Should You Clean Out Your PS4? (Dusty vs Clean Sound Test)
Should You Clean Out Your PS4? (Dusty vs Clean Sound Test)

100 thoughts on “Should You Clean Out Your PS4? (Dusty vs Clean Sound Test)”

  1. Realityy says:

    This worked thanks for the video

  2. Kristijan Petrovic says:

    Also guys you wouldn't have this problem if your ps4 wasn't lodged in a draw like this Muppet

  3. RB1 says:

    Still sounds the same to me 😂😂😂

  4. ImDr Proctor says:

    Sounds the same 😂😂😂

  5. Minty Montages says:

    bruh mines 100x louder

  6. Rolands Svētiņš says:

    This video does not deserve 1,6 million views, not even close to that. What the hell YT algos.

  7. werigos channel says:

    My one is very clean and the fan sounds so silent

  8. ChangoBokole says:

    Ps4 so trash i switched from quiet xbox to this fucking shitty console

  9. crunchy god says:

    My ps4 doesn't make any noise

  10. SkullgirlsSquigly Unofficial says:

    I have the pro and im nit unscrewing alot but mines in between

  11. Dani Groot says:

    the way you cleaned that ps4 with the brush and that rag, you could have shorted a circuit board, breaking the ps4 completely due to static electricity discharging that can build up through the rag and the brush

  12. Roberts uberts Arnld says:

    LMAO it didnt do anything at all, i would recomend cleaning all of the ps4 not just the bottom and changing the thermick paste, trust me it works wonders

  13. Rage A-saursrex says:

    I might try this I had my ps4 since it's release and it's been in the same spot and It sounds like a fucking jet plane going off in your ear

  14. michellmrt 31 says:

    Is the xbox one s quiet? Please answer anyone

  15. Sunil S P says:

    do not blow air into the fan, it will damage ur fan bearings

  16. ALEXANDER47 says:

    Mine was making crazy sound playing rdr 2 but now in new patch where the lowered the graphics it’s okay,in other games it’s quiet

  17. robert pensa says:

    I play Red Dead 2 then makes a strange voice when I play gta5 online then do not make a strange voice 🤔

  18. D4RK 4C3 says:

    You forgot to clean the outside

  19. IYUMCRYPTIC says:

    I haven't touched my ps4 in 2 months😐
    My ps4 will sound like a flight engine

  20. FirePhoenix says:

    Wait i cant even hear the fan in my old ps4

  21. Moonlight Richards says:

    I opened mine and cleaned it. It still sounds like a space shuttle about to take off.
    I hope Sony improves upon the cooling system for PS5.

  22. Oreo Guy says:

    Clean sounded like a gta jet

  23. lord skrolk says:

    Bruh get your ps4 out of there not enough ventalation.

  24. Garrett Wilson says:

    My ps4 was loud af. But after taking the WHOLE thing apart, even the fan, it still made a little bit of noise, but it turned out to be 100× quieter. If your too scared to do it, I understand, but dont rush it, take your time

  25. lollipop Gamer_12345 says:

    Just buy an ps4 slim and then what no more loudness

  26. Tommygotplayz says:

    Your not helping it your just blowing the dust deeper and you have to hold the fan or it can create energy then cause a shortage

  27. viper 7 says:

    Therefore you should let your ps4 dusty for less noise


    I did a full tear down on my PS4 and you can barely hear it lol. You gotta put more effort into it. Try adding new thermal paste. Or in my case, scrape the old paste and reapply better lol. Also clean the metal vent piece that's by the fan.

  29. SuicideFN says:

    Ur heatsync is cloged

  30. Topspeedsnaker says:

    Mine legit sounds like a typhoon jet, had it since 2014 and hoping these problems are addressed in the PS5. Playing games is not enjoyable.

  31. JJ Got Next says:

    Straight up

  32. BEAST One-shot-Kill says:


  33. Cheese.420 says:

    Please clean the fan first with damp q tips its so clingy when people dont do that

  34. NightHowler1143 says:

    Sadly still loud

  35. Wavy Kay says:

    Well your location isn’t great

  36. John Clauss says:

    There is sooooo much more dust in that PlayStation

  37. Darius Kaimanu says:

    Well youve either brought another ps4 or you have found out that you hadnt cleaned your heat sink where the bulk of the dust has been built up.

  38. Sam Scrapla says:

    The best cooling mod I have done was a free one. Obvisouly you should air dust your console on a regular basis but for a free or very cheap mod simply peel off the small rubber feet off the bottom of a battery back up or spend a few bucks and pick up a pack at Home Deport or off Amazon. It lifts the system off the surface and just gives it airflow underneath to help dissipate the heat.

  39. HotSizzleTV says:

    What kinda brush do you use. I know this is a stupid question to ask. You should hear my ps4 pro you think yours is bad. My dhit lll ahit sounds like a nasa space ship taking off I clean it every 3 months.

  40. Kashツ says:

    I have to point a fan at mine to keep it from overheating lol

  41. Dionis Krasniqi says:

    you just made it louder

  42. mapierce197026 says:

    yo i tryed it and my ps4 is so quiet

  43. SuL-AE says:

    I had a dusty ps4 it barley starts bo4 but I cleaned it with vacuum and it’s not clean and it runs games perfectly

  44. Sean Nicholls says:

    Not much difrent

  45. KingMod2 a says:

    This won’t happen if you have xbox. Ps4 sounds like a plane’s engine.

