Mac Miller’s “Good News” Explained | Song Stories
Mac Miller’s “Good News” Explained | Song Stories

[JACQUES] Mac Miller’s estate releases the
soulful first single off of his upcoming posthumous album, ‘Circles,’ entitled, “Good News.” “Good News” is produced by Mac Miller and Jon Brion. Earlier this week, Miller’s family released
a statement detailing the plans for “Circles,” saying quote. At the time of his passing, Malcom was well
into the process of recording his companion album to Swimming, entitled Circles. Two different styles complementing each other,
completing a circle – Swimming in Circles was the concept. In September 2018, Mac passed away from an
accidental overdose only a month after he released his critically acclaimed fifth studio
album, ‘Swimming.’ His death sent shockwaves throughout the music
community because things seemed to be looking up for the then-26 year old MC. “Good News,” may open with a call back
to ‘Swimming’s’ first track, “Come Back to Earth.” ‘Swimming,’ Miller’s fifth studio album,
dealt with healing and finding one self – as evidenced on the song “Self Care.” “Good News” and for that matter, ‘Circles’
appears to be in that same vein as in the second verse, Miller appears to address the
weight of dealing with his depression. Mac was open about his mental health issues. MAC: Fame is tricky because you read what
is said about you and you know what you know to be true and the lines start to blur. [JACQUES] Later on in the track, Mac refers
to what would be waiting for him spiritually. And this is just the latest posthumous release
from the artist. In 2018, Spotify released his live recording
of “Dunno” and a cover of Billy Preston’s “Nothing From Nothing.” In mid-2019, the Free Nationals featured Mac
Miller on their latest eponymously named album and the song, “Time.” The music video for “Good News” is directed
by Anthony Gaddis & Eric Tilford and is an animated tribute to the late rapper – featuring
dozens of early photos of the star, his white Mercedes Benz G-Wagon and shots of him in
front of a variety of instruments. It even has a bit of a Beatles ‘Sergeant
Pepper’ vibe. Miller’s family has been careful with his
legacy – reportedly shelving a planned documentary and his frequent collaborator Flying Lotus
has expressed reservations about releasing his material with the late artist. ‘Circles’ drops January 17th and fans
are excited – “Good News” has shot into the top 10 of the Genius Top Songs chart. If you’d like to find out more about “Good
News,” check out the song page on I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!

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  1. GlobsToTheDome says:

    Who else listened to it when it got leaked out!?

  2. capnjacksparrow says:

    too soon for me

  3. Carlotta says:

    miss him everyday
    Rest in peace🤍

  4. Aliyah and Melany says:

    Go watch my new video I just uploaded like comment and share !!!

  5. Who that Nigga? says:

    Genius Thinks They know everything man, and that shit piss me of. Some shit just can’t be explained

  6. HARVELOCITY says:

    Even though I never met him I feel like I've lost a real true friend.

  7. cryzura says:

    circles definetly hitting top 1 calling it

  8. Junior Bustos says:


  9. Cam Lindsay says:

    Goddammed feels.

  10. Subscribe to pewdiepie says:

    Mac 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  11. Danielle Elizabeth says:

    I’m trying so hard not to cry about this album cause swimming came out when I was going through drug addiction, being in a domestic violence relationship, and literally losing my soul and I listened it to it getting clean & getting out of what I was in and finding myself and I’m at a point where I’m healing so much so I feel like circles Is coming out at a time I truly need it. Mac literally is a representation of a expressing feelings

  12. Nonyζ says:

    i wanna lose my virginity to this song so beautiful

  13. nick ambrose says:

    Damn the feels man

  14. Michael Vélez says:

    rest easy😔

  15. Karthik Tiruv says:

    A beautiful song-one I think i needed to hear. RIP Mac

  16. Vincent Fiore says:

    It makes me happy to know Macs family and estate is handling and releasing music appropriately and respecting him as an artist and not using this project for money

  17. John Movies says:

    Lmao though this nigga died

  18. Isaac Gonzalez says:

    Does anyone if there’s gonna be a conversation pt.2?

