she - chiptune superstar
she – chiptune superstar

23 thoughts on “she – chiptune superstar”

  1. sick says:

    i first heard this 10 years ago and it still sounds the same, heck it even sounds better nowadays. I have endless music saved and "she" will always have a special place in my heart cause im somewhere in the year 2400 while listening to his tunes, thank you

  2. kimeiga says:

    still listening every month

  3. A T says:

    About that night where I ate shrooms and let my friend drive my mustang GT going 120 with two girls in the back while all of us laughing. Bellingham to Everett non stop 30 min.
    Chiptune superstar.

  4. This is so fun to listen to!

  5. kimeiga says:

    does anyone know the lyrics to this one? are they on the wikia?

  6. Is this the she grumps were talking about?

  7. Eulsche says:

    Wie heißt diese Musikrichtung ? 😀

  8. Oh men, the nostalgy…

  9. Frederik L. says:

    1:35 da is der boy am stizzln

  10. as12df12 says:

    How is this chiptune when it has clearly been processed and extended in a modern DAW?

    Still a great composition and sounds pretty damn awesome though.

  11. Weak ass Sonny fans are left with mouths agape at she's pure awesomeness. Just sayin. Real talk.

  12. Tulsca says:

    Mon moment préfèré dans cette musique : 2:54 à 3:27 !!! =D

  13. Tulsca says:

    J'aime vraiment !!!!!!!!! =D

  14. Tulsca says:

    I like !!!!!!!! =D

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