  46. Outlaw1001 says:

    replacing thermal paste is the fix for this

  47. adam ganjaman says:


  48. eVo 7 says:

    Still sounds like a jet engine

  49. Tommygotplayz says:

    Probably was loud cause you didn't clean power supply then you could've blew out the air intake

  50. Nothing at all says:

    you no what i use vacuum cleaner to clean my ps4

  51. [MAXT 05] says:

    Holy shit PS4’s are loud af

  52. Sergio GARZA says:

    Still loud as shit
    Mine is quiet af

  53. LiL JA says:

    Dudes when you do open the PS4 take out the fan and clean that area especially the grills it will be filled with dirt

  54. SiRiuS Petr says:

    Its just like a human the fan is dusty so it has to work harder to get sufficient air. Just like a human when your air tubes get smaller if you have athsma for example your going to breathe harder to get enough air

  55. Angel Lawless says:

    orders "screws" from amazon
    actually not screws at all 😂

  56. Osama Shaher says:

    It's still loud because you didn't fully clean the thing. The Heatsink is still full of dust

  57. Zentaurus Hess says:


  58. Synitical says:

    I had my ps4 since 2017 sounds like a jet. if I don't clean this out how long will my ps4 last untill it breaks?

  59. Alexander Limpin says:

    You know what depends? If you actually take it apart and hit up that damn heatsink, that's why it sounds like a jet engine.

  60. John Orozco says:

    I tried this its still loud af

  61. mr I says:

    How about a vacuum???? Why spread that shit around your air.

  62. Raymond Alvarez says:

    You sound like DJ Akademiks 😂

  63. Daniel Garcia says:

    Dog… sounds the same

  64. Venom Gaming says:

    My PS4 is still taking off even in Sleep Mode

  65. Kento says:

    1:50 don't do this it will mess your PS4 up with the fan

  66. DmanDynamite711 says:

    When I checked my hard drive

    There was a dead, squished, and crusty cockroach

  67. MMD th says:

    There wasnt any diffrent men

  68. xFall x says:

    MY PS4:FHDHDHDHDHDHDHFHJSObaioalalKsksisijsjsjsjsjskskkskskskskskskkskskskkskskskskskskskahhahahahahhxjfhfhhfhfhfhfhhdhfhfhffhfhhfhfhfhfhfhfhdh

  69. Lisa Alisa says:

    My ps4 is really really quiet

  70. Yusuf_ tc_ says:

    Me starting modern warfare
    Ps4:Bravo six going loud

  71. Ali 47 says:

    U should hold the fan next time when u clean it so it doesnt spin(messes it up)

  72. Gripo Pogi says:

    I don't care if my ps4 is loud as long it won't pop your ps4 is overheat

  73. Fortnite Dude says:

    Made no difference I actually went out to buy some canned air and my PlayStation is still too loud

  74. PineappleSentai says:

    Lol the only difference it made was it changed pitch

  75. beast12 abraham flores says:

    that Happens to my ps4

  76. xSpartex. says:

    It sound more louder when I clean it up but it’s ok for the PS4 because it doesn’t over heat and will not give you problems and it will be faster for everything, but on the PS4 original, it’s will sound louder…

  77. Vanish says:

    Is sounds the same

  78. Noki Latu says:

    It sounds lil bit louder when you cleaned? But it makes sense because all vents are now cleared

  79. CallMe A3 says:

    Just put it in rice

  80. Musical Vanilla says:


  81. VAS says:

    «..and clean out the air» bruhh

  82. dozer911 says:

    Clean the heat sink… I'm not mad at you, I'm just a little disappointed.

  83. Maleek Legette says:

    I'm switching to xbox one period

  84. TripleAgamer says:

    bro is this because of dust?
    i havent cleaned my ps4 last 4 years

  85. SaucyBoi895 says:

    PS4 didn't come out 2013 did it?

  86. Juan Diaz says:

    he cleaned the fan wrong

  87. Patata Domata says:

    1:50 wtf dude you are going to burn it .The fan must not turn

  88. Dr VR says:

    You really should remove your power supply and clean the heatsink. Its probably clogged and that's why it didn't sound much different. I know this video is old but I clean mine at the 1st of every year and it makes a world of difference.

  89. ChainGame 100 says:

    Mine is like a vacuum cleaner

  90. DomKillet says:

    Well I recently cleaned my ps4 and you can hardly even hear it now before I cleaned it it was like a jet engine

  91. Malacy Letlow says:

    How his ps4 sounds while not running an app sounds like me playing cod 3 or 4 and it only runs hard on cod

  92. Malacy Letlow says:

    Give that thing more breathing room that's the loudest ps4 I've ever heard and making some space on your main hard drive will help too.

  93. dale 8754 says:

    sounds the same because you didn't clean it properly at all

  94. Domantas Ziemelis says:

    U didn't clean the heatsink

  95. Prizzy-Fortnite says:

    It exactly still sounds the same

  96. Dark Gamer says:

    I think that you made it worster

  97. We Upload says:

    Before: airline engine

    After: jet engine

  98. Steve Rosebud says:

    Lol only the frequency of the sound changed. The level stayed the same

  99. M1.6tp says:

    glad that xbox don't make jet noises

  100. general sllick says:

    Why does it sound like that mines quiet as hell

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