Nier: Automata Interview – “Nothing is more weird than Yoko Taro” – gamescom 2016
Nier: Automata Interview – “Nothing is more weird than Yoko Taro” – gamescom 2016

Aaron who notion go to talk ACC’s a madman putting work hard on be interviewing heights mi vida does a team for me also matter be opponents they’re very happy to see you guys again very happy we’re looking forward to the game first I just want to us generally house development going you obviously had that short delay into 2017 is that at all like in secret was signifying any kind of like not problems in development but it the game gets bigger than you plans how’s it going generally missing judoka Danny hot serve I salute the target are not their own okay cool listen judo Cooney and he didn’t journey not taken about and not there K kinesin Jokinen no no my don’t need to the Hyuga tossed it right there is injured open-ended are picked an RPG Madonna that I dunno Marissa why she stood up at their recent junior high a timing there what about the Steiner tamati Donald a man and a saw – on Nikita lighted and I own the Santoli this the kids and I cannot all multiples so it wasn’t that we were really promoting to be able to sell this title in 2016 it was more than a lot of people a lot of fans a lot of media actually took up our title saying that it’s a highly anticipated title for 2016 and we were actually I’m already hoping to be able to release this title in early 2017 so we are on track and also I believe that we were able to put in everything that everyone expects from this title as well I would like to start with a pretty specific question directed both at mister site Olson and okay listen now I know that near first and foremost is an action RPG but it shares very many bonds with shoot-’em-ups actually I know that direct taro Yoko is a big fan of shoot-’em-ups very diverse like zanuck Betty Lou Gehrig KT logical Kentucky and such and acaba son has already worked on games such as dodonpachi diodes oh and under defeat and the first near had many boss battles going in a student up direction and actually in this short presentation we have already seen lots of bullets so I would like to know if the second game will also be inspired post in soundtrack and game played by shoot-’em-ups Hadas calico Thomas cool son Jason Wow Monica psyching thought I didn’t know what I was shooting a game of discrete IT action RPG tonight dougie the screen exciting game of class the chromatic Iranian shooting game a little in the PU he’ll show you consider this Luger mother they put their party you don’t my game I know cannot see more to know I know give me the angel appeared on Maggie more stars no game in agony Mohammed I do my god no their consequent accustomed autonomous honest also quieter a better than no shooting game with our tomorrow you know I mean I made a scummy the one I tend not to worry muscle much too much water see I will answer that first now yoko-san has always been saying especially lately he’s always been saying that I I want to make a shoot-’em-up game it’s just a square-enix inside to won’t let me I mean that is why I’m and I ended up making this game but he’s always been wanting to create a game where many genres are included in one and so this title to I believe that we it has more of a shoot-’em-up element in this title than probably anyone expects so please look forward to that as well a book personal activity shooting would toe are busy day school cut out writer to your Co Musa quinoa Tony Eury sono migite son Dakota Territory so know titled a toe you photos room Economo Terminator cut mom hold on project over on your teaching auto motor know their motto na young guard mo mo Terminator movie Gattaca Taos Rho more gaming total momentum of Canasta motor their motto meliora acuario you know Tammy normal or critize not my guy croelick appearance monitor the nirahari sekai conduct and papa so no character no mochi meetin Amador Yuri star arias Sarita many kondakova quotes characters episodes I sir not immortal notice oho slowest step Fatima it’s good there mas de kado game with acaba some ginger to Perico masterful okay Sunday it can’t carrucha mechanical days no coconuts pudding instead oka so it’s critical for agape Tomas so it’s not that I composed music specifically for shoot-’em-up title or an RPG it’s actually more per game it really depends on the title and it really depends on what kind of music the director wants and that is requested of our asked of in the title and for near music is excused in a way to express the world the character the emotions of the characters and I feel that music should be used in a way that it’s that really complements the title because if it’s not used in that way I feel it doesn’t work either for the music or the game and so that is why I take that approach and a comparator near arcade games I think the music really good fits well with like the location it should fit well with the location of where you are and where are you in the map and so it’s a little bit more flashy er than year and it’s a little bit more you might think that I may fit more with that title but that is the approach that I take for every single game that I work on I just have a question for you to have a son which is it’s about the gameplay demo you released during e3 of the boss battle against the singer in the Opera and I was completely floored by the scene because the music worked together with the gameplay in a very