Riz 1ne - Trap Talk 2 [Music Video] | Link Up TV
Riz 1ne – Trap Talk 2 [Music Video] | Link Up TV

28 thoughts on “Riz 1ne – Trap Talk 2 [Music Video] | Link Up TV”

  1. Jaydot trizzy says:

    real trappa if uno uno

  2. Jamie Banks says:


  3. Kasim Mohammed says:

    @ me on insta qas187

  4. Jamie Banks says:

    @MahliaVardo 🔊🔊🔊

  5. Jamie Banks says:

    @mahliaVardo 👁‍🗨👁‍🗨

  6. 11BEATS 11 says:

    Frenzo harami x riz1ne

  7. 8Eigh’tt Blocker says:

    Real Alum rock rapper Ain’t like this puddu peeman

  8. 5 star Caps says:

    My bro 🔥

  9. Sarah Sarah says:


  10. HuntsMan IV says:

    Absolute fuckin shit

  11. AnonymousGunman _AR8 says:

    caps x rekky peeman x riz 1ne need to happen asaap

  12. y0Ashy says:

    Without A Doubt The Banger OFF The Year!!!!

  13. BornA HawkEye says:

    I don't know bout that beat

  14. D Camz says:

    hes flows a bit shit if you know anything bout the technicals of music. hope the producer got paid double for somehow making this sound decent

  15. The notorious 786 says:

    big pak man in the cut

  16. Isa Khan says:


  17. UKVATO says:

    What is trainers called he is wearing ?

  18. Mo Certi says:

    This is a fukkiing bangerrrrr mate💥💥💥 hardest n the realest rapper in brum

  19. Boxing Empire says:

    Is he really on road? Or is he talking shit

  20. Scott Graham says:

    I don't usually listen to this style but this is fkn 🔥

  21. Ghosted User says:

    He dont make no sense its some dead bars

  22. jubair Ahmed says:

    Niggas be trapping and then snitching on themselves

  23. Unknown says:

    Dead rapper ! Tbh

  24. Hashim Hassan says:

    Flows so shit Just give up trying too hard

  25. Makaveli Never dead says:

    Skinny paki with a fat belly {8}
    His freestyle was hard on p110

  26. V Sho says:

    Accents horrible

  27. Major A says:


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