Screenflex Sound Absorbing Room Dividers
Screenflex Sound Absorbing Room Dividers

Hi. Steve here from Screenflex and if you’re
interested in room dividers, you’re probably wondering how well they absorb sound. Well no room divider is going to block sound
100 percent. You can tell from our cutaway here that our panels are designed with sound
baffles and Fiberglas insulation on both sides of the panel to block as much sound as possible. As you can see from this illustration, sound
waves are both reflected and absorbed by our dividers. Depending on the height, length
and configuration of your divider, as much as 65 percent of the sound will be blocked
from one side to the other. [End of Audio]

2 thoughts on “Screenflex Sound Absorbing Room Dividers”

  1. austenslost says:

    nice sony vegas stock musc

  2. Bryan Tyler says:

    I'm curious if the heavy duty dividers block out any more sound than the regular free standing unit?

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