unusual sense like every time the battle phase changed the music changed too and was really just one big package so I’m really interested in how you develop this type of scene where the gameplay is part of the music and the music is part of the gameplay do you write the music first and then develop the gameplay around it you first see the boss fight and then write the music around that boss fight how do you approach that Victor Kwong Wah a No Timbo oh shit the crane Iceland CEO at all my work in synaptic are you a charity event oh I know so polka beggar can go see Tito cabassa no euros socio detect ocasion sesame scream desu kedo anno anno PvE Ascari Dominique ah-ah-ah no distress no economist a pooja Keohane cosmeceutical central district eaten of their tada-san okinawa sono koe GA mita yuko a metonym oh no Mama mega poney sonoda got a the co-operative – since constancy da ba die denim program produces can see Madonna stay guitar toka de coco de una Espina to see Madonna saga Italian ma su potpourri Oh an anchor in cylinder oh not you know so so set instead Oh beaucoup de la banda Ramos action is Olga Dakota manometer rowena video Motorola provoked more every day a San Luca audience no pata tone as your ebook more easily did not enough focus on your mozzarella anchovies so I’m the director for the title your boss and he doesn’t really tell me everything about the game he’s more of a type that I would just say do what you think is the best for this title and he really doesn’t give me any directions and so who it is a little bit difficult at times and even for this trailer he didn’t tell me anything about it at first what he told he did give me specific requests for composition I’m telling me he wanted the music to be a little bit quiet quieter at whatever minutes into the song I mean maybe climax at whatever minute into the song and so I imagine that there he was planning to do some kind of a dramatic approach to that sequence but I believe that I was probably the first to be surprised to see that video because I didn’t know that it would end up like that and it fit really nicely into it and I think that it ended up in a very nice trailer I think one of nearest biggest strengths is that it well it goes different ways than other games like in the first game all these different genres mixed together and I mean just in this short demo we’ve seen a pretty cute cyborg design which other games wouldn’t feature in this way I think has there ever been an idea within the development team that was too weird for the game oh no Annie Annie taught to do you know me at the politics of the entire meet at bikini each my hands you know a porter or no no there was a Nevada marine I know concave up NATO Creek Wisconsin in the schedules ingenious Altos de minuto non Tanaka immediate commissary messing up a 1080 case a meta risotto cockatrice ricotta note a doji Madoka Nicandro motivic autonomous correct also Nokia owner Thomas Reynolds so it’s not really for near or any other title but it’s just that Yoko taro himself is the weirdest in any of this process and so nothing is more weird than him but if you imagine the previous title you might get a certain idea about what I mean by this but the other the mechanical life-forms that are supposed to be our enemy are really cute on at times and so it does you might it may make you think what it means to fight against these if you really want to fight against these mechanical life-forms and so that might be one thing to look forward to in the game I maybe have a continuation for that question which is obviously you two worked quite often with your Kotaro answer now why why what does fascinate you about and why do you keep working with him because obviously his games aren’t like the biggest tell us in the world do you don’t work with him because it’s an incredible success you get because of it is it just because you you understand his his games and you like his games is it because it’s just a great guy and you like spending time with him what’s your personal motivation to keep coming back to his work and to his way of working what you produce Godot producer Allison ID give directed there buddy great ask return that you know Co commodity reach to that than I’d ever seen I think you can give me another 90 schedule it was a home Tony I know Jamuna called screw tight you know maker Cunha p’mote lyrics no no no Death Watch reduced Eva no sorry no emotional motion ignite your jab chikazuku no simpering dictator they were producer first of all engine I the you what all we need for the sauna so Dez made a machine that recognizes me so even though you post a lock on okok Watterson name of the criminals great idea not Shalini what is the K direction an Eau de vacas toaster trucks in Nigeria para nada not almost a muscle hi but I beat the differences from many business tonight so it’s not that I’m personally drawn into yo cosine but just as a producer he is a person that I could really trust it’s because he has a strong idea about what he wants to do he always knows what he wants to do and so it makes it easier for me to judge if it’s good or not and as a producer and you a director that just says yes to whatever you suggest is actually not a good director and since the OCO Hasan has a strong core he always constantly has a strong idea about what he wants to do he’s is a person that you could really trust and to work with and I think that he’s a great partner in that sense