when we have reached there by wrapping it… Finally, after all the covering has been done, it will look like this… with the tip covered totally and the thickness matching the diameter of the flute roughly… As you can see here, the diameter of the flute agrees with the thickness Then roll the stick to and fro and clockwise inside to clean the flute You can see, the stick has reached the blowing hole and cleaning it effectively… Roll the stick to and fro and clockwise inside and the blowing hole will be cleansed A big mistake that we often do is that after playing the flute, we directly put it in this kind of a case or we put it in… a cover such as this… The problem that happens is that after blowing… the moisture that is formed is left inside the flute which causes… bacteria to grow inside the flute… This is common as whenever play flute, we often accidentally spit some saliva into it. That causes some bad smell to come from the flute. So if we clean the flute with this stick before keeping it in the case or cover then this mould will not be formed inside, outside or around the blowing hole of your flute. For a matter of fact, I know that many of my old flutes also do not have mould on them. What I do is clean this thread very frequently and then wrap it again on the stick… Also, you can clean any kind of flute with it… All you need to do is just the thickness of your wrapping according to the diameter of the flute The second common problem is the bad smell… I have seen this very often that flutes develop bad smelling accordance to the air we blow inside it. So, to solve this problem, we can use lemongrass oil You have to put some drops of lemongrass oil on this portion So for this, I have put a few drops of this lemongrass oil into a roll on. So like this I have applied the oil onto this portion… This oil has a good smell It does not harm health or disturb inflate playing and also kills bacteria (alternative is til oil) So, like it did earlier, I will clean the flute and mainly concentrate on the blowing hole This will also give a very good scent and also destroy the bacteria So you can follow these two techniques after flute playing Also if a flute has been kept packed for long then also clean it before playing the flute And do it as told, first without the oil and then the second time, with the oil Many people also prefer the stick used for barrel cleaning … First, that’s very expensive and secondly, I did not find it very convenient in the demo that I saw… Found this way more convenient as you can clean more effectively and can wash the thread a number of times Also, the requirements are easy to acquire . You can find the anywhere. Also you can clean the biggest flute with it and also the smallest by adjusting the stick size and thickness of thread wrapping. I found this very convincing hence thought of sharing it with you all. Thank you for watching! Subscribe If you liked it and want to stay tuned…

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