Should Riot Release KADARIN? – League of Legends
Should Riot Release KADARIN? – League of Legends

What’s up guys it’s me Jeremy! Kadarin
is a character that could potentially become a champion in the future, that was developed
in part with the make a wish foundation. Kadarin was quite fleshed out, and actually shows
quite a lot of promise, but also, quite a few problems.
Here are some of my favorite comments, where I asked about some abilities that could have
existed in league of legends. Today I want to know what do you think about kadarin? And
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Anyways let’s get started. The full story behind Kadarin begins with
someone that you might know already, Totalbiscuit. When league of legends was in it’s very
early days around 2010, the referall system was a lot different, and actually pretty damn
cool. It included things like getting some piece of content named after you at 1000 referrals,
unlocking all past present and future content permanently at 5000 referrals, and at 10,000
you were to be given an all expenses paid trip to riot games to develop and design a
champion. And totalbiscuit being the legend that he is among the youtube community, hit
that 10,000 referral mark by making some beginner friendly league of legends videos that got
a boatload of views for the time. So he was given the totalbiscuit of rejuvenation, has
everything unlocked on his account, but as for the trip to riot to design a champion,
he decided to gift it to the make a wish foundation, in hopes that it might make someone happy.
And if you ask that’s a pretty cool thing to do. Totalbiscuit’s been a huge inspiration
for myself and other youtubers so I gotta give him some props for sure. And the make
a wish foundation would go on to give this gift to a young man by the name of Samuel,
who was flown to Riot and worked with the design team on making a champion. Now you
guys gotta know me by now, I’m a sucker for anything related to champion design, and
the champion that Samuel worked on that has potential to be released in the future goes
by the name of Kadarin. Kadarin was a noxian gladiator who was denied
the honor of a proper death in the arena by draven himself, who was crippled instead,
and he dragged himself over to Zaun where he was rebuilt with a special life support
suit. and I gotta give Samuel some credit that’s a pretty sweet concept to go off
of for designing a champion. Samuel worked with Daniel Klein aka Riot Zenon for a few
days and busted out a pretty fleshed out prototype of a champion. Kadarin is a marksman that
works off of a heat system, kind of similar to what Rumble does but with a few differences.
Kadarin vents heat by attacking and when he overheats, he slows himself by a really large
amount, but also gets a ton of attack speed to boost in order to help vent his heat. Samuel
himself described Kadarin as kind of like a bounty hunter from outer space, and that
concept for a champion does prove to be quite interesting, at least it does to me.
Although there is no guarantee for if Kadarin will be released in the future, he does show
a lot of potential, and the team that worked on him managed to get quite far into the design
process for a champion. However, with all of that said, he is still a prototype and
needs a lot more development to make it anywhere close to being released. Kadarin shows a lot
about the champion process, in the sense that there is a lot to learn and test, and a whole
lot more things get scrapped for every champion that gets released.
A vast majority of champions never make it anywhere close to being released, and just
get stuck with some problem or some aspect that makes them fail as a champion. However,
in the process of learning and adapting champions, there are as many things that get cancelled
as there are things that make the rioter’s think “hey you know what that’s pretty
cool” or “hey that idea works really well”. Because the thing is, is that almost every
champion that does get some time devoted to it, no matter how big or small, has some level
of potential to them. Maybe some part of their kit is really fun to play with, or maybe their
story is really interesting and unique, or maybe their personality is one that could
resonate really well with the player. There’s a whole bunch of different pieces to the puzzle
when it comes to bringing a champion to life, I mean something as simple as like a sound
effect or a voice line might be kept around when a champion is scrapped, and then brought
to life in a completely different character. The idea of a mana-less ad carry is quite
an interesting one, and as it stands there are no mana-less ad carries in the game thus
far. Now a big part of that is because ad carries are a lot more balanced when using
the concepts that revolve around having mana, as opposed to something that is mana less
or resource based, but that doesn’t make it impossible, and I don’t think that designing
a manaless ad carry is just out of the question, I mean sure mana tends to be a bit easier
to work with, and a bit more balanced in terms of a champion’s kit, but having no mana
is a really awesome concept that has given us some cool champions, they just tend to
be balanced a lot differently, since they come with a lot different costs, benefits,
and trade-offs. With that said, I’d personally love to see a mana less ad carry in the future,
and that idea is one that is pretty cool, could be fun, and most importantly is unique.
The fact that it’s unique is great because it means that it would add a character to
the game that has a lot of upside to them, in the sense that they add some element of
gameplay that wasn’t there before. Riot loves unique champions, in fact that’s probably
the most important thing they try to accomplish when releasing new champions, and by being
a manaless ad carry kadarin accomplishes that quite well.
Daniel Klein is quotes for saying that just around last week he pitched one of kadarin’s
abilities for becoming a part of a completely different champion. And although most prototypes
get long forgotten, it’s likely that Kadarin will receive a little bit more attention than
most of the other failed prototypes, simply because of the event and the publicity and
hype surrounding it. With that said, it’s unclear whether the design of Kadarin looked
promising. A lot of times with the successful champions, a big part of them is just so awesome,
that it’s going to be brought to life in one way or another, and as for a mana less
ad carry being just that, it’s hard to know for sure. Kadarin did prove to have some problems
and concerns during his development in terms of what would work, and he seemed to have
some questions surrounding the kit that had been made for him, although Riot isn’t clear
on what exactly those problems were, Daniel klein mentioned how he learned a lot about
what will not work on a champion that is a manaless ad carry, which implies that a lot
of what they tried will not work in kadarin’s kit, or at least with the concept of kadarin
that they presented. So should riot release kadarin? Well, time
will tell if he is a character that can be brought up to par, as at the moment he is
quite a ways off. It’s quite unlikely that he will be released, but it’s not impossible,
and I think he’s a cool character. What you can expect to see is maybe him being brought
to life in someway shape or form, maybe some part of his kit gets included in a different
champion, or maybe we see that idea of a heat system-using ad carry being made with a different
character. Or heck, maybe we just see someone give tribute to him in a voice line or something.
Either way, here’s to you Samuel, and I hope we see something revolving kadarin in
the future. And that’s just about it. If you enjoyed
the video subscribe if you want, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys next time!

