Normal Sounds on Top Freezer Refrigerators
Normal Sounds on Top Freezer Refrigerators

Modern refrigerators have many features that refrigerators made just a few years ago do not have. One result of these features
is the additional complex components, which contribute to a sound that may
be different from your old unit. Different sounds may be heard at
different times, and may be unfamiliar, yet they are
perfectly normal operating sounds. Additionally, refrigerators located on hard surfaces like tile floors and near cabinets may
make the sounds seem louder. Let’s take a look at the source of some of these sounds. Modern refrigerators use a small fan motor, located in the rear of the freezer
compartment and behind the air tower to force cold air
through the freezer compartment and into the fresh food compartment. miss
air movement is necessary to keep your This air movement is necessary to keep your refrigerator temperatures at desirable levels. As a result, you may hear the air
movement and fan motor running. these sounds are normal and not a cause for concern. A convenient feature of most modern
refrigerators is an automatic defrost cycle This process automatically removes any
frost that accumulates on the evaporator and allows your refrigerator to operate efficiently and properly. During the defrost cycle, the compressor and fans turn off and a heater, located behind the
evaporator cover, turns on. As the frost begins to melt, you may hear a sizzle or hissing sound as water drips
onto the heater. Additionally, you may see a faint red glow from the heater. This is normal operation and ensures your refrigerator continues to
operate properly. One of the most popular and convienent accessories available on newer
refrigerators is the automatic ice maker. At prescribed intervals, a valve, located
in the rear near the bottom of the refrigerator,
activates to allow water to fill the ice maker. When this valve operates you may hear a
clicking or buzzing sound followed by the sound of running water. This is normal. Occasionally, the water
supply line will cause a something or hammering sound as the ice maker fills. Because the water line moves as water
travels through it this is usually a result of the waterline
touching, clanking or vibrating against something. If this occurs, simply move the waterline away from the object. As the ice maker fills, you may hear
the sound of water pouring into the ice maker. This is normal. Once the water is frozen you will hear a humming or buzzing sound, as the ice maker rotates and prepare to empty. This could last for several minutes. You
will also hear the ice cubes as they dropped into the ice bin. The sound
you hear will vary depending on whether your ice bin is empty or already contains ice cubes. All of these sounds are the normal operating sounds of a properly working ice maker. Most modern refrigerators incorporate a forced air condenser design. This means that air is forced over the condenser coils to cool the refrigerant. This is accomplished through the use of a condenser fan. As warm refrigerant is forced into the
condenser, a fan operates to draw air from the
front of the refrigerator and across the condenser. This fan should run anytime the compressor motor is running. You may hear the condenser fan run and
the sound of air moving when this happens. This is normal and ensure the efficient
operation of your refrigerator.

10 thoughts on “Normal Sounds on Top Freezer Refrigerators”

  1. Susan B says:

    would be helpful to have a video of abnormal sounds your crappy refrigerators make

  2. Steven Bechard says:

    How in the world can that last sound be described as normal?

  3. Joy Coffey says:

    My GE fridge looks exactly like this model. I noticed a red glow from the bottom vents in the freezer and heard water dripping and sizzling…like water dripping on a hot stove eye. The noise in this video didn't exactly sound like what I experienced. I'm very scared to plug my fridge back up.

  4. Joe Sovereign says:

    So basically if you don't want to hear any of these noises you need to spend $2,000 on a different model. It's all to make you spend thousands on a deluxe fridge.

  5. MA H says:

    My 30 years old chef magic refrigerator just died😻😻 30 years of wonderful quiet worry free service. I do not know what to buy to replace it. I am afraid to buy the garbage refrigerators in today market.

  6. Benji Friedman says:


  7. Gemini Gypsy says:

    Mines makes a glugging water noise! Its frost free but doesn’t have an ice maker.

  8. Free Voice says:

    I have a GE fridge. It's the loudest thing I've heard. Everyone I know has a fridge with a gentle hum not me. I get to hear a loud hum and loud continuous clicking. Repairman says "this is normal" also. GE soundproof your obnoxious fridges!

  9. Salvatore Monaco says:

    We can only hope that one day some boy genius at General Electric will design a better fridge.

  10. bhaffar says:

    The loudest refrigerator I've ever experienced! Mine emits an obnoxious bass sound like vooooom vooooom vooooom which is beyond annoying!

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