but in personal life I don’t think I could really trust him to karate take up today my god is you his role that that’s still go there much to talk Sorrentino tomorrow in the SkyDome oh no sekai de medina Sato so the dough so when I tell this kid oh yeah but I wanna see oniy questioning about the rule hunt you got time to pass my Creator know is TV tight nanobots you know they’re by manos de Kooning fine start of the Mercedes through cuts local master saguni I know the at hua you XI vato what’s your topic our diplomats good Domino knee Okinawa – clerestory actor focus on Oh use of Sun meet electorate eyes so uh swoop said is there a no so astute at GD say Koko quadratic return Oni tomorrow night Thomas Renoir if I was lucky night yeah piranhas in dog shit – you smoke up there yes so far Bachmann scoop coke on the key right over there ma yep I’m a psycho some more tests kodoku mo your home or more ethos or stuff what’s tiny nah this is not there not there I know everybody I know I don’t know for CMOS is your meter know I read no more then we operative and I see no no I’m contented screw create a taco God is an optimal care no they’re so cosmic you consider system Kirito Coronado motel no their ANOVA you don’t know marine and I know you don’t know any other stuck on like it’s Karen desk at all so they can eat and oh sorry them all Maria Moreno cotton I get skillet the more Santo Patel target I don’t know are correct you seamless look someone on screen test says it’s not there so remove boxy girl 3 I reported a your econ also he said he saw you getting for the kiddo Hannah do you know dies there my thigh Estonia Camus net so I’ve actually known him for a long time now I actually went to the same colleges and so I’ve known him for more than 20 years now and so just as a psycho son mentioned earlier as a human he may not be the best person to be around but he does have a very strong core just a psycho son mentioned and as a creator he’s a very straightforward he’s very strict against himself he’s very pure in a sense and he really has this mentality that for someone anyone that purchase his contents what he creates he he really wants them to have fun with it so he he is really genuine in what he wants to do and for him what he wants to do for others who wants to enjoy his art piece our artwork org a game or title and so I could really really empathize with that and we are a middle-aged now and so there a lot of work-related issues that we have to overcome as well but I think that as a creator it is the most important to have that kind of mentality to be genuine towards their fans or for towards our pants and I really look up to him in his the statue that that he has against his the way that he looks at these jobs and what his work and his rate straightforwardness to his creation is really something great that I really appreciate about him okay directed at Oklahoma Sun will amiko evans and the two qfm Boys Choir make a return and are you also going to add your own vocals again hi I don’t know no.10 macaco the most moto moto it isn’t happy or similar kita juniku nicole son no badge on so it could not actually no more the a me some data create a badge or more Caucasus Emirate Alex anymore mater today a total emission more absolutely targeted the analogical pool for any sum total capacity 32 per so imagine gotcha girl manometer co-pastor uno de no pump I walk from M asam Mossad Esqueda mo sono attention panna cotta mo I take their variation walkway Tomas de tada I talk in him in here Tokyo no sono Gossard and oh boy so privileged to touch you know I know conquer some casinos there I know the total more so no think I would at the great data tower more decoding was to talk about Nikko agario sat there more sometimes you know they consulted by Demi Moore I know who Armani today are more an entertainer Corus CAD or comma s no a no kata yes oh boy Brandon is Kato to the kodomo no permit a number normal customer at 32 car no you’re a Tennessee challenge SMS so I’m the theme song we actually announced yesterday is a version where M these things we had the same song that Janique Nicole saying for us previously we announced out that version but we did have any a record as well the same song so in the game we do have the different versions of the same song saying by different people and for the Tokyo I have enquired there actually did not take part in the recording this time but that’s all especially because the soprano voice um he changed his voice his voice changed he got older and so you can’t even sing at that tune anymore even our concert so he can we can’t have him in there anymore but we do have other children for child voices in the songs so it might have the same kind of um feel as well and I do also sing in this track I’m just not that much but I do have my vocals in there as well talking about you singing you just not new personally but you as a company just had a big concert in in Japan with in music from near and I was watching it jealously and I just want to ask you if there’s any chance at all we’re going to see something like that in the US or in Europe is the other any plans to bring this type of content to the West and going from there obviously they’re like a manga for a dragon dragoon three and a lot of spin-off content which was never localized for the West it do you plan to do the same for Nier automata and do you plan to localize it maybe this time please no but they noted a rock