Obama’s Dijon Burger: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History | The Daily Show
Obama’s Dijon Burger: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History | The Daily Show

– As you all know, President Obama is a
real man of the people, and yesterday, he dropped by
a popular Virginia restaurant to grab a burger with his pal, Joe. Now take a look at him ordering his burger with a very special condiment. (echoing voice)- Condiment – Just your basic cheddar cheeseburger, medium-well, I just want mustard. No ketchup. If you got
like a spicy mustard, or something like that or a Dijon mustard, something like that. Dijon mustard something like that. (Dramatic voice) Dijon
mustard something like that. (dramatic music) – [Interviewer] Do you ask if
they had any Dijon mustard? – Who eats a cheeseburger
with Dijon mustard? What’s that? (camera shutters) – He doesn’t like ketchup? – Alright, I hope you
enjoyed that ‘fancy burger,’ Mr. President. (patriotic music) (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Obama’s Dijon Burger: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History | The Daily Show”

  1. Rogelio Quiroga says:

    Oh Hannity you are a obnoxious clown

  2. Juan Pato17 says:

    Oh my God he ordered a burger with mustard and a type of cheese that he prefers what a monster. dude like wtf.

  3. First State Airgun Reviews says:

    Funny how it always comes back to bite em in da ass… Karma ya know.

  4. zingingcutie says:

    Lazy Trevor

  5. Jay Boogie says:

    This is how ridiculous fox is and then you got a bunch of idiots following up and Reporting the same shit like it's some crisis or something because he put Dijon mustard on his Burger.

  6. BlikenavE says:

    On top of the tan suit, I can never again trust this man. Glad he's out.

  7. Kono Dutch says:

    No his worse scandal was pardoning Manning and trading 5 terrorists for that derserter guy

  8. Ray Mak says:

    I need my Dijon Mustard now!

  9. Jackson Duval says:

    That lady never been to Chicago, you can't even find ketchup there

  10. REME says:

    Bottom feeding scum- suckers.

  11. Waset Amaru says:

    I've eaten hamburgers with… Ketchup, Ketchup and Mayo, Barbeque Sauce, and Steak Sauce! Never knew I was committing cardinal sin by doing so!

  12. Lord Beerus says:

    Fox News is dumb and covers dumb fake scandals like these when obama did have real scandals like any president.

  13. Husain Alhayki says:

    I hate ketchup..worst thing to put on burger if u ask me

  14. Some Random Dude says:

    Since when is spicy mustard "fancy"? Also ketchup is disgusting, and ranch or mayo are better options than that even.

  15. Volheim says:

    wait?… since when have Dijon mustard become fancy? must be an American thing that it is fancy….

  16. Sarah Hamilton says:

    I do have to ask though….how is that appetizing? That just sound gross. 😂

  17. Cowboy Bebop says:

    President Pedophile travel to Epstein to have underage sex but Fox News worried about dijon mustard.

  18. Tobi Fajemilehin says:


  19. Rona Gov says:

    Fox news is racist. That is why Donald Trump likes them so much. Obama should eat anything he wants it's his body

  20. Soumya Saha says:

    Fox news is run by idiots for idiots. 🤣🤣

  21. ndlondlo mabuya says:

    This made news because…?

  22. C.S.R. B. says:

    Thank god he didn’t have his tan suit on.

  23. Michael Krämer says:

    Dijon mustard isn't even considered fancy here in Europe 😂

  24. Adnan Huzaifa says:

    😂😂😂😂that was funny. Fox news is such a joke.

    I miss obama

  25. Avice Hunter says:

    Was that Pizza with a fork? Have my eyes deceived me?

  26. Erick Acosta says:

    I love dijon mustard lol better than regular mustard

  27. Duke of Justice says:

    OMG they got him xD.hahhaha

  28. Kevin Alan says:

    Literally mustard with one swapped ingredient.

  29. Lucas Johnson says:

    Sean Hannity is a fucking loser!! I miss having a sane President.!!😩

  30. Christoph Luger says:

    Let's get to the Oranges of this

  31. Lucas Johnson says:

    Look how Fox news goes bat shit crazy on Obama over something so little..But praise and worship Trump after all the shit he has said an done.there is something very wrong here.

  32. Reina Arana says:

    Everyone has specific things they like on there burger
    Why is this a problem 😡

  33. Jamaal Curry says:

    I eat my veggie burger with only mustard, guess that's another thing we have in common

  34. Jamaal Curry says:

    Fu#k Mayonnaise

  35. Princess B. says:

    Do you all remember that time Obama wore a TAN suit?!

    !¡?¿!!¿¿??¡¡!!sUch A diSgRacE¡!!¿!¡?!!?!??¿

  36. Everything Videos says:

    A healthy man doesn't order a burger with ketchup ketchup is nasty it's got high fructose corn syrup I don't eat hamburgers at all to damn oily for me I eat sushi salad cereal chicken eggs Greek yogurt all the actual healthy stuff besides the cereal.

