Rev. William Barber: "We have to fight together" to overcome racist gerrymandering
Rev. William Barber: "We have to fight together" to overcome racist gerrymandering

19 thoughts on “Rev. William Barber: "We have to fight together" to overcome racist gerrymandering”

  1. Andrew Meinswift says:

    Democracy is the devil pastor
    Will I hear you say
    You do not support Apollo Yon
    The sun god?
    To whom do you pray pastor?
    Is this a joke cow poke?

    Abaddon and the sixth trump
    Revelation 9:11

    Can I hear you say
    The Trumpets have sounded
    And the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ is come?

    And The Mighty Angel Gabriel has sounded
    Like a angel screaming from heaven

    Can I hear you say

    The SevenFold Spirit of God is the new day?
    A kingdom of eternal worth
    Peace, joy, prosperous and a clean earth?

    Does not scripture say?
    And I beheld a new heaven and a new earth?

    So those praying for the destruction of earth simply do not wish for a restored creation
    It the kingdom of heaven.

    So they are my foes
    Those lying lips of black well crows
    Whose cowardice is seen under my blows

    Be prepared
    For the Angel's will not show mercy
    They will not show kindness,
    Unto demon devils, unto satan and a sore ass sorcerer

    This is that final war
    This is That Kingdom come

    Let's pray pastor

    Our Father, Who art in Heaven
    Thy Kingdom Come
    Yhy Will be done
    On Earth
    As it most certainly is done in Heaven

  2. Kathy Garner says:

    Theft again:) in Amerikkka? It's called TYRANNY/ occupation by military police and Unelected President2. DEMS can't even IMPEACH CAUSE They are 'owned by CORP.They Stole elections? Hummm They stole our babies from our "P****" , what Trump said…All these policies& behaviors are ThrowBack slave codes2economically restrict BLACKS, like no other group. 1619-2019 They STOLE US much less a gerrymandered VOTE.
    #reparations #tangibles2020
    #JudgeJuryExicutions are NOT a WE issue these are BLACK ISSUES Attacking BLACKS! All other races buy into KEEPING US under THEM.
    Quit Asking4THEIR help!! DEMAND policies4US the TargettedOnes.
    We have No FRIENDS LEFT NOR RIGHT. #B1byUs4Us.

  3. Janet Spell says:

    Rev is a demon no Rev. Lieing


    I have 0 interest in anything involving non black people. They ALL benefit from black oppression.
    The sooner these pink neanderthals die off, the better.

  5. Rodolfo Lasparri says:

    Need voter ID, to protect the Black vote…and strong prosecution of illegal voting.
    He's a leader of the "Poor People's Campaign"…..Huh?
    Illegal aliens drive down the wage of the Poor…and this man objects to a wall, jail for those who employ illegals, and deportations.

  6. no privacy says:

    In our fight again racism, please get universities to stop segregating races.

  7. Scot Fretwell says:

    Thank god for the truth! Now we can go after Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, Andre Carson, John Lewis, Sanford Bishop, Jim Clyburn, Alcee Hastings, etc and so on. It’s time we cleaned house of these swamp donkey democrats.

  8. RussiaNukesAmerica3 says:

    Another ' Christian ' nut job and by the way, ' reverend ' is in the Bible one time, Psalm 111.9, only ' God's ' name is reverend.

  9. hellfest85 says:

    Yea racism racism racism that's all you hear but never speak of black on black crime, never talk about was going on in the south side of Chicago..give me a break

  10. Respect/Walk says:

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwn get on a diet bud .

  11. Mass Extinction says:

    War economy = Social darwin 👌🤑
    Jist slaying

  12. RETiredGM says:

    The window dressing that is Uhmerica is a thinly veiled lie. The real Uhmerica intentionally suffers from the 3 evils of American. MLK spoke at length in 1967 about these evils in a speech that might as well have been written yesterday.

    These 3 evils of Uhmerican society are systemic and institutionalized racism, economic and political exploitation and materialism, and for profit militarism that only benefits white wealthy elites.

    That is the REAL Uhmerica. The real Uhmerica exist because the common citizenry is intentionally miseducted to willing maintain this currupt and immoral status quo.

    Think clearly.

    The 5 Steps to Critical Thinking:

    What is critical thinking?
    In general, critical thinking refers to actively questioning statements rather than blindly accepting them.

    Critical thinking results in radical free will.

    1. The critical thinker is flexible yet maintains an attitude of healthy skepticism.

    Critical thinkers are open to new information, ideas, and claims. They genuinely consider alternative explanations and possibilities. However, this open-mindedness is tempered by a healthy sense of skepticism (Hyman, 2007).

    The critical thinker consistently asks, “What evidence supports this claim?”

    2. The critical thinker scrutinizes the evidence before drawing conclusions.

    Critical thinkers strive to weigh all the available evidence before arriving at conclusions. And, in evaluating evidence, critical thinkers distinguish between empirical evidence versus opinions based on feelings or personal experience.

    3. The critical thinker can assume other perspectives.

    Critical thinkers are not imprisoned by their own points of view. Nor are they limited in their capacity to imagine life experiences and perspectives that are fundamentally difference from their own. Rather, the critical thinker strives to understand and evaluate issues from many different angles.

    4. The critical thinker is aware of biases and assumptions.

    In evaluating evidence and ideas, critical thinkers strive to identify the biases and assumptions that are inherent in any argument (Riggio & Halpern, 2006). Critical thinkers also try to identify and minimize the influence of their own biases.

    5. The critical thinker engages in reflective thinking.

    Critical thinkers avoid knee-jerk responses. Instead, critical thinkers are reflective. Most complex issues are unlikely to have a simple solution. Therefore, critical thinkers resist the temptation to sidestep complexity by boiling an issue down to an either/or, yes/no kind of proposition. Instead, the critical thinker expects and accepts complexity (Halpern, 2007).

    Critical thinking is not a single skill, but rather a set of attitudes and thinking skills. As is true with any set of skills, you can get better at these skills with practice.

    In a nut shell, critical thinking is the active process of minimizing preconceptions and biases while evaluating evidence, determining the conclusions that can be reasonably be drawn from evidence, and considering alternative explanations for research findings or other phenomena.

    >Why might other people want to discourage you from critical thinking?

    >In what situations is it probably most difficult or challenging for you to exercise critical thinking skills? Why?

    > What can you do or say to encourage others to use critical thinking in evaluating questionable claims or assertions?

  13. roy hunt says:

    Some Whites in the comment section are in their feelings. Oh Well!

  14. O B says:

    Yo yo yo so much razizem in the US of A. We got to fight the razizem not the crime. Crime good but those razizt cops that stop criminals need to be fired yo.

  15. TheFinnmacool says:

    The racists want to fight racism. If it weren't for "racism", these people would have nothing to do.

  16. Happy Gilmore says:

    The most racist in the US are Black people. They are brought up that way through the lies and victimhood taught by the Democrat party. #walkaway

  17. CHAS1422 says:

    Race baiting, hoaxes, smears, grievance mongering, crime entitlement has become an industry.

  18. Dr. Winston O'boogie says:

    We are all on the same plantation,
    – black, brown, white.

  19. Peace says:

    The purpose of a nation is to protect and care for it's citizens. We have become a nation of corporate dominance.

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