“No Mercy” – Real 90’s Old School Underground Gangsta Hip Hop Instrumental Rap Beat
“No Mercy” – Real 90’s Old School Underground Gangsta Hip Hop Instrumental Rap Beat

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89 thoughts on ““No Mercy” – Real 90’s Old School Underground Gangsta Hip Hop Instrumental Rap Beat”

  1. Ryan Ink says:

    Relaxing! something I would be listening to while cruising around

  2. Ma K aveli says:

    omg I love it!

  3. Nath Jones says:

    Dope piano chop, slick beat.

  4. The Union Beats says:

    good shit dlow….u did it again!

  5. Lucas Mendez says:

    free use?

  6. Raashey Chikuma says:

    very nice my g ! very nice

  7. BoomBap Sorcerer says:

    yeeeah man, this piano flip is wicked

  8. JNKK RSS says:

    retina floja de bubaseta, mismo sample te quedo exelente.

  9. UNION44 says:

    Who is talented? D-LOW, NO DOUBT

  10. Francisco Ruiz says:

    Merci homme!

  11. Deep Meditation 2015 says:

    yes fam !

  12. SXNNY says:

    nice stuff! the melody is like sex haha

  13. Nart One says:

    Thank you for your beats! Dope work bro!

  14. D-Low Beats says:

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  15. D.i.n BEATS ღ says:

    Great Piano keys! Love it

  16. Toni Massanet says:


  17. Blimsi Games Montajes & PVP says:

    Movimiento Original & Bubaseta – Retina floja :'v

  18. Alberto Perez Regalado says:

    ola merci?estoy escuchándose

  19. carmine LT says:

    muy buena mierda la puedo usar

  20. Gustavo Puma says:


  21. Alpha Music says:

    awesome beat !

  22. D-Low Beats says:

    Hi guys, I wanted to tell you that I will be out for two weeks. I'm leaving. I will return on August 27.
    See you soon.

    D-Low Beats

  23. Sete Mc Oficial says:

    Yo C^z is Free Use ?

  24. Sete Mc Oficial says:

    Daaamn Nice Nice Nice 😍😍

  25. Robbie Vee says:

    I'm the classic type
    black suited
    sip my crystal in glasses whippin a black Cadillac
    I'm cruisin on piano music
    puffin a fat cigar like a cubin

  26. j camilo villa says:

    instrumental de buvasewta mv originala

  27. Giancarlo Rodas says:

    Prende la mota

  28. black Cat says:

    it's like a love song. haha, but i like it 👍

  29. Ben Parrish says:

    This sounds much more East coast inspired

  30. Alex Allan says:


  31. Jax Teller says:

    sample usado na track fat cap do familia fn

  32. Jack Waxx says:

    ahh, prrende la mota camina enrolla fumala(8)

  33. Justin Baggett says:

    It's happy hour it's laugh time/throwing up a peace sign,when I'm dead And gone/I hope people say he walked a fine line,i have trouble leaving the past/it don't make me laugh as much,I try living in the present/but this pain comes back I clutch,and keep it close to me/like it is a ghost of me,it's hard to get rid of yourself/when u know that's who ur suppose to be,

  34. Beat Brewer says:

    Awesome beat. 🙂

  35. FlippinKittens says:

    That bass kick sound u used kinda sucks

  36. StillFree C says:

    uso libre?

  37. Chad says:

    box says, leave a comment, okay, this beat, this rhyme connects in a line
    fine tune producer d-low
    hailed as a master mind
    futuristic in time
    hour glass sands
    flowing through my hands
    I control the masses
    see they don't listen
    negative actions
    striking deadly
    a fraction off
    lacking knowledge
    sitting in on that evolution course
    I'm here, to start a revolution
    nas said, its embedded
    its a major key
    yellow fever
    caught beneath that
    homemade ether
    back home we say petrol
    South Africa, yeah we electro
    cause problems
    uno momento
    the public listens
    to what the news projects
    yo, its awful
    im lawful
    living in a torso sized house
    2 match boxes piled on top of one another
    quick, I should blame my mother, or the other, roughly I go
    deep within the water
    lost, my mind dead weight
    id like to visit
    the statue of liberty some day
    but hey
    keep rhyming
    excuse my lengthy lyric
    im just a genius
    and cant stop the
    the pastor requested me
    said I was never to be a servant
    so get this
    I never know when to end
    its a like story
    a book, author
    but I work as a security guard port authority
    the majority
    think im whack, check my tracks the one and only flatwhite with a black ball sack and thats a fact.


  38. D-Low Beats says:

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  40. El Weedital says:

    es no es el sampled del tema prende la mota de bubaseta con mov. original

  41. Speed Run Records says:

    tengo un pene chiquito/
    me gusta el hene y el pito/
    repito, tengo un pene chiquito/
    me derrito, mi pene es tan chiquito que es un delito/
    por robado, es rosado, esta posado, en su costado/
    esta muy helado y triste, /

  42. James Young says:

    wth bruhh

  43. D-Low Beats says:

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  44. Omega Squad says:

    this is east coast style

  45. D-Low Beats says:

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  46. FRESH Beats says:

    hh my avatap

  47. sai day says:

    hằng ngày tới trường, chỉ biết là để, sau ra đường, kiếm được việc bình thường,
    Mẹ nói :" Nếu làm tốt, mày sẽ có người thương"
    Và người nằm giường người nằm chiếu, trong một chiều tối chúng tôi gặp nhau,
    Dù là lần đầu, nhưng là nói dối nếu không có lần sau,
    và như đã cùng nhau chịu những vết lằn đau.
    Cả những gánh hàng rau, muống, đưa tay xuống với lấy cuốn sách,
    Như những người mang đa nhân cách, tìm ngách và lách ra khỏi dòng bụi
    và cặm cụi tách ra từ "đống củi", nhưng xui do, thằng em mách ba,
    bị trách, ta.. nói với người đàn bà, đeo túi xách da, mang chiếc nhẫn hổ phách là, "mong không cách xa".