100 thoughts on “Should Riot Release KADARIN? – League of Legends”

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    Came from the future to tell you that galio has been reworked and 2 new champions were added, called xayah and rakkan

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    Me: Jhin

  5. Garret Woeller says:

    kadarin i say why not someone got the 10,000 so make it happen riot

  6. John Martin says:

    Kadarin… a?

  7. Tropuni AD says:

    we honestly need more champions. riot is really holding back. also with the new crabgot model im a bit worried that they filled that type of design space with a single skin. although they could do a skin line with badass ocean creatures, id rather see that be a champion

  8. Louis Moh says:

    Kadarin doesnt even part of the Runeterra. But what i wanna know which place he lives

  9. Dominic Porraz says:

    Jhin is Manaless…

  10. Dillon Meyer says:

    Champion conept 21.

    So that's why he's not released yet.

    He's just a conept.
    Wish he was a concept.

  11. HisingenWolf says:

    Yes they should. Make a wish foundation! It's in extremely poor taste if they don't. Work on it. Make it work.

  12. salim azzabi says:


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    Yes they have to 1st of all do you remember jhin ? How special he is
    And now this champion would work with some abilities that are around his life support suit lets say a ability that gives him a shield and movement speed
    Or some abilities around his gun and stuff like that over all I think it will 100% work and please riot don't talk about broken champions until you fix the assassins

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    I have to say my favourite LoL videos are chill ones like this. I'm a fan of game design so I tend to enjoy learning about the back end of things. Love this video and your others like it.

  28. Cada Banban says:

    I really like to see a champ who look like a mixed Bobba fett/ironman armor with vents to expell air when cooling, instead of this head-aching "warning warning warning" of rumble, who's just as unbearable as the champ. Like the lore about the champ, and a mercenary like champ with guerrilla tactics should be good, pistols, mines and knife. If teemo had a good style i could already main him, but unfortunately he's a furry boyscout dwarf escaped from hell send on earth to …. you.

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    Conept lol

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    Do you think that Jhin is built off Kadarin??? Or do you think Kadarin will show up in the future?? If not its kind of dull and takes away from the whole MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION.

  39. Orion Lewis says:

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  40. Suprisingly says:

    Kadarins ult could have been nasty. A singed like Ulf that scaled based on heat and gave off a deadmans pate effect increasing movment speed attackspeed providing a small physicle burn a small aoe slow and some health loss to balance it out. It would reward you for playing smart as an adc and knowing when to go in.

