Richard Bruné’s review of Visesnut guitar flight case
Richard Bruné’s review of Visesnut guitar flight case

Hello! I’m Richard Bruné. Father of Marshall Bruné Welcome to the Bruné workshop. I’m here to demonstrate our confidence in a Visesnut Case that we offer for sale. This is a very very strong case, ideal for airline travel and for any sort of incident you may have experienced that inturupted with your guitar. This, I’m going to use one of the guitars from my collection. This guitar is my 1923 Domingo Esteso that was belonged to Ramon Montoya. This instrument is a very delicate, fragile, easily damaged instrument. And as slightly because is has one pegs. And anyone who chooses with pegs, knows how easily this is just lashed. So you’lll see. I’m going to place the guitar into the case. And the beauty of the Visesnut Case is that it has the goggle strap which allows me to adjust the interior expansion to precisely put the guitar. Carefully place that. Now the guitar’s in there perfectly. It holds its memory. I put the guitar in. It just goes in. I’m going to close the case. Now I want you to try this with your case. In fact, with the others case, I’d advise you to try as well. I’m 6 feet tall. I weigh 185 pounds. But beauty of beauty of this case is is the thickest pair of the guitar with the another with rough hand like. You’ll get to realize. Thank you for watching.

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  1. LuckyLicks says:

    This actually happened to me. A short story about my Greg Brandt guitar living to see another day. Yesterday at the conservatory, while I was on a short break, there were some little kids running around the place, one of them bumped into my guitar case.. the case went a rollin' down the flight of stairs. Went to check it out, some people around were terrified, I was confident, why not. The guitar was fine – of course. Lesson learned: investing in a good case will be the best thing you've ever invested in.

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