RODE – The Sound of the City
RODE – The Sound of the City

17 thoughts on “RODE – The Sound of the City”

  1. Nikko Esguerra says:

    BEST video i’ve seen in a while!

  2. Discover Connection says:

    Dude this was INCREDIBLE!! You genuinely smashed it out of the park with this! I'm happy I could help you shoot this 🙌🏼

  3. DOCUMENTED says:

    "We can hold onto it and save it"
    Premiere Pro Crashes………..

  4. Gemma Broadley says:

    Forest shots lit afffffffffff

  5. Daniel Rose says:

    Back at it again with those bangers my friend!!!

  6. Kyle Harrington says:

    This was soooo nasty god damn. Unreal man

  7. Everett Vane says:

    person at 0:20 is damn sexy

  8. Danis-Vlog says:

    Awesome 👏👍

  9. MrBrynnorth says:

    Awesome work brother! Keep this standard up and big things are coming your way 👌

  10. vasco Anti-mouros says:

    Sickk vídeo 💥😳

  11. Kevin Dougan says:

    Fantastic viewpoint and execution, Colin! 👍

  12. Jordan Swientek says:

    Amazing work as always my brotha! 🙏

  13. Mitchell Thayne says:

    Absolutely crushed this bro.

  14. Richard Kelly says:

    Bro this is your best work yet. So so so well done.

  15. ポカホンタス幾三 says:


  16. Jan Mlakar says:

    amazing work, good job man

  17. Jordan Cole says:

    you never cease to amaze me

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