Révolte – Chapitre 1: Origines
Révolte – Chapitre 1: Origines

Year #1
2017 Every night you go from bar to bar and spend all your
fucking money. Hitting on girls, And you’re telling me you’re handling things ? You’re not handling shit ! What about your girlfriend ? Man… She fucked up ! Can you understand that ? REVOLT – ORIGINS All this damn money we put into avoiding this kind of
situation. You’re supposed to be conditionned, for fuck’s sake. You’re conditionned ! I know ! I know ! It’s beyond me ! What else do you want me to say ? It’s just beyond me ! Day #1 – Talks Anyway. I came to give you the official report. It confirms that you’re not involved in this charade. Your suspension has been lifted. So…what now ? You know our top priority. It’s jill. We have to get her. Remember… Not the police, Not the special forces, Not the Corporation. We’re the only authority. We have to catch her. Day #2 – Conspiracy Jill. What do we do now ? We stick to the plan. Chris knows you’re back in town. It won’t be long before he finds us. – And Viktor doesn’t like waiting.
– I have a plan. We have to give him a false lead. You take care of him, and I…I’ll take care of Viktor. Fine by me. You still feel bad about leaving without telling him. It was an extraordinary situation, some day he’ll understand. And if he shows up with the squad, I’ll deal with it. – Do you realize they’re our friends?
– Hey… And they would have done the same thing. And so would I. Let’s finish what we started. That’s what we were trained for, remember. Day #3 – Homecoming I thought you were coming back in a couple days? JADE: I decided to shorten my trip. How did it go at the hospital? Fine. I guess we’ll see how it turns out. Jade, look at me. Sarah.. No, no, you’re going to listen me. For the last 3 weeks I’ve acted as if nothing was going on. You have family problems, I get it, it happens. But I’m also a part of your life, aren’t I ? Is it so complicated to tell me what’s going on right now ? I know, I haven’t been really honest with you lately. But things are… …so complicated with my family. And ever since my sister died, it’s getting even worse. You know I’m here for you. You can’t keep everything to yourself like this, It’s going to eat you up. Day #4 – Rendez-Vous JADE: Why aren’t you practicing in the public sector? For the same reasons you are here today. You seem to be… interested in what I do. Contrary to what you may believe, the government closely monitors my work, and it is perfectly legal. Some people… …are born with more … …potential and possibilities than others who… …mathematically… will have more limited abilities and skills. And some people trust you with their lives, but at what cost? How much would you say you life is worth? Thank you for answering my questions. You’re welcome. Thank you for your visit. Here’s my card. Don’t hesitate to call, you never know. I certainly will. JILL: We need to talk. The warehouse. 3 p.m. JILL: He’s on his way. You will have 3 minutes to
convince him before the police show up. ETHAN: Copy that. Day #5 – Disappointment TALKIE: Loading location. Freeze ! On your knees ! hands behind your back. Hurry up ! TALKIE: Backup on the way. 3 minutes left. I’m happy to see you back on your feet, brother. Ethan ? You son of a… Hey ! hey ! I’m not responsible for what happened to you, and Jill isn’t either by the way. They wanted to kill you. And if you’re still alive today it’s because of us. You can keep bullshitting me all you want, it’s too late
now. Whether you believe me or not, it doesn’t matter. Let’s settle the matter the old-fashionned way,
like we used to. You’re getting heavy, Chris. You must be out of practice. Always been that way with you. You’re fattening out. Look at me ! TALKIE: We have a 824. TALKIE: Officer down. TALKIE: He escaped. SARAH: So, did you see him ? The famous Litovski JADE: Yes. He is kind of freaky but we discussed a little. SARAH: My father grew up there so i guess they are all
weirdo lol JILL: I know you wouldn’t have taken all those risks, JILL: That’s why I talked to Ethan instead of you. JILL: I had no bad intentions. JILL: But it was all worth it DANIEL: we have.. DANIEL: …patients coming in and DANIEL: we are… DANIEL: …doing some testing. DANIEL: and of course they will help our cause. Present day

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