  19. ash ash says:

    Still can’t believe he’s gone 😩

  20. Booty GAwD says:

    This song a whole Vibe

  21. Máté Mindák says:

    Ah I'm so happy about this
    Rip Mac :/

  22. so Fire says:

    Listen to darryl scott ft. Mojo Jojo – Astra.mp3 by Đarryl Šcott on #SoundCloud

  23. Suave Beats says:

    Mannn still can't believe we lost him. Rest in paradise Mac I got so much love for you💎

  24. Sweaty says:

    Real better be released on that album

  25. Daniel Quiroz says:

    Back then you’d hear of rappers dying from gun violence, I just realized that now rappers are dying from overdose.
    People aren’t killing each other now, now people are killing them self. 🙏🏻

  26. Carter says:

    mac❤️swimming in circles😔

  27. The Frozzy says:

    this thing made Fantano cry soooo

  28. Elijah Deleon says:

    I feel like there was no meaning of the song explained? You just mention the idea of Swimming in Circles and then mentioned how you thought the music video reminded you of a Beatles video..?

  29. Holly Melanson says:

    rest in peace to a legend. ❤️

  30. StrangerOf The206 says:

    I was pissed when he didn’t get the Grammy for what was obviously the best work of art out of the nominees, but now looking back on it, myself and all Mac’s fans know how amazing and beautiful Swimming was, and didn’t need some verification from some group of people that would even consider putting it in the same category as a Cardi B album. This time around, I know we are so lucky to be blessed with getting Circles, and whether it gets nominated for some stupid award or not, we the fans know that it will be another amazing piece of work from a truly gifted man. Rest In Peace to the Legend, and thank you for leaving this last gift behind for us.

  31. Arjun S says:

    Melon cried

  32. matija ilic says:

    cried my fucking heart out

  33. Donny Heinze says:

    Swimming helped me find myself after I thought I never would. Forever a Mac fan

  34. Ross Milligan says:

    Getting a lot of David Bowie lazarus vibes from this song, both beautifuly sad songs about embracing death.

  35. Tiernan Cregan says:

    Rest in peace Mac 🌷

  36. Dr_Eclectic says:

    Mac Miller is not dead look up mac Miller comes back to life on YouTube or Google

  37. Khareem McBean says:

    This one definitely opening up closed wounds 💔

  38. Rubikx says:

    Who would have thought the best single of the year would drop in the first month.

  39. DeadTownManifesto1985 says:

    We all love and miss you Mac… God speed young homie 🙏

  40. lauren - says:

    i really hope he’s well now…he was a beautiful soul ☁️

  41. dv Fx says:

    No one needs your stupid fuking reviews. just so you can get a few views . hes talented. you are not. go back to bed you simple bastard. IF YOUR A GENIUS THEN LIL PUMP IS A ROCKET SCIENTIST!!!

  42. Kylil Johnson says:

    Suicidal someone should stepped in and helped

  43. Juan says:

    Looks like a dmt trips

  44. Liza Pan says:

    You didn't tell me shit

  45. Stevie Nguyen says:

    It blows my mind how such a rare talent with so much potential that was lost in a single moment’s foolishness. Stay clear from drugs everyone. I was lucky enough to escape from this terrible disease with my life still intact, others not so lucky…

  46. Andrew Alex says:

    Y’all fast

  47. john bob says:

    Who’s here b4 a mil

  48. Larry Guevara says:

    I wanted to punch my tv in the head. because hes dead cant believe it damn drugs grrrrrrrr !! LongLiveMacMiller !!

  49. Justin Frost says:

    Feels like he's still here..

  50. kendawooda says:

    Where can I find that shirt?

  51. themusicmastera380 says:

    Still no one talks about how he dropped a music video in a coffin and the very next day he’s dead.

    If anyone actually thinks it’s coincidence…fuck you.

  52. alan says:

    Cant wait to see this live🙌

  53. Supplemented Health says:

    My man EZ mac

  54. Yep. says:

    Jesus it was 2018 he died? Damn… doesn’t seem so long ago.

  55. Jimmy Valmer says:

    Feels justl ike yesterday.i was listening to donald trump for the very first time rest up brotha..😴👌💯🔥

  56. chres barrett says:

    If anyone dislikes this album u really have a problem

  57. Collin Keyser says:

    I Wish There Was Good News For Him.

