Piano Jazz & Jazz Piano: 2 Hours of Best Smooth Jazz Piano Music
Piano Jazz & Jazz Piano: 2 Hours of Best Smooth Jazz Piano Music

>>Title: Piano Jazz & Jazz Piano: 2 Hours of Best Smooth Jazz Piano Music

100 thoughts on “Piano Jazz & Jazz Piano: 2 Hours of Best Smooth Jazz Piano Music”

  1. Noe Berengena says:

    I'd stay up way past my bedtime for this.

  2. Blake Reeder says:

    Really, really nice collection of jazz music. This makes me miss Austin!

  3. Luke Kabele says:

    i love calm jazz for studying to. this is perfect.

  4. Que estas haciendo says:

    Why would someone dislike this video. That would make them intolerant people. Great Job man. Just finished the paris videotrack

  5. Trey Cady says:

    Is that downtown Austin, Texas?

  6. Austin Wakes says:

    good stuff

  7. Moostrem says:

    Try it with rain in the background, rainymood is the site called

  8. LUCAS SILVA says:

    i love jazz

  9. Alexander Davidson says:

    When two hours of music goes by and you still havent completed your homework

  10. Kiwi Holmes says:

    Pearl from Steven Universe would love this. So unwinding.

  11. Zamal says:

    is there any chance i can get piano notes for 1st track i really wanna try it on my piano ty in advance <33

  12. BP_.11x says:

    so good . . .. . the most chill thing ever

  13. Vera Crews says:

    Great jazz.

  14. chokemurder254 says:

    I mean god damn this is really good soothing music for the soul…

  15. LewisLuong Relaxation Cafe says:

    Hi friends, please enjoy the sequel album 'Parisian Summer' and SUBSCRIBE to my NEW CHANNEL here: https://youtu.be/m0f030xXwio

    Thank you.

  16. Acizz Zairo says:

    I really love this guy thank you LewisLuong Relaxation Cafe for helping me study! SUB Defitnly

  17. Cyber_Man says:

    This is good music 🎶 cheers

  18. Torawaca says:

    Magnifico¡¡¡…me encanta…relajante y muy bien seleccionadas las piezas…un placer para los sentidos. Gracias.

  19. Sandro Elbers says:

    i can't concentrate while learning with or without music, but with this i learned for 8 hours with little to no breaks and i just kept playing these songs. amazing! thank you so much!!!

  20. Max Korokhod says:

    Well, that is very good music!!! Thank you

  21. Agustín Alejandro Gerosa says:

    i needed this

  22. bckm54 says:

    VERY nice! this is good for me in my chess study…

  23. karim ganne says:

    j'étais entrain d'écouter du jazz…

  24. Lautaro Blanco says:

    Are you on spotify? This is just great in so many levels…

  25. Tony G says:

    this is very nice

  26. jdmxxx38 says:

    This is really sweet. Doing my taxes and this is a terrific soothing accompaniment.

  27. Epirustravel eu - Drone Flights says:


  28. neeko leena says:

    if this ain't real music, I don't know what is

  29. Arctic says:

    I was writing a document of today's event. I was sitting in front of my desk and my trusty typewriter as the idea popped to my mind: "That one dame who I sat next to today, I should ask her for a date."

    I got under way right away, putting over my trench coat and leather shoes. Of course under the old trench-coat setup I had something a bit more fancier: My black vest, white dress shirt and slacks. The evening was going to be nice although it rained; I was going to take her to the "Red Velvet Lounge": A fancy, yet not too pricey cocktail lounge.

  30. Улугбек Казимов says:

    Очень полезно для души

  31. victor medinasilva says:


  32. Justin Carver says:

    I can imagine a 1900 Jazz band playing somewhere in newyork city trying to earn some money, this Is Arielle Not Justin Im His Daughter and I love Piano Jazz

  33. Air Element says:

    The music and the scenery shown in the video is phenomenal

  34. Zamal says:

    Im sitting there listening this wish it was 20s america gangsters roaming around music goes in clubs dude that era was most iconic in us history lot of great movies and videogames could be made on that

  35. Anggita Clara Shinta says:

    whats the title of this song?

  36. Marcia M says:

    Is this available on Spotify? I love jazz and it would be awesome to be able to go to sleep to this.