  48. Dio DeSinope says:

    mal hecha la wea!!!

  49. Yng Vibz says:

    Smoke a lotta dope like teenagers up in high school/smoke a lotta niggas like a scary movie part 2/I'm always high but I think I'm gettin higher/got my blade in so much back that I replaced Michael Myers/Fuck that shit u talking bout/u know that I gotta win/on the block 24/7 like I ain't got no sleep/smart ass u think u play me/u gotta be kidding me/got my glock in your mouth/like my dick in your bitch mouth and you kissed it/what's wrong with you don't make bless you like a preach/or you might get your head smashed like fuckin bug/BITCH..

  50. El locco Tatto says:


  51. Zoltan Kubik says:

    fel lehet használni a zenét?

  52. perropeluo says:

    No es el sample de retina floja escuchen la pista de retina floja y escuchen esta son CASI iguales

  53. N _ says:

    This beat is fire

  54. julian peña says:


  55. OreO86 One says:

    best beat to sketch my pieces and bomb the walls

  56. D-Low Beats says:

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  58. MC HACH3P3 says:

    hola hermano me gustaria usar tu beat para una cancion, te dare creditos y mención espero que digas que si

  59. Axel Gonzales says:

    como sellama el beat original

  60. Twizzy Wayne says:

    hey man i need ur help please mail me on [email protected]

  61. Eric Caple says:

    I like that tutorial. I never tried samples at different temps

  62. Hurrikane says:

    Wallpaper ?


    con estas pitas me traspolto menol

  64. SELee says:

    oh my goddd
    perfect gice

  65. El Tipico Fanboy o says:

    bueena tia rosa le pusiste wn la base, le quedo wena. pero podria venir a lavar la loza un dia de estos ya aue esta hace 1 semana. perdon por interrumpil en sus quehaceres, si no puede no importa, la la vo yo, pero aviseme con anticipacin. y cambio el tema perdone por dejarla esperando el otro dia, esque tenia visitas, entiendame porfavor, no se vaya a brasil, aqui la queremos.

  66. D. Luch says:

    Listened to the full beat and hit replay.

  67. Antraxelvaldo says:

    Can i play in my videos of youtube?

  68. Zaac 99 says:

    Suena mucho a RETINA FLOJA jajaja

  69. Elias o Rapper says:

    Cool. like .

  70. Taj Fromthe7 says:

    is this a sample? if so what song is this its fkn amazing

  71. Fernando Guzman says:

    Base qla fome weon xd

  72. LOLO Du 49 says:

    I love that bro good job

  73. Dred Zone says:

    why da fuk would you call this "no mercy" ???

  74. Eduardo says:

    grande malha

  75. Essenel says:

    That sample…. I know it… where does it come from ??

  76. D-Low Beats says:

    Damnnnnnnnnnn hit 1.000.000 views. Thank you so much guys!!

  77. octa Martel says:

    una pregunta broh , es de uso libre ????
    es u beet genial y me encantaría poder usarlo en uno de mis temas !!

  78. _/_________ says:

    😱 omg

  79. Blackman Hulk says:

    Dope shit

  80. sebasgames says:

    El la de prende la mota de retina flojq

  81. That Pasty White Dude says:

    At the age of twelve, my momma put me through hell,
    Sending me to several different foster homes on my own and letting me meet my dad in the back of a jail cell.
    That was a fail, well, it wasn't just about that time that I could tell when somebody like me got sexually molested. (he was my best friend) He went ahead and committed suicide 'cuz he was so depressed.
    I thought still at the time it was bad that I never knew my dad, until I started to get flashbacks of that asshat in the nightmares I had. I remember him holding a knife to me, squeezing me till I choked, calling me a bad joke just, until after I awoke. By the way, tell that son of a bitch I still wanna butcher his throat and drown him in gas, after the aftermath I wanna see his burning ass, turned from a vampire to extra black. Eat that scene through my eyes like I'm a cannibal. May as well look at me like a wild animal while you still fucking a fourteen year old.
    lock me up, go ahead, just know that I have friends that'll help you meet fate faster than the end, you dead.

  82. Beats & Instrumentals by Grizzly Beatz says:

    Liked. Nice vid

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  84. Madsol Music says:

    @D-Low Beats ….. nigga you stole this and you know it, funny thing is the original is better cuz this is straight fucking trash

  85. Tyler 24 says:


  86. D-Low Beats says:

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  87. 8 eg ten says:

    내노랫 소리는 들리지 않아
    그래 난 박자를 떠받아
    훗날 내가 장군이 된다면
    이것도 내가
    맞서 싸울순 있지 싸움의 대가
    하나만 말하자면 인기 좆도 없지 시발럼아
    하나 나다 내가 좆같애서
    아주 열이 차올랐지
    그래 man so fucking
    And new drop the beat
    난 정말 한국힙합 전통적 세례명 받아 뒤 미상 전투 퇴하 발리
    그래 샹 후세우노 후카시노 메토 코로자우노 미라이
    역시 반복되는건 사실
    뒤 없이 니 버르장이
    가르쳐야 아주 그냥 맛있지
    그래 맞어 윽 내가
    하는 짓이 몰라 아무것도
    가진없는 내가 너무 모르니까 잠시
    토하고 지랄하지 그래 쌍놈새끼야
    I know keep go ya
    Ya is when's ta this for the bests
    From the not thing's
    8 in fact loser fucking asshole hah

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