[SFM] Can’t Be Erased (JT Machinima/Music) – Bendy and the Ink Machine Rap
[SFM] Can’t Be Erased (JT Machinima/Music) – Bendy and the Ink Machine Rap

I’m the dancing demon Watch me twirl and hop and spin I’m quick to give a smile But I won’t forget your sins The wonders of imagination Welcome home, dear friend Oh, how long we’ve all been waitin’ Let’s create a masterpiece, breathe life into your dreams All you gotta do is start up the machine I’m the product of an artist Whose creations bring delight Upon this somber threshold Imagination comes to life Just free yourself from reason Soon you’ll see in black and white Call me a seed of evil but what’s that mean if I’m conceived within your mind? Leaking from the ceiling Ink is bleeding through the lines Is that your heart that’s beating Or illusion you’re alive? Collect what’s necessary Keep appeasing the divines It’s me you should be believing Cuz he’s deceiving you with lies Holy conniption – has it been thirty years? It appears Mickey Mouse might’ve been murdered here Lifeless pie cut eyes – I have learned to fear Kinda reminds me why I quit workin’ here Why did I come, lemme go home, I should be leavin’ Whatever happened, don’t wanna know, What are these demons? Guess if I gotta be stuck here, Then I might as well investigate Secrets are unlocking – but too bad the exit ain’t Despite this mask of happiness I drown in dark despair The world may be your canvas What you paint on it, beware The pen is mightier than the sword It has no limitation Don’t refrain, this ink will stain And nothing can erase us now Can you describe the face you saw? Could it be one you recognize? We’d never harm the hand that draws Imagination cursed us all with life Shamed and defaced Scathed and disgraced Tainted by hatred And can’t be erased Creators betrayed us We’ve got it on tape We’ve written your fate And it can’t be erased I was not always a monster Once I was somebody’s muse Innovation made us stronger But that power was abused The machine is thumping And the ink is pumping Now you need to run Because the demon’s coming I really need help, someone send a telegram I’m surrounded by upside down pentagrams I don’t have a guide, just little bit of candlelight With an axe that I don’t know how to handle right The little devil darlin’s on a lot of reels Long as he’s on one, he cannot be real Stop the projectors, Bendy’s off his reel Got a feeling he and Joey got a deal An unholy bargain, a demonic seal With a master plan, that I must reveal Won’t be long till this ink’s all congealed Upon my body, head to toe all concealed But a little of bleach should do the trick I’ll never watch another damn cartoon – I quit Look at you, you’re scared of a moving pic Hey Bendy, how’d you get that tutu to fit? I’m blinded by this evil growing My heart is full of people-loathing With secrets that I keep from showing I am the wolf in sheepish clothing Flood the shop, with ink a-flowing Push it to the brink of blowing We hope you don’t think of going Weigh you down to keep from floating Come with me, we’ll bring you Joey You’ll be kept from being lonely Kicking, screaming, sinking slowly Give your soul, it’s what you owe me Shamed and defaced Scathed and disgraced Tainted by hatred And can’t be erased Creators betrayed us We’ve got it on tape We’ve written your fate And it can’t be erased

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  1. STUDIO SPRIN - Jerry R. says:

    I really gotta say dude, this is you best work yet. Everything looks great!

  2. Ann Diaz says:


  3. Ğåchą Ştārý says:

    Leave a like on the video and commet #StopBorisabuse!

  4. King Zo Kirkwood says:

    LUV it
    Tainted by Hatrad and cant be erased creator betrade US we've got it on tape we've written it fate and it can't be erased

  5. Yazmin Tsukino says:

    Los canciones canción hermoso

  6. Crazy Pancake Gaming says:


  7. ирина сафронова says:


  8. Sebastian Peres says:

    Love this song

  9. Derrick capers DJ Capers says:

    I’m the Brotist thow enethel whos linting

  10. Derrick capers DJ Capers says:

    Bendy is cute not ink bendy he’s a little more inked on

  11. hhchrischris says:

    Butcher gage

  12. SuperAbbyyyAwesome says:

    at 2:17 bendy striked a pose

  13. Alexaiver Galindo says:

    Bring to life

  14. Sheila Robbins says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😥😓😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I’m so scead

  15. Yaoska Sanchez says:

    The best work is the demon guy

  16. Lord Aamer says:

    (At the Twilight convention

    Vampire: (Is dressed of red and has a red hat)

    I am the wolf in sheepish clothing

  17. Not at all gay at all says:

    "Mickey mouse might have been murdered here" XD

  18. Olivia Shuttle says:

    Me : why am I here

    Bendy: *throws chair


    bendy: am I cute

    Me: hell yeah!

  19. Sheila Robbins says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sceard 🙁

  20. Sheila Robbins says:

    I’m so so sceard

  21. Oh Yeah yeah says:

    Back from 2017

  22. thebonososkiller says:


  23. Makiene Suazo says:

    Alice That is brutal you'd cut boris head.

  24. Gabe Bova says:

    what have you done!

