More Like Sisters: Favorite BFFs from the ALDC (Dance Moms Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime
More Like Sisters: Favorite BFFs from the ALDC (Dance Moms Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime

62 thoughts on “More Like Sisters: Favorite BFFs from the ALDC (Dance Moms Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime”

  1. Lifetime says:

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  2. Hatim Elmir says:

    Where are my baby's Brynn and kenzie
    They do have a trio with Kalani
    Brynn and kenzie are my fav friendship of the hole show

  3. Nicole says:

    Duets don't mean BFF 🙄

  4. Rupanti Hoque says:

    Maddie betrayed Chloe n became more of a bsf wiv Kalani LIKE IF U AGREE

  5. Gatcha Tea says:

    •0- working at McDonald's
    1-5 rich or famous
    7- 6 Happy with kids husband/wife
    8- Dancer 😘
    9- lots of Freund's pretty and young
    10~ Achieve your dreams , own fashion company

    1-4 kind , silly and goofy want someone to care about you
    5-6 popular and rude . Just want them to get popular as your innocent and young
    7-8 someone who's always there and will love you no matter what
    9-10 shopping buddy ! You want them for money
    0 – no freinds loney

  6. Gatcha Tea says:

    Kelly and Christi are just amazing there partners in crime 💖💕 do moms best freindships thanks darlings !

  7. Sheisy Miranda Gomez says:

    Love Dance moms
    Amo dance moms

  8. Yinka Falade says:

    Kendall and Jojo are friends!?

  9. Noor nasser says:

    Maddie and chloe my fav

  10. Cheyelle Audain says:

    This is so cute love these

  11. Eline1506 says:

    First dance, no judges???? Just to make it look good on tv??

  12. Dia191919 says:

    Did anyone else want to see Pressley and Brady on this?

  13. Weronika Woznica says:

    Who cried when Chloe and Paige danced the duet Wishbone.
    I cried

  14. nick tuber says:

    Kalani and maddie shs best or kendal and maddie

  15. Nikol Bozali says:

    Kenzie and Kendall were bffs to

  16. presh N. says:

    Ngl chloe is everybody's friend no wonder she is nice (and nia)

  17. DrunkenMilkyWay says:


  18. Courtney Paull says:

    Awww! All the girls are so sweet together! The dances are also amazing!! 😍

  19. Stephanie says:

    Season 1 to 3 were the best because those were the times we saw the beautiful sisterhood between the girls

  20. Giselle Villanueva says:


  21. Lýnn says:

    Why's there only Gemini as zodiac dance ;-; Is there Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius etc

  22. etl0919 says:

    Jojo and Kendall ain’t good together

  23. Sarah Hagen says:

    is that jojo?

  24. patrickstar575 says:

    Two sapphires is the duet that broke
    maddie and Chloe. Thanks lifetime.

  25. Olivia Petrowski says:

    Two Sapphires broke Dance Moms

  26. Taylorrose Palmore says:

    Even though Chloe and maddie was close , paige and chloe was bff they had their whole future planned out and was close no matter what

  27. Gacha Kawaii Potato says:

    Love the video, but kind of upset that Kenzie and Nia weren't shown. They're my favourite friendship on the show.

  28. Sayna Sehrish says:

    If abby would have not compare the girls with each other, the friendship would have been even more great.

  29. Believe Aldc says:

    i think lifetime just put all duet partners here

  30. Robert Brereton says:

    Do the girls go to school or are they home schooled

  31. Madison playsRBLOX And more says:

    I liked the two saphhires because its won 1st and Maddie and kalani are really good duet partners

  32. spacehoe says:

    wow, they really put two sapphires there! that duo ruined the whole show and the most beautiful friendship on it, y'all should be ashamed

  33. Jayden Causey says:


  34. Malú Souza says:

    I love this girls so much ❤ This video make me cry 😍

  35. Laureta Irabor says:

    I like Savannah and sharah duet💜💖😍🤩

  36. Emma Ellis says:

    When was this filmed in 2019

  37. Emma Ellis says:

    When was this filmed in2019 or in 2020

  38. Hxneybear says:

    6:58 Wait is that Mrs Miller in the background?

  39. Dornormeyell Jordan says:

    Every time yall look tarbul i can dance better

  40. Phenox Gallardo says:

    You are my friend

  41. mia rodriguez says:

    If some one acts tought you have to act tought to them.

  42. Jessica Boodles says:

    I miss the old team

  43. Ana Banana says:


    2012 edits:

  44. Aaron Capron says:

    I love you 😘

  45. Lorena Krasniqi says:

    Abbys mom was behind her 6:58 why Dident she sitt with her mother

  46. Holton Pepper says:

    Did y'all see that little girl that was just eating while the camera was showing Abby in the first dance they showed haha

    Like if you saw her 👍😜

  47. rajika weligamage says:

    Most of these have Maddie in it 🙄

  48. Little Missy says:

    It’s crazy to think of how quick all the girls from dance moms have grown 🤭

  49. Kelly Butcher says:

    My name is sapphire

  50. 《 XxMoon lightxX 》 says:

    The first duet in Maddie’s turns, she was doing them too fast

  51. ptyborn says:

    I believe Abby was made to be a monster for the show. I believe she wasn't evil prior to the show. I don't think she intentionally hurt the kids but people change and fell in love once again with her passion.

  52. Ellan-Rose Caulfield says:

    2 sapphires is so pretty! Kalani and Maddie are so in time with each other, it's beautiful!

  53. sophie bultitude says:

    Ronolld omg

  54. sophie bultitude says:

    Is good I cart stop looking at it

  55. DayDimGeo says:

    That’s so cute

  56. fini's toys says:

    111 dislikes i guess cathy has a lot of accounts

  57. Iman Adeel says:


  58. Kristin Vagula says:


  59. Rebecca Claire Clay says:

    love dance moms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Alan Hague says:

    What song was Sarah with the light costumes

  61. Ellie Levin says:

    wtf was nia and kalani's duet

  62. Fabiola Ramírez says:

    I can’t believe Maddie is now 16 years old she’s growing up

  63. LittlePurpleDevil ༄ says:


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