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    At 2020 league will have more champions than active players.

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    Did it come true or not?

  72. Tevin Gajdzik says:

    If they bring this Champ Out First of all i Hope they gave him a real Story Not this trashy wader like Story dont mix starwars and im 100% Sure only reason For overheating is a Laser Weapon

  73. David Franklin says:

    Anyone else watching this in 2018 and wondering why riot hasn't made him a champ yet? Seems kinda fucked up seeing as it was both a prize and a part of the make a wish foundation….. just sayin…. I mean it's like they just bitched slapped some kid who's probably terminal… it seemed like a nice champ. Boba Fett is the man 😉

  74. A Highly Sophisticated Gentleman says:

    No manaless adcs? I think you're forgetting about full ad static shiv aatrox, the best ad carry in the game.

  75. Caleb Lyman says:

    Due to riot saying the next champ release will be a high risk, high reward marksman, Kadarin could very well be the next release

  76. Raknas Kihtrak says:

    2018 , still no kadarin RIOT , fked the make a wish kid . The kid passed away few days back.

  77. penguii123 says:

    and then urgot rework comes and take 70% of kardin personality and abelitys LUL

  78. GoldenGABRY says:

    Btw i thoug its good to create new adc cause the adcs are the less Champions

  79. Ben K. says:

    yes, not because of the circumstance, but because the concept is awesome, and the circumstance, but that is not the only reason I say yes to this, but it is a part of the reason tbh. but yes, this should exist, seems like a great concept, and the concept should exist, not specifically the whole thing, but the part of the lore and the champion name should as a tribute to Samuel, at least that should exist as something, maybe an in-game item as a tribute to Samuel, like Draven has a line that remembers Kadarin or something, like its Kadarins armor and Draven says something when buying it or something. Or maybe Kadarin is tied into some other champion lore like Kadarin gave some champion inspiration for that champion, and that champion is doing what he is doing and only exists because of what Kadarin was able to accomplish with his life, such as this champion took inspiration from Kadarin for simply being able to survive through this or something, but there should be some sort of tribute to Samuel for simply the cirucumstance, and if I ever am able to create a champion or come up with a concept, then I will definantly put some sort of tribute to Samuel, or at least try to, I hope I remember this if I ever do something like that, and after that, maybe Kadarin might just have a better chance of becoming a champion.

  80. LostGeburah says:

    so something that you would get by putting together rumble and urgot?

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    This may seem like a dumb suggestion but why not alternate universe skins like a Female Nasus skin or a Guy Jinx skin!

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    Kadarin was most likely broken down and different parts of him became part of different champions. One ability went here, another one went there… His aesthetic concept probably went to Bullet Angel Kai'Sa as well. Or maybe his kit went to Jhin (Khada Jhin as someone else pointed) and the aesthetic was taken by his PROJECT skin.

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  93. Miah says:

    Personally I love the idea. An adc would be super refreshing at the moment. Especially one that changes up the role a bit. I think his asthmatic would need to be changed almost completely due to it not resembling anything from Zaun at all. There are so few ADCs that belong to Zaun which include Twitch and Urgot (sort of.) I think that the term heat could also be changed to something like the “smog” that fills the zaun air. Some technology that weaponizes something that is plentiful in Zaun. He could also have a few neat kit mechanics due to the type of weapon.

  94. Aaron Mayhem says:

    I think if you let a make a wish child into something like that. You flesh it out and make it happen. Hell even go as far as to make profits from his skin go to make a wish foundation. It looks good on a company and lets face it, Riot can afford it. Players can take another champ with a few new gimmicks.

  95. GlobeMaster Onion says:

    i am sad watching this vid 2 yrs later. i really want this in league… but i doubt it will be now… 2 years later

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  97. Lucitaur says:

    TB was an asshole (guy who abused his wife only becuase she didn't vote for who he told her to vote for, all while calling others sexist and other buzzwords).
    The only reason why he did what he did was to kill two birds with one stone; lift burden from his lazy ass and get some free marketing.

  98. C. J says:

    if i were to design a champion it would be kinda like guts from berserk and have his ult be the berserker armor where it steals your health but makes you strong enough to keep fighting however you cannot die while using your ult and it lasts 17 seconds

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    On my opinion Kadarin was released as Kai'sa (only my opinion)

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