  37. Jeffery Allen Seville says:

    Who eats a steak well done with ketchup? Trump does, just order the chicken you orange POS.

  38. Tyler Durden says:

    Obamas worst scandal was russiagate that they tried to blame on trump. Obama was just to stupid to get away with it

  39. Gaia Shield says:

    Omg not dijon mustard! That's so much worse than raping children with Jeffrey Epstein and kidnapping, trafficking, abusing, gang raping, and murdering children of asylum seekers.

  40. Praetor_Fenix420 says:


  41. Irfan Sehic says:

    I love the music, I don't care if I hear it 100 times it always makes me laugh.

  42. Zork OnIce says:

    Oh the humanity!

  43. Pratham Gupta says:

    First world problems are on a level of their own

  44. Jozhua Mendoza says:

    Fox News has all these petty controversies during the Obama years but during Trump years the same controversies are non existent.

  45. Diane Sealey says:

    A man who knows what he wants. You're not eating it.

  46. technoway says:

    This story is not a "nothing burger." 😉

  47. Brandon Porter says:

    I honestly don't even remember this lol. What a bunch of fucking idiots! They had nothing so they were like run the mustard piece from the super secret destroy Obama and the Dems playbook lol.

  48. Google owns you says:

    Yeah not his illegal wars and war crimes, since he is "one of us" . a leftist antiwhite globalist.

  49. Google owns you says:

    I miss the days when liberal wasn't hypocritical bullies without arguments.

  50. Rick Jaques says:

    Great PRESIDENT GREAT MAN!!! that's why I have health care , thank you PRESIDENT OBAMA. I eat mustard on Fry's and I put jelly on my pan cakes ! FUCK YOU FOX

  51. wendy miller says:

    It isn't special dumb ass, it's just mustard.

  52. Just A Guy Production says:

    Fox News is synonymous for Fake News.

  53. Swiffer Duster Kitty & Friends says:

    OMG The Horrors 🙀

  54. Amanda Fugett says:

    Oh no! A black man ordering "grey poupon". How racist of former President Barack Obama. 😍😁👏

  55. Thiago Bernardo says:

    Gotta love some Dijon, even more now. "What kind of man", complains about that shit and can get away with calling the others triggered snowflakes. Gotta love these new/old racist fuckos, all hilarious fucking morons. Sad…

  56. Adnan Kabir says:

    he enjoyed that burger all the way into his second term.

  57. Miles Jenkins says:

    Dijon cost 1.79 a bottle for generic. It's in no way 'fancy' lol

  58. Trumpet Music says:

    I am sure that many kids watching drones dropping bombs over their heads would disagree that this was Obama's most controversial moments.

  59. Michael Henry says:

    I guess it had to be a slow news day. I don't eat my burger with ketchup, nor my hotdogs, or polish. In Chicago that is the way. They would know that if they lived there. Mustard only, no ketchup. What a bunch of losers. No mayo on burgers either the nastiest thing I have ever had the misfortune to have. Ketchup is for French fries only.

  60. Jered Bindels says:

    I dont want to bug but i worked as a black boy at burger king and the whopper and cheese hamburger is with mustard and if he can pay dijon whats the problem 😂😂 but yeah he is black and was on the top sad

  61. Silver says:

    Man has tastes. As a frenchmen, i can only aprove at the highest degree a dijon mustard Burger.

  62. yass nnej says:

    Is Donald eating 🍕 with a fork?!? TF!

  63. Frank Chaves says:

    I think it sounds good! I'm going to try it.


    Maybe the burger was to “dark” for them ?

  65. BlackFyr says:

    I had no idea. That's one slippery bastard. I'm so glad he's not in office anymore. Lol

  66. Dah One Yiu Jave Bin Wai-Ting Four says:

    Let’s all face it Fox News are the minions of Donald Trump, plain and simple. Who gives a shit what the ex-president of the USA wants to do to his own burger. It’s his own fucking burger, get used to it. You ain’t the one gonna eat it. Fox News is so dumb, dumb as Don. 🤣🤣🤣

  67. Jesse Stewart says:

    Dijongate… We will never forget.

  68. Christian Edwardsen says:

    Almost as bad as something about a sharpie

  69. Wall Street says:

    Meanwhile Steven Crowder calling CNN fake news… 🤦🏾‍♂️

  70. CoolieIndaCut says:


  71. Dirt Merchant says:

    Wait, wait, I thought the worst scandel was Obama wearing a tan suit… Now I find out he eats Dijon mustard, I can't believe I voted for that monster… Twice!!!

  72. desertbluesman says:

    Conservatives are very sensitive creatures. We must not disturb their steady sterile sense of order, poor dears

  73. Pitchoo973 says:

    Was it a real scandal in the USA ?

