Meghan Trainor - Dear Future Husband (Official Music Video)
Meghan Trainor – Dear Future Husband (Official Music Video)

29 thoughts on “Meghan Trainor – Dear Future Husband (Official Music Video)”

  1. Maria Casiano says:


  2. Terri Atwell says:


  3. Trailmix lol says:

    I was today years old when I realized this beat is really similar to the one in Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs

  4. Jal.B.A Jal.B.A says:

    Big girl !

  5. Lilliana D. says:

    I love this song so much I see it every day

  6. Danitza Encinas Vega says:


  7. Gabbi Plays says:


  8. Khanyisa Khanya says:

    Dear future husband can I finish school first then you can come to existence

  9. Life With Aubrie says:

    Who came back to this song because it’s stuck in your head?

  10. ශිවන්ත කුලතුංග says:

    නමෝ බුද්ධාය

  11. Honey Blum says:

    dear future wife :
    buy meh food

  12. Jennifer Justice says:

    Am 14 but dear future hubby hear this…….

  13. The Life Of JAX says:

    She’s bean scrubbing that floor for a long time

  14. Jennifer Du says:

    Wait wait wait at 3:04 is that Charlie Puth?! 😳😱

  15. josh quill says:

    I love this song, but disagree with the why disagree with me part. Any one who is in a relationship where their significant other has to be right all the time, when they are not is fucked up. If I met a man like that, I'd deal with it for like a day and say fuck it, I'm out. You are right when you are right, or who ever makes the best point, this oh the woman is always right, or its just best to always do what my wife says, is absolutely absurd. I feel bad for anyone who is in that kind of relationship.

  16. Star Animations says:

    Her: Dislikes the food
    Me: Uhmmm I’ll Eat It

  17. PāstelCløver ツ says:


  18. fotis lefas says:

    Omg megan

  19. Izzati Aqmar says:

    This song is very nice. I love u meghan! 💞

  20. ketu:3 k says:

    a whole taurus mood

  21. Alex V says:

    Isn’t her husband the kid from spy kids ?

  22. Vridhi Sharma says:

    I'm still looking for Charlie puth's profile on POF 😂😂

  23. Elizabeth Riego Hernandez says:

    Y love you mega trainor

  24. Andrea Doble says:


  25. Cookie Master says:

    4 years later….

    Meghan Trainor: gets married

  26. Xxicey_wolfy xX says:

    Not trying to have a drity mind but i think they did it😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Sorry for the kids that look at this :’(

  27. mochi _tae says:

    Megan *Cortez" …?? Lmao some will understand 😂

  28. Frank Strati says:

    Great song

  29. Lu 07 says:

    I listening this Song in june 2019🤷‍♂️👌❤🤗 you to? Than like me comment😋

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