Rhythmic gymnast Hannah WOWs with unique moves FULL CLIP – @The Greatest Dancer  – BBC
Rhythmic gymnast Hannah WOWs with unique moves FULL CLIP – @The Greatest Dancer – BBC

# Breaking of the day
to the middle of the night # From the breaking of the day
to the middle of the night # From the breaking of the day
to the middle of the night… # Hi. Hello, how are you? Curtis.
Hannah. She’s got a ball. How old are you, Hannah?
17. 17! Wow. And what dance style
are you here to do? I’m doing a bit of a fusion today.
Oh! I’m doing a bit of rhythmic
gymnastics, hence the apparatus. Hey, rhythmic gymnastics!
I already love her. And a bit of contemporary,
and a bit of ballet. # From the breaking of the day
to the middle of the night # From the breaking of the day
to the middle of the night # From the breaking of the day
to the middle of the night. # Hello, my name’s Lorna.
I’m mum of Hannah, who’s a dancer. Tell me a bit about yourself. I did rhythmic gymnastics
since I was eight or nine. Oh, wow. But now I’m focusing
full time on dance. I’ve always loved dancing.
Why do you love it? It’s just expressing your emotions that sometimes you can’t express
through gymnastics. Yeah. Yeah. I think Hannah is the greatest
dancer because she works and gives her heart
totally to what she does. Wow. I’m her mum, I think
she’s brilliant. What was your biggest thing
you did in gymnastics? Probably, last year, I did
the Commonwealth Games in Australia. That was definitely
a highlight for me. It was insane. Yeah, that is insane. I couldn’t believe I was there.
Commonwealth Games! To see her step out onto that carpet
was a very proud moment as a mum. Do you want to try a roll?
Yeah. Like this. So, we’re going to go roll… She looks like she could play
some serious dodge ball. Yes! That was good. Have you ever tried rhythmic? Could you imagine me
with a ribbon or one of them balls? I’d hurt someone. If the mirror opens, I don’t know if I’ll be able
to contain myself, actually. Aww. So cute. I just want to go out there
and show what I can do and fingers crossed
things go right for me. You can do this. Yes. Bless her. It’s time to go. Come here. Give us a hug. Thank you.
You’re going to be amazing. Thank you so much. Honestly. You’re not going to drop it,
I promise. # Can I tell you something
just between you and me? # When I hear your voice # I know I’m finally free… # Wow. # Every single word
is perfect as it can be # And I need you here with me # Every day # You’re saying the words
that I want you to say # There’s a pain in my heart # And it won’t go away # Now I know I’m falling in deep # Cos I need you here with me # Every day # You’re saying the words
that I want you to say # There’s a pain in my heart
and it won’t go away # Now I know I’m falling in deep…
CHEERING # Cos I need you here with me # I think I see your face
in every place that I go # I try to hide it
But I know that it’s going to show # Every day # You’re saying the words
that I want you to say # There’s a pain in my heart
and it won’t go away # Now I know I’m falling in deep… CHEERING # Cos I need you here with me # I need you here with me. # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Let’s hear it for Hannah! # Is there a ghost in this house? # My goodness! I’ve never seen anything
like that. Cheryl. Yeah, me breath’s taken. I’m like, wow. How do you move your body
in that way? Oh, and, by the way, while balancing
a ball. Now you’re showing off. LAUGHTER I just thought that was incredible. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # I’ve been waiting for you now # I’ve been waiting for you now… # What you can do is so diverse,
but then you also can tell a story and you emote with your face, which a lot of rhythmic gymnasts or
contortionists lack. I think you’re very special
and, congratulations, I think you’re very unique. APPLAUSE I loved that performance.
The ball was amazing. What you can do with that
is just incredible. This is The Greatest Dancer,
and to see you dance in a way I have never seen before,
it was just so impressive. I hope the mirror picks me tonight.
It’s going to be a great team. I don’t want the mirror
to choose you. OK, sorry. Hannah, I find you so interesting. I honestly thought you were
just going to kick and catch that ball
the entire performance, but then, you just started dancing, which is something that most
gymnasts don’t do, and you used the strength within
your body to finish all those lines. If you were in my team, I would give
you choreography that matched the music,
give you a storyline, I’d change your whole look, get you out of that, give you
a dress, and see you in the future. CHEERING Go crazy once again for Hannah! # I’ve been waiting for you now # I’ve been waiting for you now # I don’t mean to treat you
unkind… # I literally can’t believe
what just happened, like, it just didn’t feel real. I think it’s going to take
some time to sink in.

100 thoughts on “Rhythmic gymnast Hannah WOWs with unique moves FULL CLIP – @The Greatest Dancer – BBC”

  1. Shara -La says:

    "..Most gymnast don't do.." What a bunch of uneducated, below mediocre "judges". Have a look at any world class rhythmic gymnast..well, almost every rhythmic gymnast – THEY ALL DO!

  2. Star Catch Films says:



    Me: Picks up apple and attempts to recreate chest roll….. floor now consists of traumatised apple.

