SB19 “Go Up” Dance Practice Reaction – YOU NEED TO SEE IT!
SB19 “Go Up” Dance Practice Reaction – YOU NEED TO SEE IT!

hey what’s up everyone its Dennis here
in today’s video I’m gonna be reacting to SB 1/9
go up dance practice videos so stay tuned you’re probably wondering who is SB 1/9
well sb 1/9 is a Filipino boy band group and they’ve released their new song and
music video entitled go up if you haven’t seen the video or if you haven’t
seen my reaction video I’ll link it down below so you can have a look now if
you’re still unsure on how talented they are or how good they are well guess what
I’ve seen a little bit of their clip on their go up dance practice video from
the subtle agent rates Facebook group shoutouts to the people over there but
before I hit play and watch the full video I just want to say if you’re new
here my channel covers quite a variety of things from product reviews unboxing
videos and reaction videos so if that’s something that you’re interested in
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miss out on any of my new videos every week now like I said I haven’t seen the
full video of saying a couple of snippets of it so I’m really excited to
check them out so yeah let’s get started it’s the first couple of seconds you
have saying how synchronized they are like I said they’ve trained from that
Korean k-pop system for a number of years I could definitely see how smooth
no-one’s lagging everyone synchronize right so anyway let’s continue on Wow I’m gonna quickly pussy I’m getting
goose bumps in here it’s so talented and I see them dance and they react to their
body to the song man giving me goose bumps they’re incredible look they’re
really fun to watch just really happy for them they’re very talented you know
I’m excited you know very synchronize very very synchronize yes okay and we get all relaxed now all
right so it’s very well done I’m speechless I think we know what to say
you know what I was mesmerised with their dancing I totally forgot I was
meant to understand what they tried to say the lyrics but I already mentioned
this and they would go up reaction video about their this song the lyrics and
their dancing just works well again it’s using the kpop music formula you know
you’ve got the intro the first the course you got the hope you got the
rapping you got the hi vocals and melodic vocals happening plus they’re
dancing and synchronized like said synchronized to the beat of the song it
just makes you want to go up and dance I suppose in terms of the Forex I can’t
really remember what their lyrics sing I know bad all I know is they’re about to
go up and I feel like they will be going up because last time I checked they’ve
had about 800,000 views on their go up music video yeah 1 million views now and
like that was like the last 24 hours man so look I’m really happy for them I look
seven getting goosebumps after watching them and you know I appreciate good
music I appreciate a you know talented
individuals talented groups and that’s what we need more especially in Asia in
Southeast Asia whatever whatever you know in the Philippines Malaysia
Indonesia Singapore I’m just happy and proud I really want them to do well
that’s that’s what I’m feeling that’s why I’m getting I’m not even gonna do
research what the lyrics are but doesn’t really matter because I enjoy the music
and so look I’m hope that you guys are feeling the same way too so feel free to
comment down below let me know your thoughts it doesn’t make you feel happy
just make you feel you know you want to dance
leave that comment down below love to it from you so I really hope that after
watching that dance practice video that you come to realize that how talented
these guys are let’s all continue to support them right so really be happy
for them oh by the way shoutouts to all my
Filipino viewers Mabuhay thank you for watching anyways thank you everyone for
what and if you enjoyed this video remember
to get the like really appreciate it and subscribe to my channel for more videos
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this is Dennis I’ll see you in the next one bye

40 thoughts on “SB19 “Go Up” Dance Practice Reaction – YOU NEED TO SEE IT!”

  1. Dennis Chua says:

    What do you think of their dancing? How does it make you feel after watching this? Let me know what to react next!

  2. Bhong Alquisar says:

    OMG thank you ❀❀❀

  3. Elysah Sanvel says:

    They are very synchronised and they are not cringed to watch. Addicted yo this group.

  4. Mary Grace Cabanlit says:

    so much talent wheww

  5. sugar says:

    Thanks fpr reactiong.. love ur reaction ..

