Pentakill: Mortal Reminder | Official Music Video – League of Legends
Pentakill: Mortal Reminder | Official Music Video – League of Legends

Blinded by hate brought by the fall As I swear death to all You will feel my vengeance As I claim your mortal soul I will punish and destroy Those responsible for this ploy I will seek a thousand deaths I will bring a thousand years of war All that I had taken away My home is gone, and my love ones slain For every sleep claims a piece of me Every waking moment, every single dream As the masses came Like a shadow through this land They laid siege to all we ever had I stood strong, I was honor bound I stand defiant, I stand ever proud I am the chosen I am the guardian, the guardian Now I seek the blood of those Who claimed the innocent I will hunt the enemy to the last I will banish and rejoice The final breath of foes You will see what you have made You will see what I have finally become All that I had laid to the waste My spirit broken and just memories remain For every day claims a piece of me Every waking hour claims my inner peace My inner peace As the masses came Like a shadow through this land They laid siege to all we ever had, ya I stood strong, I was honor bound I stand defiant, I stand ever proud I am the chosen I am the guardian, the guardian

100 thoughts on “Pentakill: Mortal Reminder | Official Music Video – League of Legends”

  1. Alejandro Curiel Granillo says:

    Eh aquí la mejor gestión de casas jamas presentada por manukaiser

  2. the dreamers says:

    Mordekaiser looks so dangerous here
    And teemoo looks so cute 😍😍

  3. Chaos says:

    Warriors and this one were one of the best league music videos ever,ok kda is good too

  4. Teram says:

    now I wonder, will you ever update pentakill sona so that she has proper audio for her skin?

  5. 가루녹차 says:


  6. SirPentious says:

    If the vocalist isn't Jorn Lande, then they found someone that sounds exactly like him!

  7. the broken ones says:

    has anyone seen sona even get a pentakill tho

  8. M0rTos 1993 says:

    It's my idea or the guy that sings (i don't play lol) looks like Eddie the Head, the mascot of Iron Maiden

  9. Diwonne Hunter says:

    yordle şehrinin anasını siktiler

  10. Abaegirl 09 says:

    i don't like rock,but this stole my heart

  11. minh tú lương says:

    poor teemo :v

  12. MrRodRen says:

    We need a Yordle Pentakill member, like Kled or Poppy.

  13. Princess Bunny Cly says:

    Nothing funnier in a metal song than Teemo being punted

  14. Dagora2782 says:

    jajaja Si todos odiamos a TEMMO jajajaj I heat so much.

  15. Joaochocopolo X says:

    Tadinho do teemo

  16. Lucas Millalen says:

    Captain teemo on duty

  17. Metal Apocalypse says:

    this is some poser shite. it wold be better if it was death metal .

  18. Luna Black says:

    Awwww teemo 😍

  19. GaMEs_INsiDe says:

    Teemo got home runned

  20. 호모나 says:

    4:02 편ㅡ안

  21. jajadani602 bithc says:


  22. DrunkSerbianKid says:

    When Teemo goes Support..

  23. 總總 says:


  24. 3XODU5 says:

    poor carpenter from the city of Bundle

  25. xCallous says:

    Teemo report

  26. 임지민 says:

    펜타킬로 리메이크하면 참 멋있을것 같은데

  27. ][상록 says:

    kick the teemo

  28. Chandler Schneider says:

    Spells that turn small furry creatures into rock enthusiasts?
    LoL gets it right again.

  29. Fluiz farias says:

    mando o temmo pra casa do crlh

  30. Mouachee Vang says:

    When you pick on somebody triple the smaller you

  31. Boughtcoma 986 says:

    Me playing Karthus:

    In my mind:
    this video

    Me actully playing Karthus:

  32. WhiteFog says:

    you saw how teemo got kicked? yeah, that's how rito kicks us in the balls every time we lane against tenmo.

  33. Benjamian Hausmann says:

    rip old mordekaiser

  34. Antônio Soares says:

    O jogo é uma merda já a música é boa

  35. UwU Wonderer says:

    no yordles were harmed during the making of this video

  36. Trust TM says:

    No one :

  37. 김병기 says:

    Highlights 4:00 🤣🤣

  38. Felix Sta.Maria says:

    Eyy look its reworked morde

  39. not sundk says:

    Does they explained in the lore how does Bandle city recovered from a terrorist attack or this is just a plot hole

  40. Harvey Miantezila says:

    3:25 When I became a Yorick main

  41. Bel- -mak says:

    сука это прососто ахуенно

  42. Bswerkrk 88 says:

    I prefer this to kda

  43. GHOST says:

    Me and the boys playing some heavy metal

  44. edwin dennis says:

    wish teemo gets his own cinematic

  45. Muhammed Şükrü Doğru says:


  46. theKiniso says:

    Iron Maiden как всегда прекрасны!!!