  58. Lil Baab says:

    I Hope Who Ever Reading This Comment Right Now Become Successful 🙏

  59. Based Angel says:

    Dawg it’s still hard for me to watch this shit without tearing up

  60. errizê says:

    is this de p*rnhub intro song in the intro?

  61. MacM.97AM says:

    I miss my brother Mac.. but he's in much better state of mind now. He deserves some rest after constantly putting himself out there all these years just to make us feel better..

  62. Flamingo Bill says:

    cool for shouting it out n all but i dont think anybody needs an explanation for this track

  63. Conner Souza says:

    Seriously can’t wait for Circles I wish he was here with us all to experience it together. One of my favorite artist of all time. He’s a gift

  64. Zephaniah Brody says:

    Telling us what we know in every video. So simple. Fake but true. Just explaining bs to get views. Sus af

  65. peaceloveandkk says:

    What a beautiful human. ✌🏻🖤🎶

  66. Lucky Con says:

    leave mac alone you suck

  67. Hecatrice says:

    This is how you make a perfect song after a passing of an artist, cough XXXTENTACION label.

  68. Russell Johnson says:

    Hmm you can tell macs moms did a lot of this

  69. NotKenCharles Ju'Leon says:

    Self care wasn't a fucking song about healing you idiots.. I've listened to him for years. If you can't hear the sarcastic tone of the song you aren't really a fan I'm sorry.

  70. ASAP Ev says: lemme explain this

  71. Bruh Man says:

    This nigga really just said "duh-no" 💀

  72. Nolan Jackson says:

    Mac Miller lives on forever. Rest easy king

  73. Brad Bozarth says:

    Rest In Peace mac, i will never be able to come to grips with the fact that he’s really gone.. 🙁

  74. Codey Steiner says:

    He said they don’t “like it” not “like you”

  75. Yancy Productions says:

    I really hope majority of the songs were finished and we get to see what he was thinking on the bright side.

  76. Ryan The Man says:

    Still refuse to believe he’s dead. He just can’t be man not now……

  77. Andres Asencios says:

    Fuck this shit sometimes fuck it all

  78. Kayleigh says:

    we miss you so much mac, hope you’re well❤️

  79. Killea Montiwaerkino says:

    no one is asking the real question, where is that shirt from ?

  80. LAD 0610 says:

    A much more tasteful posthumous release than someone like xxxtentacion or lil peep. Theirs sound like unfinished material that should have never been released.

  81. Johannes Grünbacher says:

    Love the song but it feels like a perfect closure for the album not a single

  82. Douglas Harrington says:


  83. alex says:

    Swimming in Circles!

  84. Maro says:

    i hope this album get a #1, really beautiful music that deserves the recognition

  85. red7iris says:

    Self care is my jam !

  86. KrokantePegel says:


  87. YOUNG DREA says:

    We miss you bro 💔

  88. Camila Hidalgo says:

    He really wanted to live! Always in My heart <3

  89. Conke says:

    Dont yall have some lame ass rappers to interview about their corny ass “hit”song? Smh fuck away from mac

  90. JennyBoom says:

    First of allll, I don’t think anyone can explain it other than Mac Miller himself so I guess it’ll always be a mystery. Second of all, shut up

  91. Pablo Moreno Luna says:

    You know you don’t have to explain this Genius.
    Fuck. 😔😔😔

  92. Debia Pol says:

    Do a little spring cleanin

  93. Luz Herrera says:

    He’s so beautiful all I could think of was Ying and yang & how circles mean completion . c;

  94. Allan Sh says:

    can dead people win grammies?

  95. ZACH COBB says:

    Flying lotus and Mac Miller collab album? Absolutely!

  96. Furthericity says:

    We don't need it explained. We don't don't need to give you views because of the death of a musician we love. Despicable

  97. SaaandMAN says:

    We miss you MAAAAAC 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  98. Space Jelly says:

    Starfucker – Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second Music Video was another visual inspiration

  99. Miao Li says:

    Died at age of mine last year…

  100. Viper says:

    so many fake mac fans

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