Only-child Matthew moved to tears by brotherly James and Oliver – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions
Only-child Matthew moved to tears by brotherly James and Oliver – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

GENTLE PIANO MUSIC # Once I was seven years old # My momma told me # Go make yourself some friends # Or you’ll be lonely # Once I was seven years old # It was a big, big world # But we thought we were bigger # Pushing each other to the limits # We were learning quicker… # CHEERING Nice, boys. # ..Drinking burning liquor # Never rich so we were out # To make that steady figure # Once I was 11 years old AUDIENCE GASPS # I only see my goals # I don’t believe in failure # Cos I know the smallest voices # They can make it major # I got my boys with me # At least those in favour # And if we don’t meet
before I leave… # Lovely. # Once I was 20 years old CHEERING # Soon I’ll be 60 years old # My daddy got 61 # Remember life and then your life
becomes a better one # I made a man so happy # When I wrote a letter once # I hope my children come and visit # Once or twice a month # Soon I’ll be 60 years old # Will I think the world is cold # Or will I have a lot of children # Who can warm me? # Soon I’ll be 60 years old # Will I think the world is cold # Or will I have a lot of children # Who can warm me? # Soon I’ll be 60 years old # Once I was seven years old. # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # It’s not about me # It’s not about
who I want to be… # Jason & Oliver, everyone! CHEERING # You know that we are better off
as two # Cos we are, we are, we are # We are more # We are, we are, we are # We are more. # So proud of them. So proud of them. They were incredible. Oh, boys, welcome to the show! CHEERING I really, really liked it. The illusion of a mirror effect –
it really felt like you guys were matched and you were living
off each other. The lifts felt like
they had air to them. And when you grabbed him by the neck
and started turning him, I was like, “Yes! What was that?!” CHEERING That was spectacular. I have one tiny little thing I need
to ask of you. And that’s the face. I don’t want to see
if you’re out of breath. I don’t want to see if you’re
slightly miming the words. I just want you to tell us
with your body language. And that was the only criticism. BOOING Constructive. They don’t like that.
No, that’s good. I mean, it’s great to get
constructive criticism because it’s only going
to make you better. Yeah. It was so incredible. I found myself obviously just
really, really moved by that. I’m an only child but I always
wished I had, like, an older… Just a brother in general. The camaraderie you have
with each other… I know you guys aren’t related,
but it was so beautiful to watch. And, honestly,
I loved the stumble that you had, because it made you human. You
know, and it gave you room to grow. It’s like it didn’t even happen
because you came right out of it. But it was just such
a beautiful routine. Thank you, captains. Is there anything you want
to say to the audience? Thank you so much. James & Oliver, everyone! CHEERING # Oh, together # Oh, together… # Well done. I just looked at how he kept
looking… ..the little one kept
looking at the… It was so… Yeah, like…
I think that’s what got me… Yeah. It was so, like… Like, “Brother,
help me. Lift me.” ..admiration. I’m just… I’m overwhelmed.
I can’t believe it.

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  1. Roger Winslow says:

    This brought me to tears.

  2. Sunshine M says:

    I cried like the mother 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂♥️

  3. Dear FutureMe says:

    I’m the eldest child.. there’s 10 years between me and my sister!! Dances like this really move me because they make me feel as though I was missing out.

  4. Sophia Padorfski says:

    They were amazzinnnggggg but yea I fully agree with Cher’s feedback and I’m glad the judges are giving constructive criticism, the crowd shouldn’t be booing them..

  5. Epiceroy says:

    Mad i didn't recognise james at first he has grown alot, we went to the same primary school

  6. Vannessa Allen says:

    hey that’s mr shue from glee

  7. Cookie Monster says:

    Cheryl telling him about miming… yeah maybe take a look at half your songs 🤣

  8. Hannah C says:

    All I can think of with these two together is Fred and George Weasley, James and Oliver Phelps.

  9. Becky Hamilton says:

    They are so good at dancing. They dance so well together.

  10. The Asshole says:

    His mistake was so smooth to a point it looked like it was paet of the dance.

  11. The Asshole says:

    I'm I the only one that didnt cry? I mean dont get me wrong, it was beautiful.

  12. Elanor Allmann says:

    Wait! They are not brothers?!?!… now that I think about it they look nothing alike… whoops, they just danced like they've known each other for the whole life and danced together the whole time. Great chemistry! Love that! And the slip up. I mean he just tried to stay in the routine and not be late to anything but for me the way he desperately tried not to fall and tried to get to the other boy in time, it just looked like he ran to help/save his little brother. 😁🙂 it might the be last book I read and the fact that I thought they really were brothers, that make me still see that this way. It just looked like: "no! Not him!" Kind of running to save him. 😂😂😂

  13. Tonja Milan says:

    How old is the older boy

  14. Lizanne Leonard says:

    Matthew said in another audition he had a nephew so how can he be an only child? Does anyone know? He said it on the A.W.A audition he said he has a nephew with autism

  15. Santana Grady says:

    I love these to so much

  16. Kelley Spartiatis says:

    I cried. When an act can make you feel that kind of emotion then they're doing it right. Beautiful!