concert or warn you on this rule that I secured can ask a door so also there whatever though it’s there yeah Tokyo c’mon I know there was Vania automatic so deliver the conocido sagiv you are the mono they touch the same vegetable attacks I’ll retain autonomous no consequent Kakinada Anamika data rate so carefully a new Honda okusama at Abu Tarek I didn’t related episode on oh no no not automata Arriba the engine cannot say where the Monod a the he you know the curio customer light I not talk abou Sam oh sorry I didn’t go there man Tata say horses that they did to gain the Kirov are not an optimist so I really do want to realize those events or always spin-offs in the West as well because especially because the Japanese a concert in Japan was very successful so I do really want to bring it over to the States but it’s just that we can’t imagine how successful it would be how many people even show up to these concerts like for instance for instance if we do have hold concerts and Germany for instance I would just we just can’t imagine if it will become successful or not and so I think that if this title Nier automata does well i’ma just saw a lot and we do see that there are a lot of fans out there we might be able to do those kind of events not only um concerts but maybe do like a spin-off or anime series in to localize in the West as well and Nicholson has always been wanting to do like a theatrical performance in Japan as well so if it does do succeed then we might be able to we would like to bring those over as well and oka Busan has also been wanting to hold a concert in Europe as well so we really would like for this title to succeed to be able to do those okay final very short question since we also also got a magazine cover in Japanese culture not just video games what is your favorite izakaya style food katakana Numair oh it might be a little bit difficult to describe but it’s called nut metal it’s um it’s a type of your shoe that uses raw fish and it’s like a better way say it it’s a beaten-up type of fish so it’s it’s really yeah so it’s it’s like sashimi with me so I’m just not mixed up but it might be best to google it please try it out when you do come to Japan Oh promotional density like a door kickball what do you know can I get the bar okay that’s it off so I of course do like nombreux as well but I personally would do like karaage it’s a deep-fried chicken and as well as a good I should offer it’s like tofu with starch corn starch and you just not deep-fry it but you fried and it’s in like broth for my last question it’s very short one and we very technically one but I I know a lot of friends who watch another stuff a lot of PC gamers were very happy when you announced the PC version right now are you developing that internally at platinum and do you plan on on allowing unrestricted framerate and up to 4k at the resolution are we going through 1080p and 60 frames no production a game with under kaya turski Massa no cards no started off at the PC data at the state it’s a real procession for high tea custard the universe sake in a game of ricotta the synoptic Taran are not an optimist or media customized Cesario total she sees me yeah but it’s high-quality they are on the market overnight a procession photo CEO I was at a massive budget revenue documents so yes that the Steam version is also being developed by Platinum Games that’s especially because they built the game on a PC first and then they optimize it for a Playstation 4 and I believe that is the most common way to develop games world worldwide nowadays and but as to whether the users will be able to change like the framerate or whatnot themselves we won’t allow that it’ll be at 1080p and 60 frames per second just because we want users to our players to be able to experience the game at the highest quality that we think and so it was he had used the same spec’s as the ps4 PC bar at the small nor there will see a marine him speak at a coyote manova Sasha he so does Tom initiative that analemma no Joe DiMaggio Sarah to spectroscopy cinema civility Noah and hike it’s a casino course cannot say Ahmad I don’t know there so what curricula given staccato Naruto my muscle I just wanted to also add that if we do go with the same frame rate then the spec that’s required to play the defects of a PC specs that’s required to play maybe a little bit too high for most players and so we do still have the possibility that we will create a lower spec version for the PC players but that’s still I’m in consideration and we do have that option left as well it’s a bit run that’s making director he doesn’t feel like an hour old shoes I know Russian will talk feel Frank who is 2 : Byron’s I’m fight an interview with in Mahan funny automata diese smile with him producer you suka saya to let us hear done noida by how their composure EEG or car of has enough merit to enroll Vivian years of fun then kicked off man he runs on Gamescom podcast a homonym easy I was foolish normal we were near which poppin Xfinity outside enough try by itself foreign movie honour Allah and interfere the games Congress program and then get say or not I in a video higher who via goods on Suzanne go fast we were also 15 leaping speeder games from wish for harm also our let’s come here or not mashenka was the parts i guess it focuses chapters hora writer a specific use a girl interest that’s improve ova Gamache tab

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