Something About Luigi’s Mansion ANIMATED 👻😱👻 (Loud Sound/Flashing Lights Warning)
Something About Luigi’s Mansion ANIMATED 👻😱👻 (Loud Sound/Flashing Lights Warning)

(King Boo laughs in the distance) Mario! (Mario “Yahoos!” in the distance) M-M-Mario? (More Mario sounds) (Ghoulish screaming) (Demon possessed laughter) Mario? Mario: Wah! Woo hoo! Yahoo! (Ritualistic Chanting) AAHH!! MARIOOOOO!! AHH!!! (Praying in tongues) Oh ye! I’M GOING TO RUN OUT OF ROOM!! Thank you all so much for the support! Happy Halloween! (Shirts may be limited!)

100 thoughts on “Something About Luigi’s Mansion ANIMATED 👻😱👻 (Loud Sound/Flashing Lights Warning)”

  1. javier carrion says:

    Jesus christ that was… Soemthing.

  2. IlikeMemes says:

    No marios were hurt in making of this masterpiece

  3. Calakipmar says:

    after watching future episodes.
    i now know that king boo was actually trying to banish Mario back to hell. king boo was the hero here

  4. Laurens Simons says:

    Well bois we did it

    The video is now a year old

    Let that sink in for a moment

  5. Yeet or be yeeted says:

    Prof. E gadd fucking dies

  6. Austin Waite says:

    Totally accurate

  7. Black Chopper says:


  8. Jayson says:

    Mdr 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. davi animator says:

    do you got all the references and easter eggs?

  10. davi animator says:


    littery nobody:

    not even a soul:

    not even a human:

    my house at 3 am: 0:34

  11. My-hero -academia-girl says:

    If that was Spanish, could someone tell me what the hell he was saying??

  12. Iago Matheus says:

    1:12 tentative of King Boo's revenge of the one of y our animations.

  13. le epic rainbow noob says:

    Ya know when luigi goes down with Mario into the underground he should have just pulled out the cross like Kirbo does all the time XD

  14. Napkinboy•_•12 says:

    Merry Halloween everyone

  15. Dorothy Isidro says:

    Me: This isn't scary.

    Also me:


  16. Rayan Ansari says:

    who else checked the Spanish captions to read the prayer, "in the name of jesus christ liberate my brother"

  17. Tech Support says:

    This game was my childhood… that snow level was the best

  18. Majestic fury says:

    0:49 Jill Valentine

  19. melissa c says:

    0:20 Mario performing the Super mario 64 phase glitch 😁

  20. Soulja Boi says:

    Who would win
    A literal demon from the depths of hell and satan himself
    One green boi

  21. Re re says:

    0:48 Jill why u here

  22. chilicutter says:

    Love your content! Im always dying of laughter 😂

  23. Dead Man is boy says:

    Normal people:SpO0kY mOnTh *TIME

    Nintendo fans:Luigi time!

  24. Mr.LeeLee Leee says:

    It's spookier than the actual game.

  25. Cagney Carnation says:

    Mama mia has it been a year already??

  26. Evilimpresario says:

    Me:Can't remember wifi password

    Back of router: 1:30

  27. ファイバーキンドル says:


  28. PedrivoGamer 3,14 says:

    Luigi's definitely OP

  29. KevTon 13 says:

    0:21 Yahoo! Yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayahoo!

  30. brothers Chanel says:

    0:47 jill valentine Boys

  31. lame k1d says:

    I love this cuz the devil part and Luigi says something but I don't know what Luigi said

  32. Betzaida Norris says:


  33. william hutsch says:

    0:49 She could have been a Jill sandwich

  34. TheTinyDuckling 54 says:

    0:30 I haven't laughed so fucking hard in forever

  35. Angel Aguilar says:

    My Funny parts

  36. Ten Bears says:

    This is horror👁👄👁

  37. Cristopher Garcia says:


  38. WJR2017 says:

    0:54 who else saw him lol

  39. โมกุล จอมพลัง race says:


  40. Artofficial says:


  41. Lukas Krapf says:

    1:38 the pure hatred in Luigis eyes.