  17. Erin Lloyd says:

    🧡🧡🧡 so amazing!!!

  18. Sara Barrish says:

    Hate how the crowd boos constructive criticism. They got through! It’s so important for artists to have the opportunity to hear the criticisms of others on their technical skill, especially from seasoned professionals. Criticism isn’t bad, as long as it’s constructive, and the aim is to better the artist. Support doesn’t have to be unbridled.

  19. tufan sarıkaya says:

    Fwd xw, ben

  20. Kathryn Christie Matteson says:

    Hi Alesha I watch bgt I love you

  21. Just another glee fan here says:

    The youngest boy went to my primary school.

  22. Norris nuts_ piper rockelle_ tik tok fan says:


  23. tracy berry says:

    This was one if there best dances sadly they are trying to much ❤

  24. Alivia Moser says:

    It was so good!

  25. Santana Grady says:

    Really hope they win xx

  26. mia willer-stephenes says:

    They should have won

  27. Amyah Rayford says:

    That made me cry😥😥😥😭

  28. Rebecca Dandy says:

    👬😭 brothers for life

  29. Melody ? says:

    there is so much brother love and trust between them! like if agree

  30. The Greatest Cat Of All Time says:


  31. Ariyonna Jackson says:

    I love your dancing I love you.

  32. Yoo Toob says:

    They're very talented and incredibly charming, but whomever choreographed that number took advantage of every aspect: size, strength, age, boyish charm and brotherly emotion. That routine requires a lot of extension and they both did beautifully.

  33. jea lou says:

    ok mr shuester

  34. David Steinbring says:

    Totally Awesome guys!!!…Jim w.and Not my partner of 19 Great yrs.and for ever DAVID STEINBRING..

  35. United Differences says:

    I stunned and in tears 😢💜

  36. Misty Fitzpatrick says:

    I saw an actor from Glee!!!!!!🙀😀😀😀😀

  37. Black_Galaxy_Gacha says:

    Awe so cute i began to cry ;-;

  38. Dahbia Djadel says:

    The name of the song please

  39. RolandRoleja Gaming says:

    the older brother looks like Tom Holland

    Anyone agrees?

  40. Larissa Mendes says:

    Mds,amo essa música 😍😍

  41. Geraldine Office says:

    I loved these kids thought they were great and great recovery after fall

  42. Azenuo Kapfo says:

    The song the move I love it

  43. Chloe Upson says:

    Wait there are not brothers?

  44. Christine Jackson says:

    I didn't even notice his stumble whatsoever! Until everyone in the audience took a deep breath! I had to back the video up & look for it! Cheryl Cole? I didn't understand what she was talking about. Was she saying he was miming the words? These two were excellent dancing together! Well worth a standing O from all 3 judges getting UP on their feet! I'm sure Cheryl's, made plenty of mistakes with her dance moves in life & even to this very day! Like the male Judge said: It makes them human! These boys did superb! The story of the dance with the song choice was beautiful! I loved it so very much!

  45. Becky_Ham7561 says:

    They just dance so well together it’s a shame that the boy slipped

  46. K Marx says:

    That was amazing

  47. Gareth Deacon-Walker says:


  48. Mia Janes says:

    Does anyone know what song played at the end of their performance?

  49. Erin Smith says:

    Thats Dance routine plus the song choice 😭😭😭😭

  50. Atikhom Victoria Thomas Alyssa Amara Arnon Phuwanat says:

    I want to see they in Y Series…

  51. Arcic says:

    Meanwhile me and my brother are having a fight 🤣

  52. HotTofu _ ColdTofu says:


    My brother: pushes me down the stairs Get out of the way loser

    Me: I’m gonna fall down and stay down.

  53. Usha Seecharran says:

    That was so cool guys one day maybe I will be dancing with u guys that was super

  54. Marion Lorimer says:

    They are awesome

  55. Mirian mirian says:


  56. Scotty Potty says:


  57. Natalie Winder says:

    Amazing boys they should be proud

  58. Ethicks says:

    Watched this like million time 😭❤️

  59. ryszard drabik says:

    rewelacyjnie zatańczyli , pozdrawiam from polend

  60. _Kotori 970_ says:

    It’s raining in my bedroom and I can’t make it stop. This was just beautiful ✨❤️

  61. Marcos Rivera says:

    Stumble or not,that was an outstanding dance routine!So heart-felt.