  74. Maggie Friesz says:

    What kind of man orders a burger without ketchup? I’ll tell ya, a man with steel for balls.

  75. Ade Akili says:

    Cheeseburger, mustard, onion, no Coke, Pepsi. #thatschicago

  76. FlamingAtheist says:

    I miss this bullshit

  77. Jutta Soliman says:

    Yes good old times with a president who wasn't a pathological liar and narcissist and who don''t want to turn the country into a dictatorship.

  78. matthis toles says:


  79. Korey Green says:

    Obama also saluted a Marine with a latte in his hand and Fox news called for his impeachment

  80. John Doe says:

    If Obama was President Poupon,
    then Trump is President Poop On. 😂

  81. Earnest T Bass says:

    You're forgetting Obama's scandals. I would say Fast and Furious where Obama's doj funneled guns to the cartels in Mexico and one of those guns was used to kill a border agent.

    Maybe it's the IRS going after Tea Party Representatives.
    could it be when he gave Iran billions of dollars to come up with a shity nuclear deal.
    How about Nation building in Libya along with Hillary Clinton State Department that ended in 4 Americans dead because of unrest in Benghazi..
    Also Hillary State Department gave $300,000 to Israel's opposition party to Bibi Netanyahu….
    So many more scandals but I'll save the best for last..
    2016 Obama uses his executive branches intelligence agencies to spy on Trump campaign..
    FBI director CIA director NIA director.
    James Comey John Brennan James Clapper all Obama appointees now being investigated into how the Russian collusion Russian probe started..
    Andrew McCabe deputy director FBI fired…. it was a counterintelligence Russian probe that the president has to know about.. this will be going all the way up to the corrupt Obama as for any punishment that's another thing seems nobody in the swamp goes to jail… but it is now under investigation something you're fake news will not let you know about

  82. Sophie Peraaud says:


  83. Gilman Askin says:

    I'm wondering "Tf is a Dijon mustard? "

  84. khuang96 says:

    0:24 the repeat made it sound like the build up of a song or sth 😆

  85. DoubledEdgeSword321 says:

    and Michel got grilled for exercising in a sleeveless shirt..the nerve..but the nude pictures of milania atop another woman kissing is alright tho..

  86. Jovan Lee says:

    Wait. Why would anyone order a cheeseburger with ketchup? Shouldn't it be paired with something spicy and not sweet? Is this how you guys eat it?

  87. Neron [AH] says:

    Remember when we found out Trump eats his steak well done with ketchup.

    What an uncultured savage.

  88. Andrew Burton says:

    OK, I like Ketchup on my burgers too. But why are so many people losing their minds over Obama ordering his with dijon mustard. It's his burger and that's what he wants so I don't really get why people are so "Outraged."

    Also, the fact that they criticized this about Obama and were silent about number 45's eating choices (and eating habits frankly) is a ridiculous thing to think about.

  89. Wintermute vs Neuromancer says:

    hahaha…. i miss him…. trump is a moron…

  90. Weird Person says:

    All this proves is that these idiots don’t have tastebuds. Mustard or spicy mustard gives a nice kick of flavor. Ketchup on burgers is for little kids that want something sweet on their burger

  91. Jason Waugh says:

    Fox gave this more coverage than any of the 12000 lies Trump has told

  92. Sergiu H says:

    Its funny cause the left does the same shit to trump now 😂😂😂

  93. Jerry Lorosae says:

    She says "how can a man having a burger without a ketchup?" as insane thing. Then myself is asking"how can this woman (and her Fox news peers) being a journalist without a bit of knowledge?"

  94. Sara Darklaw says:

    These comments…
    Anyone remember Obama dropped so many bombs in the Middle East we actually ran out, and we had a causality rate of 90% civilians in the process? Or how he was the only president in us history to serve a full 2 terms at war, and then bragged about it? Or how about when he allowed a corporation to ram an oil pipeline through Native American lands, contaminating the local drinking water and breaking yet another US promise to honor lands given by treaty?

    Obama was another piece of shit. It’s possible to say that without resorting to Fox News level outrage over nothing.

  95. Miguel Manzolua says:

    Hahahahaha fucking republicans……

    Like mexican people said.

    Chingue n a su madre ……..!

  96. Vane H says:

    I remember this. I hate that I do

  97. Veronica Dykes says:

    You can't explain spicy mustard to those who love the mayo….just saying😏!

  98. juan cenobio says:

    Fuckin love brown mustard. Who the fuck puts ketchup on burgers they got this backwards. Ketchup in a burger your asking to get beat up.

  99. Sonanki Ghosh says:

    while I have no idea what Dijon mustard is, I definitely hate ketch up in my burger. you got to have taste buds to know that ketch up ruins the whole thing.

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