  25. Sheila Robbins says:


  26. lyhour and kimsneg says:

    Nice work :)=)

  27. BARCODEEZZ says:

    I just wanted to litsen to fucking coda from jjba not this wtf

  28. Kwaku Afriyie says:

    Bendy:i won't forget ur sins

    Me:iam so srry i didnt play the full video i got scared 😭😭😭😭😭

  29. Kwaku Afriyie says:

    Bendy: i cant be erased …..
    Me:have u heard of tpex

  30. dani klemke says:

    I love bendy I play it I'm 9

  31. Riley Cook says:

    Go watch pewdiepie in French or sub to jt

  32. Noone6aj says:

    I used to always listen to this

  33. Anu Anuaka says:


  34. Chad Winkelsburge says:

    This song is kinda do do

  35. studiomaty tv cz yeboi says:

    bendy is nice yes like /no no like and no dislike

  36. Leonardo Saltos says:

    the animation is perfect but the subtitles are very bad

  37. Ricardo Santacruz says:


  38. Skull Crusher 47 says:

    2017 why is this recommended in 2019

  39. Rohayati Rohayati says:

    Is best bendy but wher same

  40. peaches oiboi says:


  41. Rowan Drew says:

    Bendy’s weakness is toothpaste

  42. Maria Selina Tablang says:

    I love u bendy this is mi first time to whach

  43. Riley Cook says:

    Eh bendy I CANT BE ERASED
    Me bring in a eraser and a gun
    Bendy F YOU

  44. Jenny Luc says:

    The Hamic looks like a bacon strip MABYE cause Bendy likes bacon so much and bacon soup

  45. Maria Macario says:

    Dis creepy cause bendy looks like he just was born and crippled

  46. Pengie The Penguin says:

    MAKE BENDY…Taco bendy because when is bendy gonna be his own self…never so if he wants to be happy 😊 make a vid of him a 🌮 bendy being happy 😃

  47. GomezGamingYT says:

    This was so good, I was already subscribed (I’ve never heard of you XD)

  48. Abigael Mae Reyes says:

    This song is the best,I am using this song in a game,if you think this is the song is the best click under this

  49. Franklin That Gamer says:

    the pen is mightier than the sword

    Alice Angle: im good I use a mashete

  50. bendy el demonio says:

    Hello ?

  51. The monster Orange says:

    Bendy oh yeah dis is cool

  52. Logan Geer says:


  53. Cristobal Alejandro Duron Martinez says:

    Es una copia de jp music >:( >▪[ >■€

  54. Franklin That Gamer says:

    2:27–2:50 well that got dark really quikly

  55. Michele Moretti says:

    What the heck is this for children

  56. Emily Daybrest says:

    ur bendy song is the BEST

  57. Chei Tea says:

    I want this on spotify, NOW

  58. Lightningg L00T says:

    I don’t care if bendy gets clip like raising hand because he is ink

  59. christina castillo says:

    who said I WAS SOMEONE'S MUSE?

  60. Mason Hallenbeck says:

    Am I the only one who thinks bendy is cute.

  61. Kateřina Žďárská says:

    Play hello Bendy with halloween hello Neighbor in the ink Machine

  62. SubcRash says:

    2:45 Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, the wonders of FACIAL EXPRESSION

  63. seus 24 says:

    my like 🙂

  64. Alexander Whitten says:

    keep going your great

  65. Happyhailey Cutegirl says:

    Hey, at the start wasn't that part from casino cups? (if you watch VOAdam.)

  66. Pizzapaws aj says:

    Im basically Bendy irl, my hands always in a fist, constantly limping (cuz i keep kicking crap)and i only show my top teeth when i smile so yea, great vid tho 😀

  67. 69 Gucci gang says:

    Bro should've used a friction pen

  68. Alivia Wollbrinck says:

    I love this song and this is my fave music video! It has a lot of cool and funny parts that me and my cousin laughed at like when Bendy looked over at him at the board part! Keep up the amazing work I am impressed how talented people like you can be! Wow have a good day!😁

  69. bendy el demonio says:

    Hola jajaja

  70. sujin Kang says:

    조회수 3000만회 미쳤드아아(한국인임)

  71. just a rando FBI agent :P says:

    Minecraft:we have the best music

    Bendy and the ink machine:hold my ink

  72. Guam Zilla says:

    Beautiful even a couple of years later…

  73. WWAR3 GAMING says:

    Ohh i under stan now thats why my teacher dont want me to use pen when im grade 3

  74. GamingWith Fox says:

    Who else thinks that when he said '' the hand that draws" he meant the giant hand in chapter 5

  75. TeamCat YT says:


  76. Rami Atassi says:

    Noice animating bro!

  77. Turieon Mitchell says:

    Whats scarier freddy or bendy

  78. AQ Afiz says:


  79. Arlene Bonano says:

    00:55 there's a part with bendy shakes his head

  80. Terdy tohar says:

    I draw bendy’s face with a pen


  81. WolfieGacha _Gurl says:

    Does the creator of the game legit hate disney? There’s already a dead goofy in the game and now he said “Mickey mouse might of been murderer here”

  82. Dark Mind says:

    I dont ir Is This the Coda who Made the Jojo openings ir Is other Coda °_°

  83. DavidJames310 says:

    Hi bendy

  84. Evil Refuse says:


  85. Jon Heather Pooley says:


  86. Aziz M says:


  87. Isabel M says:

    Ablo español pero me gusta

  88. Jestr Sparda says:

    Hey bendy how you get that toto fit

  89. warship gaming channel channel says:

    2:02 pen is

  90. Renamed beast Kelly says:


  91. Bendy and the ink machine Oyuncusu says:


  92. TheInfamousJJ527 says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the rap part sounds like the dad from FGTV

  93. Raven Queen says:

    love it!

  94. nts gaming with friends says:


  95. Sebastian Lopez says:

    Im confused is this the same coda who made bloody stream?

    Edit:this is awesome!

  96. Katia Vilchis says:

    A de web BVR u ipo

  97. Juan marcos Flores hernandez says:

    Like si te gusta benbi

  98. Mincraft6 Mincraft6 says:

    This is my new favorite song <}

  99. robert Siahaan says:

    Benda can't erased cause he ink

  100. Jhonatan Maravilla says:

    Bendy: can't be erased
    Henry: whips out white out
    Bendy: high pitched demonic confusion

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