  3. hop cup says:


  4. Gymedition says:

    Thanks Hannah for showing our sport 🙌🏼🥺❤️ you’re amazing ✨😘

  5. Allie Cliffe345 says:

    Btw guys i am pretty sure that the unicorn on the masked singer is Mathew Morrison bc in the song he sang mirror on the wall, this could be referring to this mirror?? The clues add up to be him xx who else agrees—->💝

  6. WhiteAesthetic says:

    Hannah was my biggest inspiration in RG, I’m so happy for her.

  7. Tonie Bembeh says:

    Beautiful dance wow

  8. Hanin Khalidah says:

    I hope you'll do your best always! keep it up!

  9. Theo Daniel says:

    Nothing special here!!Rhythmic gymnastics.. this judges are really a bunch of idiots!

  10. Quan Vlog says:

    She is beautiful 🧡🧡🧡🧡

  11. kricketcraze EXCO says:


  12. john hansberry says:

    Whouda thunk it?…years of dedication and training leads to some beautiful piruettes…Circe de Soleil will be in touch.

  13. GraemeMurphy says:


  14. Kelly Collier says:

    More dancing less gymnastics

  15. aname says:

    That moustache is awful!

  16. Kaushal Kumar Tripathi says:

    Very nice dance… Go ahead in your life dear ,best of luck for your future 💖

  17. WaterFlame957 says:

    4:32~ "My goodness… I've never seen anything like it."
    She must have never seen Olympic gymnastics. 🙄🙄🙄

  18. melvin lenn says:

    She's gorgeous, and I'm Margarita Mamun fanatic fans. Come on, we all know it's super good!

  19. Virgos R Us says:


  20. Danny Mayle says:

    What a beautiful young lady with mad skills 💪 she’s put the time and effort into being the best at what she does. 👏👏👏👏✌️

  21. Icak Matoha says:

    i keep chanting 'FORMS!! " because hers are so exquisite

  22. Olivia John david says:

    Loving you so much

  23. Teresa O'Brien says:

    Dance has just become so much about flips and aerials and putting your leg up and thinking it's dance – yes it's an amazing skill but it's not dance

  24. Iyad Naseer says:

    Why does seeing Mr. Schue give me warflashbacks

  25. Pietro scorpions says:

    He was upset when she tell to choose here. 😁

  26. Heidi Baltom says:

    As someone who has studied contemporary and did gymnastics she is great and i cant do what she does. I just found the choreography boring like one trick after another, set up for another and do another. Ive seen it all before. That said it doesnt take away that she is incredibly good at what she does.

  27. Karen Llewellyn says:

    Stunning! Well done Hannah 💝💐💐💐

  28. Drama Llama says:

    Is no body going to talk about the guy ' I can't even whistle ' why was that the best part for me

  29. Dope fosure says:

    This was beautiful. Brought me to tears

  30. H.Ä°. Iskender says:


  31. Matthew Payton says:

    HannahMartinRG beautiful ball routine/[performance

  32. Queen Lixxie says:

    Sitting watching it and just thinking 'she taught me. She taught me.' So proud of how far she's come 😍😍

  33. Titans Kanne says:


  34. Titans Kanne says:

    Omg I cried do hard😭

  35. Simply Daily says:

    Those emotions are overflowing.. ilove it

  36. RoyalSnowbird says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! We have a WINNER here! This was AMAZING ! The choreography, originality, artistry, gymnastic prowess, flexibility, agility and technical professionalism – the flow and magic of it all was so captivating it was off-the-charts ! She entertained from the first second to the last. She should add just a bit more 'dancy' moves to make it absolute perfection. MASSIVE APPLAUSE from me ! BRAVO !

  37. Simply Daily says:

    This is really better than ellie… Just sharin

  38. Lawrence F says:

    what is she doing on the stage i cant stop lol its soooo funny looking i pissed myself in laughter

  39. Jimmy .L says:

    3:58 Cheryl isn't surprised, after all that recent "work" this is the only expression she has left.

  40. Iliana says:

    "I can't even whistle haha"

  41. Jaqueline Santos says:

    Wow 👏👏😍

  42. D.y Dabbagh says:


  43. camelia_pallanti says:

    OMG the desk guy is the guy from love island 😂😂😂😂😂

  44. erika sanger says:

    Whoaaaaa, I got tears in my eyes. She was able to express the song. Great job!!!

  45. opalfruitcake says:

    She's just bendy…. that's all.

  46. whogoes _ says:

    Have these people never watched gymnastics in the Olympics?

  47. bait clicker says:

    Unfortunately spoiled by the now mandatory, entirely "spontaneous", whole audience reaction somewhere in the middle.

  48. mark huxley says:

    Wait there why do i pay a T.V. Licence to the BBC for them to produce programmes like this? Hold on, i've never paid for one in 20+ years, never mind carry on.

  49. Ethan Edward says:

    This is not a dance…it's rhythmic gymnastic..

  50. MinecraftBOI23 says:

    Not gonna bring Merlin back ever again?

  51. Emma Jones says:

    Why is cheryl doing that duck faced fake gob smaked look # stop having fillers cheryl makes u look older not younger

  52. Sportacus says:

    Bloody hell, my back suddenly hurts.

