Maine Potato Board “Dance Video”
Maine Potato Board “Dance Video”

*gavel pounding* “How do we get more people
to love our Maine Potatoes?” “Cheerleaders.” “PLANT THEM! PICK THEM!
PUT ‘EM ON YOUR PLATE!” “Everybody loves Spuddy.” “What are you supposed to be?” “Could do like those insurance guys…” “WE ARE FARMERS.
YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM.” “Well, let’s give ’em a little
sumthin’ sumthin’…” [singing]
“WE’RE FARMERS AND WE GROW IT!” [dance music] [announcer]
Spread the love for Maine Potatoes.

9 thoughts on “Maine Potato Board “Dance Video””

  1. Elizabeth Reed says:

    great job! This is great!

  2. ChiefWiggim says:


  3. kaileebee94 says:

    "we're farmers and we know it" haha so funny!

  4. astynex12 says:

    Just Posted to Reddit trying to get the word out!

  5. fksongbird28 says:

    I love this commercial!

  6. Abby Malone says:

    Grow it*

  7. MsC1953 says:

    This is FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Love it! And, BTW, the farmers are HOT! 😉

  8. Bruce Smith says:

    "We are Farmers" 🙂 Thanks to all the Farmers, I appreciate you.

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