  62. crowe bobby says:

    Older one is incredibly handsome.

  63. Rachel Cole says:

    They were great!

  64. Shirley Lam Liu says:

    Beautiful 😌😱
    You two killed it😘
    You're together amazing 💯😍👍

  65. I hate biju mike I love laurenzside and aphmmau says:

    this is the most beautiful dance ever ☺😍😘

  66. Phongsakorn Kamsingh says:

    Will am cry

  67. Alexis Newell says:

    Beautiful ❤❤💫😍

  68. Jenny Winnard says:

    I honestly cried all the way through this those boys are so sweet and that one mistake didn’t change anything!!! Amazing boys!!!😁😅😭😃😃😀😀

  69. jannah saidin says:

    This song always make me cry

  70. Chao Yoong says:

    once in a while when two soul mates come together to perform a beautiful artistic and in sync – amazing outcome. Hope James & Oliver team up because they encourage and bring out the best of each other. This is rare and it showed when they danced with their hearts.

  71. Frunza Elena says:


  72. Sofia S says:


  73. Fluffy bunny Alice says:

    I’m watching glee right now 😂 lol seeing him here and in glee is so weird

  74. WanderingSoul says:

    Idk why this was suggested but I am glad it was. So beautiful. I got so emotional! The stumbling looked almost intentional

  75. Ravene S Thompson says:

    I’m so sick of Cheryl. Every time her ass dance she gets outta breath too, who the hell she thinks she is? Why they even got her judging a dance competition anyway? It should be the other way round with Jordon or Aleisha in her place and she presents it

  76. amada bogado says:


  77. Shawn Holloway says:

    Whoever disliked this video is messed up

  78. Leeya. Khoun says:

    I’m pansexual. I thought I was turning lesbian until this.

  79. _Katrin_ _ says:


  80. Ruby Largo says:

    Oh Mr. Schuester got very emotional😍

  81. Nico-chan says:


  82. SingingSighs says:

    the judges comments were bs lololol there were things they could’ve said about technique, or tips to get better. but it was all “don’t mouth the words” and “that was great.”

  83. Larkspur 97 says:

    Awesome… Hatsoff

  84. love Fortnite says:

    glee ‼️

  85. Itz Willow says:

    U problably won’t believe this but is true.i went to a dance festival called “dance caper”. And guess what.JAMES AND OLIVER WERE THE JUDGES!! :D.i promise and I swear on my mums life I’m not joking and they performed the same dance I think 😀 (once I was seven years old)they looked at me 😭❤️.i filmed it was the best day EVER also my friend was there 🙂 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜😭😭 and u don’t have to believe me :/ but it’s TRUE 😭😭😭💜💚🧡💙❤️

  86. Jamal Usmi says:

    I've had brothers but badly we're not closed to each i wish we'll be like them.😢😢😢

  87. Reuel Nampui says:

    I also have a brother n I love him to death and also I love them both n I wish them the best and earn millions but their dance is not up to the mark. Sometimes we have to take criticisms to make ourself better. If Simon was the judge here. He would have said complete truth . That would hurt but bring them back better next year may be .

  88. Ashley Helene says:


  89. Autistic Hope says:

    Must suck to be an only child

  90. vict4571 vict4571 says:

    I'm a dancer and I can say myself WOW!

  91. Hawk Holloway says:

    hey BBC, the song is just called “Seven Years” not “7 Years Old”. The lyrics move in increments of seven years….

  92. Nikole 3.5 says:

    I love then
    They are so cute and good together
    That old boy looks the Spider Man new actor

  93. Jahlivya Harvey says:

    I haven't watched this show yet, but i remembered one of the judges from glee and clicked

  94. Yann C. says:

    really amazing ! They are marvellous

  95. a P says:


  96. Nicole H says:

    Absolutly Amazing…wow

  97. Anni Anni says:


  98. dancer 105 says:

    nobody come at me but these two are not good at dance the level of diffculty other than a few lift was extremly low they do not know how to dance and the cool lifts and a story makes them get through like 1:14 they do not know how to turn there hopping around and there not even together and the feet are like fish flopping around when they pull in to a passe there feet are sickled which is a basic thing you learn not to do then the jump they do after if it is a tilt jumo or a straddle jump they did not do it right the jumps at 1:38 are very simple jumps with poor technique the leg at 1:44 turned in those are only a few this proves that these shows to get through you need no talent but a story if you want to see good dances watch like world of dance

  99. Kelly Chen says:

    The music is emotional

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