  53. ShinyStarDust Homes says:

    I’m confused. Why is this so unique? Where was the incredible part?

  54. Dicho Kusarov says:

    It is crazy that UK lost this talent because of financial issues. Isn't there no state financial support when it comes to Olympic sports? She was so good, but could not afford to train and travel for competitions.

  55. Sandi Wood says:

    That was stunning.

  56. Arsalan Shah says:

    Plzzz somebody tell me the name of the song

  57. BigRedNavyChick says:

    That was beautiful to watch. 😀 She's a talented young lady. 😀

  58. Anabel B James A O says:

    Really fantastic!!

  59. Adam Vdv says:

    Wow! She is absolutely amazing!

  60. callyod says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Cheryl and Todrick are like the "means girl" squad!?!😂

  61. Brunda.N Swamy says:

    It was breathtaking performance…

  62. The B in LGBTQ says:

    My uncle was on this (Laurence Cooke) but unfortunately he got 73% he needed 2% more. It was upsetting

  63. TheWriter25 says:

    I remember Hannah from her RG days! She was very talented. Emoting is rule 101 in rhythmic gymnastics! And dance, specifically ballet, is a HUGE part of the sport! Most gymnasts train in ballet to help improve their posture, core, and artistry. Have these people seriously never watched RG before?

  64. Simon Grönlund says:

    In some other clip from TGD I compared dancers versus gymnasts and got bashed for it but here Hannah proves me right. There is a difference and I think she told it so nicely herself. I guess the gymnastics gave her the muscle strength she needs (maybe more dancers should take up gymnastics as base training) but the dance gave her so much more in the sense of music and rhythms. Hannah is simply amazing.

  65. Smiley L says:

    I hope she picks Oti.

  66. Abby-Lou Ramsay says:

    I feel like there’s nothing you can’t do with dance. You are mesmerising to watch.
    You mum must be so proud and with good reason x

  67. Princess Xoliswa says:

    Wow ❤ 👌 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  68. ixmkxblt says:

    She MURDERED that👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 incredible honestly

  69. bombos 17 says:


  70. Andrea Medina says:

    What's the song called??

  71. Zia Hartmann says:

    I almost started crying

  72. Kelly Haworth says:

    Amazing simply stunning so unique and extremely talented. My little girl has just started gymnastics aged 4yrs and I will show her this and tell her dreams and hard work can come true. Well done and fingers crossed you win. Your mam will be so proud I know I am and I'm a mum x

  73. Elyse. Lol says:

    She has such a lovely personality

  74. Luna Nightshade says:


  75. Ninma Aliyu says:

    Name of song pls

  76. Apaitia Malupo says:

    "She's got a ball" 🤣

  77. Debra Terry says:

    Hannah is absolutely stunning! I love the judges faces at 3:13. They're like wth! Well done Hannah! You're truly amazing!

  78. Alizoula says:

    It's a shame that hannah couldn't continue her career in rg due to financial difficulties.I think this is her true love and where she actually belongs. She is a beautiful dancer but , especially in ballet , if she ever wants to join a company, the competition is very very big and I just dont think(personal opinion) that she is a great fit for this world. Maybe contemporary will be better for her even thο the job opportunities there are less.

  79. Dolline Nkirote says:

    'I can't even whistle' that cracked me up

  80. Stephanie F says:

    💞💖🤩 STUNNING 😍💖💞

  81. Reno Gal says:

    Cant stop watching her omg so amazing

  82. Alex Taylor says:

    So how does this work? What gets the mirrors to open? The ppl there vote to open them?

  83. Lauren McKeand says:

    She’s amazing I never thought anyone would start dancing in the middle of a rhythmic gymnastics routine

  84. dieschlotte says:

    me, a rhythmic gymnast: oh yes that was a very, very nice turn!

    the judges, kinda uneducated: OH MY GOD YES WOW I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT HOOOOLY

  85. hobbies and passions says:

    alisha and those leggings, oh noooooo

  86. Brennen Wilson says:

    She was born without bones!! WOW!! Cheryl is so right INCREDIBLE!! WOW!!

  87. DevynnEBMusic says:

    2:36 to skip to the dancing

  88. Pete M says:

    Rythmic gymnastic for ever!

  89. Linda Welch says:

    Totally awesome!!!!!!!! I wish her the best. Linda

  90. Linda Welch says:

    Linda adds a p.s. God will take you far. 🤗

  91. Mrs S. B says:


  92. Madison says:

    The song felt very childish to me. Yes she is good but almost every rhythmic gymnast can dance like this. It isn’t anything special really.

  93. Rhiannon Bugher says:


  94. Maria Kristina Hawl says:

    What INCREDIBLE movements!!!

  95. Raven Newlyn says:

    “she’s got a ball”


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    I always was praying to God to give such hige stage to display your efforts you have been through.
    You are incredible human
    Lot of respect.
    And love to God
    He gave the right person he deserve.
    Love from India.

  98. cheree Connaughton says:


  99. Blxe Fleur says:

    I loved your audition

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