  6. Marlon Bercero says:

    Tangina ang galing nila πŸ”₯

  7. Phatt Jianl says:

    I watched your reaction video of SB19 music video a few hours ago and now I'm here watching your another SB19 . THANK you for noticing them. God bless

    And I'm your new subscriber. Thanks

  8. λ°•μ€΄λ©˜μ’œ says:

    Soooliiiid talent 😳

  9. Kie Marticio says:

    Same feeling when I watch their dance practice. Goosebumps! So proud of them. PURE Talent. 😊😍😘

  10. Chechai Miano says:

    Im addicted to their song.



  12. Mark Russel Alvaro says:

    Wow thank you for your reaction

  13. Mark Russel Alvaro says:

    I heard they practice for thousand times.

  14. Kervin Choding says:

    It is pronounced "SBNINETEEN" not SB-1-9. 😊😊😊 Anyways thank you so much for reacting! love it!

  15. Marjorie Baldo says:

    Boss the lyrics is superb nice as well its about reaching your dreams no matter what the obstacles you were going through…

  16. Kling Onab says:


  17. Love Evaste says:


  18. Angelita Agustin says:

    have you heard their ballad song….they have 2 songs the title is TILALUHA and HANGGANG SA HULI…sorry for the tagalog but when they sing you will fall in love with their voice and they sing it live…

  19. Maria Angela Magpantay says:

    Just to give info they did the choreography themselves. They actually discussed how they had argued before, during the process lol

  20. Maria Angela Magpantay says:

    Additional info: before they debuted, they had to parctice the song a total of 1000x times. They practiced the song 30x a day until they get to 1000x before debut, check out their vlogs for the process! Truly hardworking, talented and dedicated boys

  21. Bun Bun says:

    Thank you for reacting!

  22. analyn b/0730 says:

    I am ur new subscriber I liked how u commenting..just keep it upβ˜ΊοΈπŸ‘

  23. yhori kim park says:

    TILALUHA MV straight to their Live performence in letters & Music in net25

  24. yhori kim park says:

    And also their 2x dance speedup too

  25. Aries & Fel Lariosa says:

    Can u please react to ZGIRLS "Streets of Gold" and Zboys "Holla Holla"? They also have two filipino members Josh and Carlyn, please. A heart from a GalaxZ. Only trained for just 4 months and debuted in KoreaπŸ˜πŸ’•

  26. Jewergie Felicia says:

    TILALUHA BY: SB19 PLEASE! by the way, thank you so much for noticing them! I'm happy to seeing a foreign people like you, promoting Filipino song between SB19 ! Mabuhay! ! ! We will wait to your next reaction to SB19! ❀ –

  27. jean cute says:

    thank you for reacting sb19…much appreciated…please react to Zboys "holla holla" mv and their sister group "streets of gold"…they came from 7 different Asian countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, India…they are called zpop inspired by kpop… they're under korean company…

  28. Thealyn Tuliao says:

    Γ—2 sir

  29. Xiumin xiupao says:

    Yay thank you for this vid.. I love this song #SB19 #GoUp im addicted of this song… I stan this group… Gooooo P-pop

  30. Neko - Chan says:

    Is it just me or the sound has a problem??

  31. Avril Rose Juanes says:

    I'm from Philippines & so proud of them!

  32. Nech Michelle Tuazon says:

    GOOSEBUMPS? Relatable!!!!

  33. Shoomy Min says:

    Please react to their 2x speed dance challenge :>

  34. ken chicken says:

    They deserve such attention talented guys, hope u react to there live performamces of GO UP on Letters and music

  35. Michael Rico says:

    Please react to Z boys and Z girls too.
    They are boy groups and girl groups from 7 different countries, namely the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, India and Japan

    Z GIRLS : "Streets Of Gold" & "What You Waiting For"
    Z GIRLS T.P.I (Sub Unit) : "Fire Flame"
    Z BOYS : "Holla Holla" & "No Limit"
    Z BOYS & Z GIRLS : "Our Galaxy"

  36. da_ reality says:

    Watch their live perf in Letters and Music. Their vocals are stable too. They are so good. Worth stanning!😍

  37. Jhen Jar says:


  38. Baby Ben says:

    Nice i like your reactions!!! Thats what im feeling too!!!

  39. Sean Darwin Nieva says:

    SB "NINETEEN" not "ONE NINE" Hehe.

  40. Team JPOP! says:

    It is pronounced as SB nineteen πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

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