  37. Yosuar Ortega says:


  38. Nathaniel Tyghe says:

    what style of jazz is this ballad?

  39. Cozmic2 says:

    My iPad can't handle the "detective" music

  40. Rudy Setiawan says:

    I Loved all your Jazz Piano Music , I enjoyed when I have My Diner or Lunch.

  41. mila-white 14198 says:

    I took a large swig of coffee.

    "Jeez, late night…?"

    I swished around. It was my good friend, Ernie.

    "You're sure swigging that down, Lena." He put a hand on my shoulder, as I laughed.

    "Sure, Ernie." I replied. I placed a twenty dollar bill on the table. "Keep the change." I adjusted my fedora.

    "Be safe, darling." He slowly wiped the table. I strode out, listening to the soft wind. I turned a corner, pulling out my glasses. I let my hair down, as a large swoosh of relief hit me. It felt quite nice. I finally reached my house, and pulled out my keys. I leaned against the door, but it was already opened. No one was inside.

    "Must've forgotten to close it…." I mumbled.

    I walked upstairs, and into my bedroom. I pulled out a bottle of rum, and poured it into a plastic cup. I opened my cabinet, and pulled out a record case. I slid one of the records out, and placed it in the- what do 'ya call it? Record player. I took a sip of the rum, and sighed. I opened my drawer, but I couldn't find nothing in there. It was just… empty.

    "Strange…" I mumbled. I turned around, and my cup of rum was gone. I could sense something strange.

    I had fun writing this, and I hope you enjoyed!

  42. lempamo says:

    love sleeping to this, thanks man

  43. Bia Lizák says:

    Csodálatosan szép muzsika !

  44. Leslie Kane says:

    This is great! I love it, finally some great music!

  45. XBrosion says:

    My 3rd favorite music of all. 🙂

  46. DJ Statyk says:

    "…Of all the detective offices on the East coast…she just had to walk into mine"

  47. Frank Franson says:

    Wonderful music for people with good taste.
    Many happiness and thanks so much David Lewis Luong for your great work and musical creation and for giving you the opportunity to listen to your fantastic music.
    A greeting and hugs from Stockholm – Sweden.

    Underbar musik för människor av god smak.
    Mången lycka och David Lewis Luong tack så mycket för ert stora arbete och musikskapande och ge den möjlighet att höra din fantastiska musik.
    Hälsningar och kramar från Stockholm – Sverige

    Maravillosa musica para gente de buen gusto.
    Muchas felicidad y muchas gracias David Lewis Luong por tu gran trabajo y creacion musical y por brindarlo la oportunidad de escuchar tu fantastica musica.
    Un saludo y abrazos desde Estocolmo – Suecia.

  48. Frank Franson says:

    Hello David,

    I wonder if it's possible that you can put your track "Sweet Dreams" or all album "Sweet Dreams" on Spotify?



  49. Sylabi Sylibi says:

    What city is this?

  50. ZER0 F0X says:

    this is actually quite therapeutic 🙂 I like

  51. DGM2500 says:

    The best part about this whole video is that there are people making short stories out of nowhere. Good stuff man.

  52. Distorted Cards says:

    Well, it's been a long day at work today. I'm in the mood for some New York cheesecake. Always helps brighten up the city at night…

  53. asianese says:

    i love it

  54. asianese says:

    never heard jazz as good as this

  55. jennie toms says:

    beautiful just my speed

  56. jennie toms says:

    great music thanks

  57. stekelkip says:

    Perfect music to play Catan! 🙂

  58. SirChic IMVU says:

    reminds me of the smooth piano music that played in cartoons

  59. MLGeoff says:

    Ya like jazz?

  60. Joanne Campbell says:

    When you feel like you've been chasing rings with Sonic, and that headache is getting a little demonic; what will it be, a double whiskey? I be making it a triple JAZZ & Tonic! ;0)🍸🎶🌙

  61. Mirco Cenedese says:

    Hi, I would like to ask if I can download the scores of this music. Thanks.

  62. David Robar says:

    Ahhhh Beutiful

  63. 山谷君男 says:


  64. Galne Fred says:

    Jazz is the most rrelaxin thing in the world🎷🎹🎺

  65. The Loner Bitch says:

    It's nice to play this jazz while reading a book at night in front of tall buildings..