  42. SublimiNora says:

    Can we just appreciate that little Jill cameo on 0:49

  43. Valentina Marquez says:

    YO your vids are the most awesome things i watch

  44. Sarah Last says:

    I found king K Rool

  45. Dancin Ember says:

    Omg extreme nostalgia ;———;

  46. Mr L gaming says:

    Mario have gone to much power 0:08

  47. Mario And SMG4 says:


  48. Why Bother says:

    Why is he so afraid of his own mansion?

  49. Tutos El GatoZ says:

    😈👻 nunca mires a un fantasma y no Existirá

  50. Armagedon says:

    Is that Luigi mansion dark moon???

  51. Darren Davis says:

    Anyone else see Jill lol

  52. dragon anglefoxz says:


  53. Jose TV says:

    Happy Halloween

  54. mark young says:

    1:30 fast talk

  55. World Godzilla says:

    I love the Yellow ghost part!!!

  56. robert white says:


  57. darktainer says:


  58. Fire StormX says:

    I feel bad for Luigi he was probably dying a little inside.

  59. diego barrios says:

    like si viste a la tipa de resident evil en el segundo: 49

  60. Zombies4 Evadude says:

    2:16 Peach you monster!

  61. Kawzdxs says:


  62. LuigiFan128 says:


  63. OmegaChase1002 says:

    This is how scary it looked when we were kids.

  64. Korbo Worbo says:

    0:35 who thought this was the most satanic,creepy,hellish, terrifying scene that they have ever seen? Like if u agree

  65. KennethrubenrileJe says:

    0:34 what is the music here?

  66. Nyarome 2 says:

    Remember When Luigi Recited The Bible?

  67. KM-3005 H says:

    0:54 Resident Evil 2 reference.

  68. Derp JJ says:

    His scream of terror when satan himself tries to take Mario is always really funny for me.

  69. XxGamezxX says:

    1:13…. sooooo since mario has insane control over the blj how couldnt he blj out of the painting??? Like seriously! He bljed off of a beach chair, a rock! Why not a painting?

  70. Supermariojjk K says:

    0:35 giygas

  71. Mr Turtle :p says:

    0:35 what a cute monster

  72. AlexTries says:

    0:34 when your mom sees your report card

  73. Entru h says:

    Kirby should've lent luigi his bible and cross

  74. noelcaleva says:

    Very happy to have subscribed to this channel

  75. Sydney Smolko says:

    0:34 My stomach at 3am while I'm walking down the stairs to eat shredded cheese

  76. Lydia Nichols says:

    S P O O P Y

  77. Kensai Flamez says:

    At 1:30 wtf did Luigi say???

  78. Symion says:

    Did somebody say demons?
    Doomguy: Heavy breathing as heavy metal slowly plays in the distance.

  79. Aidan Yarley says:

    What a 3 year old sees when they first see Luigi ‘s mansion

  80. Odd The Odd Shadow says:

    Also why is satan taking a demon to hell and not let it spread the speedrunning

  81. Yoda says:

    0:42 This is what Sans does to me every time

  82. Pablo Contreras says:

    0:34 You can’t sleep. There are monsters nearby.

  83. James says:

    Luigi: ghost I’m not afraid of ghost ( reality) Luigi: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  84. James says:

    2018: less golden supporters
    2019: too much golden supporters

  85. Jerry says:

    The emojis in the title gave me cancer

  86. thegameplayer 07 says:

    Of course this is recommended to me on the spoop month

  87. โมกุล จอมพลัง race says:


  88. all ready says:

    2:20 de bonheur

  89. HADEZ says:

    I like how it from cute and cute art style to HOLY FUCK

  90. Craboi says:

    I would love to support you, but I have YouTube Premium and can't see ass anyway

    Edit: I said ads not ass stupid spell check.

  91. Dayane Mello says:


  92. Miguel Diaz says:

    Exactly like I remember it.

  93. Yt_Blue_ Umbrella_girl says:

    Wait was Luigi speaking Spanish or returning Satin back to hell?

  94. Foxtwins4 says:

    When will people learn that Luigi hates doing this shit

  95. Foxtwins4 says:

    Oh wait everyone thinks they’re Luigi. Guess we’ll never know who the real Luigi is

  96. Summs says:

    What the fuck was ANY of that

  97. Zombie Rusher says:

    0:34 me when I'm skydiving

  98. Adrian Leon says:

    1:31 luigi just enimen spell on dat demon

  99. Im Revelth says:

    Ppporchi trtrtroieeee

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