Motu Patlu New Episode | Cartoons | Kids TV Shows | Motu Patlu Lungi Dance | Wow Kidz
Motu Patlu New Episode | Cartoons | Kids TV Shows | Motu Patlu Lungi Dance | Wow Kidz

Boss Boss. One Saint wearing a lungi has come. When he does magic with his stick, he can make anyone wear a lungi he can make them dance for however long he wants. If this is the truth then this Saint is of use to me. Come with me. Come child. Come. Why are you dancing? I’ve been made to dance so much that my body does not stop. Then I came to know that Lungi Saint has come. Who can make anyone do lungi dance with his stick. So I came to meet you. Yes. Why not. Why not. I signal with this stick then the lungi will fly and wrap itself around the man in front. And he will keep on dancing till I signal again. What are you saying? This can’t happen. Boss. Boss. This is a very useful thing. What are you doing? What are you doing? You are making me dance with my own lungi. Don’t do this. Don’t do this. I will stop at one condition. You should run from Furfuri Nagar. And don’t return here ever again. Yes. Yes. I will run away. I- I cannot dance for so long. My body is very weak. Don’t do it. Or else I will fall by dancing so much. You keep the stick. Keep the lungi also. Let me go. Okay. Okay. Leave while dancing. Now the fun begins. Motu you made me dance a lot. Come on. Now you dance. We all will watch. Brothers. Brothers. Come. Come. Motu is going to dance. Why should I dance? You will make me dance? Me? You will dance. Not me Motu. You will dance. And that too the lungi dance. Dance. Wow. What a magic. Now you watch. I will make Motu dance so much that he will be finished. Motu, what is happening? Motu stop in the name of law. John stop Motu. Or else I will put you in the jail. Okay Chingum Sir. Then take this. John what have you done? Motu and Chingum Sir are dancing and dancing. Stop them. Please stop them. I will not stop them. You do one work. My legs are paining a lot. Press them for a bit. Give me. I’ll press them. I’ll press them. John brother please leave Motu. We made a mistake. Promise me Chingum Sir. You will never arrest me. I won’t do it. I’ll never do it. Let me go, Let me go. Let me go. Let me go. And Motu you promise me. You will never come in my way. I will never come. Stop this dance. Chingum Sir come here. Sign. It’s written here that you have given John a licence to steal. No one will catch him. No. I have come to this shop. Who will salute me? Salute. We have to salute you? This was not in the condition. It was not in the condition? Should I tell you now? No. No. No. We can salute you. Salute. What should we do Patlu? You only think of something. I cannot think on an empty stomach. Everyone jump on him together. Catch him and snatch his stick. It’s a good idea. Motu you also eat samosas. Attack! Leave me. Leave me. I’ll leave you John. But first let us remove the stick. What did you think that I would bring the stick here and come? I suspected that you all could jump on me. Number One. Yes Boss. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Tea Man. The samosas should come to my house. I will not come here to eat. John brother, I will do exactly what you tell me to do. I will deliver the samosas to your house. Brother, just stop this dance now. Take the stuff. Nothing should be left behind. These all are mine. What is this? What are you doing? He is stealing. Somebody call the police. Don’t yell. The police itself has given me this license. Police Inspector Chingum has given that thief a license to steal. What is happening in this city? The nation wants to know. No! Who are you brother? What do you want? Motu Patlu did yo not recognize me? I am Chingum. Chingum Sir? But how did this happen to you? All the shop keepers and bank people are beating me up. We must do something. I cannot think on an empty stomach Patlu. Quickly do something. Idea. A Gold Saint. Boss. Boss. A Gold Saint has come. When you wave his stick, you get gold. Gold. There is a whole troop of people with sticks. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s see. Saint, even we want some gold. Then take this son. Give the Gold stick to me. I won’t give it. No. You are a thief. I can see it on your face. Come on. Run from here. Run away? How can I run away like this? Take this. If you don’t give me the stick you will continue dancing like this for the rest of your life. Dance. Dance. I will not give you the stick just like that. Because it is the boon of this stick. It cannot be given to someone. It can only be exchanged. Give me another stick of power in exchange for it. And take this. Okay. Okay. Anyway this Lungi Dance Stick is of no use to me. If there is gold, then I will have no need to steal. Making people do Lungi Dance… All that is useless, I want gold. Take this. And give me that. Take this. You have exchanged it. You did smart work. Now you make Gold. Take this Gold. Take this Gold. What’s happening? Give me the gold. The gold is not coming out. How is it not coming out? Take this. Where’s the gold? Where’s the gold? Where’s the gold? Quickly tell me where’s the gold? John we did this drama to get the stick from you. Now you keep on dancing for the rest of your life. Go to jail while dancing like that. This is cheating. With such an innocent man like me. Chingum Sir. I was deceived. Go to jail while dancing like that. Go to jail while dancing Go to jail Stop staring and subscribe

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