  66. Aldo Salmon says:

    I feel like am back in time somewhere La La La

  67. Maria says:

    Me encanta escuchar esta mùsica, me relaja y acompana…

  68. Nicholas Loschen says:

    You like Jazz?

  69. Hristo Ivanov says:


  70. michael guerrero says:


  71. Standart skil says:


  72. Raul Antonio Moran says:

    Radio café. Paris

  73. hhh Torres says:

    WOW since mexico what great city for a moment wonderful

  74. maridalva leite says:

    "This is the perfect playlist for homework. Slow enough to not be distracting, but still causes a smile when you start to listen back in" I totally agree with you. I am reading and writing. This is the perfect companion…YOUR MUSIC. thanks!

  75. Lily says:

    actually I love jazz so much!
    Thank you!

  76. Andy Walton says:

    Reminds me of sitting quietly by the fireside reading a good book with my faithful old pooch lying at my feet. Enjoying a pipe

  77. Suepsak Ditapongpanit says:

    Background photo : Lumpini park in Bangkok / Thailand ?

  78. Richard Xu says:

    nice bro


  79. Harley Johnston says:

    I love jazz so much

  80. Harley Johnston says:

    dear Lewis I love jazz so much you make my day great

  81. PG 13 says:

    Is it just perfect? or wath?

  82. Galne Fred says:

    There is something with jazz that is so satysfying to the soul😌

  83. Galne Fred says:

    When i listen to this i think of me walking down an alley way in the city absorbing the calm and easy night.

  84. Robert Dambeck says:

    Perfect music to drive in the city by at night. Love it, thanks.

  85. Galne Fred says:

    Hey annyone, if someone here ever player bioshock infinite i wonder What music style its called, thanks for your attention

  86. Cesar bardales merino says:

    muy buena musica de jazz piano

  87. Ray Catlin says:

    Thank – you Lewis ! Good work . Where , b-t-w is the pictured backdrop from ?
    I see no mention of it on this page . Regards !

  88. damnit_dolan says:

    This is so relaxing.. I’ve always loved jazz..

  89. Brayan Nieto Ramirez says:

    Perfecta combinación con unas pastas de fluexetina 😍

  90. Ava Ferrel says:

    I seriously love how like everyone is listening to this and writing a story. All the comments made me stop working for a while cause I wanted to read them all! The creativity in here is AMAZING!

  91. Lawrence Brazier says:

    Someone further down getting like "wee small hours" reminds me of Willis Conover (I'm that old) and his Midnight in Europe show. Or maybe Chandler. Wonder if Lewis remembers The Australian Jazz Quartet? Or even C J Dennis and The Sentimental Bloke? Best to you all – Lawrence

  92. Random Curry Puff says:

    Wow, the first time I saw Bangkok, my city, as a background for a music video.

  93. UwU says:

    After coming back to this and listening to the first bit I am getting shivers down my spine. The beginning of summer 2018 this was all I would listen too, it was near the end of school and I was going through a break up. I went over to a friends house and we got in her pool and blasted this music on a speaker and just looked up at the stars and talked. A very beautiful memory, wish I could go back.

  94. Frank Franson says:

    Hello David!

    Have you deleted the video with the similair music from this video, but with the sailing boat on the beach in Brazil and ocean waves in the background? It was also 10 hours long. Is it possible that you can reupload this video?

    Best regards


  95. Karlo Šimić says:

    This is what I listen when I study or work. Amazing.

  96. Sophie Quillen says:

    now all I need is a room in NYC at nighttime

  97. watergate2point0 says:

    This calm kind of jazz always brings me back to when I was a little kid, the buildings were dark and so was the sky. It was nightime and the streetlights were at that perfect orange-
    yellow tint, they weren't too bright, nor too dim. Sometimes you could spot
    someone's lights on through their window. I was too young to enjoy
    the sublime aesthetic of such a simple experience, but I do look back now
    and again. I practically bathe in the nostalgia.

  98. GT Atuto says:

    cool thank you 😉

  99. kmsthanks says:

    Ah yes. I used to listen to this a long time ago. Memories indeed.

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