  47. Lucinta guagak says:


  48. boukac204 says:

    Kartuş bunu yapabiliyo muydu mq yoksa bu başka bi evren mi

  49. 404 Not Feeder! says:

    Eeeeevlaaaaaat çarp gitsin hepsini

  50. Эйно Харанен says:

    Даа, когда я смотрю эти видео – осознаю, как дота отсасывает в этом плане.

  51. Marcelo Verdjinn says:


  52. Marcelo Verdjinn says:

    Emocionada !!!!!!

  53. Enes fındıklı says:

    ama işte o teemo oyunda bi tekmeyle uçmuyor milletin anasını aglatıyor

  54. Kitten says:

    You ever watch this and think about mordekaiser before he got reworked

  55. Kondi17 says:

    Its one od the worst series and vid. Moment with Olaf was lame and cringy. What were Kayle doing whole time? And wtf Sona? She doesnt suit there at all! You could at leady add some electronic piano to this song but u didnt…Honestly, such a lost of potencial

  56. game-sweetchaos Fox says:

    yoooo these league video trailers are so lit 😍

  57. ZWar101 says:


  58. knots nights says:

    I haven't played League in years; that's Morde, Yorrick, Sona, Vlad, and Olaf, right?

  59. applepiebottoms says:

    finally reworked morde to look like this

  60. Jeff The Killer says:

    I still come back to watch Teemo get kicked in the jaw

  61. High on Hentai says:

    Compared to sion in the awake league video, morde is taller in this video

  62. Lourdes Samudio says:

    Faltó Urgot xd

  63. Irshad Zamir says:

    anyone here from star guardian : light and shadow

  64. John Michael Ruiz says:

    Riot should definitely recreate this…

  65. The Phoenix says:

    just teh best video in the world

  66. Kira.? says:

    avenged sevenfold noises

  67. shaun little says:

    i still think pentakill kayle just came out of nowhere :L

  68. 13Traaa TM says:

    Velhos tempos quando LoL era mais jogado que Fortnite ksks

  69. Rafael Duarte says:

    Faz skin funk…. Hehe eu tenho problema.

  70. SomeoneKul says:

    Pentakill Teemo when?

  71. Blake Dixon says:

    Kartus- Singer
    Mordekaiser- Guitarist
    Yorik- Bassist
    Olaf- Drums
    Sona- Keyboards

  72. what the says:

    Now we just need a classical band to complete the trinity.

  73. n3squ1k666 says:

    I'm getting so depressed when I see how rito promote KDA-like sissy stuff instead of releasing new Pentakill album. Two years have already passed since Grasp Of The Undying been released, rito.

  74. Joel Winchester says:

    Saudade qnd lol era bom.

  75. tilleisbaer says:

    How to make me happy: combine my favorite game with my favorite music genre :3

  76. Mine Poki says:

    Music: 2/10
    Animation: 10/10

  77. Maz D-con says:

    Bandle city was never the same again

  78. Noariz USMAN says:

    Metal be like

  79. Leandro Barbosa says:

    Mùsica e vídeos muito bons

  80. Chad Colin Labradores says:

    cenimatic looks dope but the vfx on the game is meh

  81. Jorge says:

    1:28 soy el unico idiota que penso que era katarina

  82. ItsSecret333 says:

    Uh…where is lulu at????

  83. Joshua Shoff says:

    Now, if only League of Legends was a 6versus6 game…

  84. Jr&Net Telecom says:

    o melhor

  85. Chat- pristi says:

    TAKE THAT, TEEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. derpysquid 65 says:

    Riot has more music then games

  87. Miljana Filipovic says:

    Yorick slash

  88. 전소현 says:

    노래 하나 부르겠다고 마을 하나 다 때려뿌수는 인성 클라스 ㄷㄷ

  89. Cynthia Celestial says:

    Okay but why didn't we get the kayle reveal in a seperate Tear of the Goddess video? and why has it still not happened?

  90. Blue Butterfly says:


  91. Berkay Koçlar says:

    now think poppy have ulted morde :D:D:D

  92. 산속힝짜우 says:

    왜 요들마을에 와서 ㅈㄹ이냐

  93. Cony :3 says:

    Mi teemo D:

  94. Givralion says:

    Best Clip lol 🎸 🌟

  95. Tiko Muradyan says:

    18k teemo mains 👎🏼

  96. Yukio Nana says:

    better than KDA

  97. RV says:

    Hey, a music based skinline that is actually appealing and inspired. Lol what happened Rito.

  98. Xion Kale says:

    Then teemo switched to AP build and got Double Penta

  99. Jash Abbsalas says:

    @1:22 they nailed it

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